Woman Believes Girlfriend Is Cheating With Her Own Family Member (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Woman Believes Girlfriend Is Cheating With Her Own Family Member (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
With The Cutlers. JUDGE KEITH: This is the case
ofWhite v. Scott.You are dating,
you in a long-distance
relationship. I noticed on
the court papers, there’s a 15-year
age difference. Ms. Scott, you’re
a little older than
Ms. White, is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH: All right. And y’all have postponed
an engagement twice… ERICA WHITE: Yes. …because of
cheating allegations. And this relationship
is not going anywhere until those allegations
are resolved. Yes, Your Honor. Ms. White, you’ve
opened this case.
Tell us why you here. ‘Cause I think she’s cheating
on me with two different women. JUDGE KEITH: Oh. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE KEITH:
Two different women? Two different women. And I’m here today
just to find out
if it’s true or not. All right. It makes me feel real… Like, I’m nothing.
My self-esteem be down and I’m tired of it. AUDIENCE: Aw. All right, Ms. Scott,
I’m looking at the pain
in her face. I’m looking at the tears
in her eyes. What are you
here to prove? I’m here to prove
I’m not cheating on her. JUDGE DANA: All right. Especially with
two different women. One woman is my family member. She’s saying you cheating
with a family member? RENEE SCOTT: Yes, ma’am. Yes, Your Honor. It happens
like that sometimes. JUDGE DANA: Okay. JUDGE KEITH: But you deny that. Yes, I deny that. JUDGE KEITH: Yeah. Ain’t no truth in that. With a family member
or anybody else,
you’re not cheating at all? I’m not cheating at all. They’re too friendly. Slapping butts.
Y’all too friendly. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) So, Ms. White, if you
find out that, in fact, Ms. Scott is cheating
with one or both women, is this relationship done? I guess, it is. It’s over. Have you been cheated on
in the past? So many times.
So many times. JUDGE KEITH: So,
this is where the pain
is coming from. So you’re like,
“This is the person
I thought was gonna “take me out of this.” WHITE: Yes, out of that. And she’s dragging you
back to it. And lift me up,
lift my spirit up.
Lift me up, say that I’m special,
that I mean something
to somebody. AUDIENCE: Aw. You just don’t understand. JUDGE DANA: It’s okay. It’s not. It really is. I’m nervous
and it hurts. Thought this was over,
wanted to marry. Twice. Twice I engaged to her.
Twice. And here you are,
right here with us
sharing this pain. With a person you thought
was gonna bring you up. I really care about her.
I love her. I’m in love
with her and everything. And you just don’t feel it
coming back to you? No. Not at all. Ms. Scott,
how do you feel
about the situation? What she’s saying
is untrue, okay? Like I said,
this is my family member. This girl got… But you said this is not
a blood relation. SCOTT: This is
not a blood thing. She’s just like my family,
you understand
what I’m saying? Not slapping butts,
not taking pictures the way
they’re taking pictures. I’ve never in my life
slapped that young lady
on her butt. Not the way they
taking pictures and do
what they do. No! I’m watching you two. I’m feeling the passion. And the tension. And the tension. You love this lady. I wanna be with her. Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
You wanna be her. How did you two meet? At a fish fry. At my family member’s house. Tell me about that.
Tell me how that happened. When she came in with
one of my family members
and I saw her, glasses, dressed, I was like,
“Huh, I want that.” “I want that.” (AUDIENCE CHEERING) “I want that.” “And I’m gonna get that.” Did you get together
after the… I fried her fish. And gave it to her. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) JUDGE KEITH: All righty then. I fried her fish
and gave it to her. Well, do tell. Well, well, well. Well, do tell. All right, Ms. Scott,
she says the fish
was fried. SCOTT: That’s right. What did you like about her
when you saw her? It’s her lips.
I call her Sweet Lips.
That’s what I named her. I named her Sweet Lips. JUDGE DANA: She’s beautiful. Right. She’s a very beautiful
individual, don’t get me wrong.
You know what I’m saying? But I just can’t deal with
all the drama. You understand
what I’m saying? I want to be with her.
Yes, I want to be with her. We’ve been together
for one year, you understand? And one month.
You understand? I want… I want us
to be together. She live in New York.
I live in Virginia. But I make sure
I come down here, though. Yeah, we come
to see each other,
you know what I’m saying? Even when I’m
at her house, she accused me
of everything. ‘Cause you keep talking
on the phone… Listen to me. A phone is a phone,
you understand
what I’m saying? I don’t act on that. But here’s the thing,
you believe that there
are two women that Ms. Scott
is involved with. WHITE: Yes. JUDGE DANA: Tell me about
the first woman. Riana? I’m not sure. WHITE: Yes, it’s Riana,
the younger lady. The younger woman? WHITE: Mmm-hmm. Okay, so we’re gonna call
Woman 1 the younger woman. Okay. WHITE: Uh-huh. She’s in the life, too. JUDGE DANA: All right. You know, the gay life.
And I guess she wants
some inspiration from her aunt.
So-called aunt
or whatever. And they’re just
too rocky for me. Like, you know,
she always calling,
“Take me to the store.” “Give me money
for cigarettes.” And they’re just
too friendly for me. And this is the person
that you claim is like
a family member to you. SCOTT: Yes. But it’s not a blood… But it’s not a blood family. Not a blood family. But she is a family member. JUDGE DANA: Okay. And in your mind
family members
don’t do this. WHITE: She’s slapping butts,
Valentine’s Day
she left me for her. Tell me about
Valentine’s Day. She didn’t know
I was gonna propose to her. JUDGE DANA: Okay. I told her, “Babe,
it’s Valentine’s Day.
Stay with me in New York City.” She was like, “No,
I’ve gotta babysit,
watch her children.” I’m like,
“What’s more important?” And you were tight about it? WHITE: Yes, very tight. ‘Cause she did it twice.
In December around Christmas. JUDGE DANA: Okay. Okay. This is our
first Christmas together and you wanna go
and babysit somebody. Let her find
a babysitter
on her own. JUDGE DANA: All right. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Them not your children. I don’t act on that. All right, so what
do you have there? WHITE: I have
two pictures, Your Honor. Okay, Ron, would you
grab those for me, please? RON: Yes, Your Honor. Thank you, ma’am. What are these pictures
that we’re looking at? WHITE:
This is too friendly to me.
She looks sneaky anyway. JUDGE KEITH: But, how… SCOTT:
There’s nothing there. JUDGE KEITH:
Who took these pictures?
Where did you find them? WHITE: Her… her…
The niece took the pictures. Why you poking
your lips out
and all that? SCOTT: Listen. Why does she look sneaky,
like, mmm… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I’ve taken selfies
with girlfriends
and we’re both… I’m looking over her shoulder,
she’s looking over mine. Y’all are voguing. We’re voguing and whatever. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And I don’t see
why this would set you off. I just don’t trust. SCOTT: Oh, come on. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) All right, Ms. White. WHITE: Yes. You got something
else to say? After the fact,
how I got those pictures is because me and Riana
was on FaceTime. I made a mistake
and FaceTimed Riana
and she said, “Oh, my girl went and got me
a pack of cigarette like
she always do.” Then Malika came back
and then says, “Why are you
on Riana’s phone? “Didn’t I tell you don’t call
’cause we about to do booty, “and I’m gonna send you
the video.” Yes, she did. JUDGE KEITH: So, Ms. Scott,
is this true? That’s not true.
What happened was Ms. White sent
a picture to Riana
of her ex-girlfriend. I sure did. And the ex-girlfriend
texted me on my phone telling me that
her and Erica…
That she asked Erica out. So I told the young girl,
I said, “Do me a favor, “act like me and you
are messing around.” It wasn’t even none of that. See? Tit for tat. It was none of that.
That’s before… So that’s why she gave her
this message that we’re about
to do something? Right, that’s why she did that.
‘Cause I told her to do that. So y’all just do stuff
back and forth to get
revenge at each other. You get back at her,
you get back at her. WHITE: I’m tired. It’s crazy. JUDGE DANA: This is not
what love looks like. It doesn’t. No. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: It’s not
what it looks like. There were two women. Okay. Let’s talk
about Woman 2. Malika comes down
to my New York apartment. She was in the shower. Phone was ringing
off the hook…
(MIMICS PHONE RINGING) “You have a message
from such and such…”
The woman. Such and such, going on.
So she was in the shower.
I went in the shower, gave her the phone, I said,
“Malika, who is this lady,
keep calling you?” “Oh!” She’s screaming,
“Oh, the lady,
she’s just my friend. “Just an old friend
that I met years ago!” Just the way she reacted… WHITE: I knew
something was wrong. I knew mostly all her friends
and family, but this didn’t
sit right with me. JUDGE KEITH:
You confronted her about it. I confronted her… She gave you an explanation
and you didn’t buy it? WHITE: I didn’t buy it. Okay, Ms. Scott. Who is this woman? Hmm? SCOTT:
An old friend of mine. One day I was coming down
the stairs and she ran into me,
she gave me a hug
and a kiss on my face. You kissed her…
You put her tongue
in your mouth. JUDGE KEITH:
Hold on, Ms. White. She gave me a kiss
on my face, you understand
what I’m saying? Her tongue in her mouth. Rather… Yeah. I told Erica… I said,
yeah, because me and you was
going through some problems. So you kiss another woman? So I said to her,
“Yeah, I was texting
the girl.” I wanna know, did you
put your tongue in her mouth? I’ve got proof, Your Honor.
She put her tongue
in that lady’s mouth. JUDGE DANA: Ron,
could you please get that? They was texting,
“I wanna see you. “I wanna see you
and give you a kiss.” The lady sent it
on my phone. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) She ran into me,
she gave me a hug
and a kiss on my face. You get this text… WHITE: From her! From her. WHITE:
From the other woman. (JUDGE DANA READING) Then another one. “GM, good morning.” (CONTINUES READING) And then… (READING) All right, so this is
Wednesday, April 18th, Thursday, April 19th, Friday. And that’s when we was
going through something. April 17th
was our anniversary. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) WHITE: It was our
first year anniversary,
Your Honor. On the day
after your anniversary… Can you believe that?
She talking and texting
another woman. All right. Then we have
another set of texts. And this involves
the other woman. JUDGE KEITH:
“Hello, sexy, been a little
under the weather.” And then you respond… JUDGE DANA:
“Hope you feel better.
I’m coming to N.Y. Tuesday.” JUDGE KEITH: “Okay,
so I am happy
to read that, “looking forward
to kissing you again.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA:
And you say…
“Okay, me too.” That’s not a kiss. So you did kiss
this woman. I told you
I kissed her on the face.
Yes, I did. No. The woman said
you put your tongue
in her mouth! JUDGE KEITH:
Hold on, Ms. White. JUDGE DANA: Hold on. I’ve been kissed
on the cheek
many a time. WHITE: Mmm-hmm. It ain’t something
I’d look forward to. Exactly. Thank you!
Thank you, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: It ain’t something
I’d look forward to. To get some perspective on this
we wanted to hear from
a person who has been in a same
sex relationship,
a long distance relationship. We’re gonna hear from Season 7
ofBad Girl’s Club,
Ms. Judy Jackson. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) Ron, would you please
escort her in? RON: Yes, Your Honor. RON: Judy Jackson. Hi, Ron. RON: Hi. Which way? Up there? Yes, right up there. Hello. Hi. How are you? You’re currently in a same sex,
long distance relationship,
is that right? Absolutely. So have you been accused
of cheating? I have cheated.
But I didn’t take it
as cheating because, you know,
I’m hosting parties, I kiss people,
I get paid for it. So I don’t think it’s cheating.
It’s just me doing my job. What kind of kiss? Because I’ve been at parties
where we go, muah, muah. Or, you know,
cheek to cheek, but… No, I put my tongue
all up in it. (ALL EXCLAIMING) JUDGE DANA: There it is. WHITE: See? You don’t consider
that cheating? You know, technically
it is cheating. JUDGE KEITH: What kind of
advice would you give
to our litigants? I understand where
you’re coming from. You gotta not be friends
with people that you
had a past with. There’s no need
for them anymore. You got a new girl,
you know? Are you of the belief
that if you are in contact
with that past, texting with that past, texting with folks, like
“I miss you”… It leaves the door open. There it is. It leaves the door open.
You gotta close it shut, so no little thoughts
can come back through. WHITE: That’s right. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
thank you very much,
Ms. Jackson. Thank you.
Good luck to you guys. Thank you. All right, I think
we got enough evidence,
Mr. Cutler. JUDGE KEITH: All right,
what do we have? JUDGE DANA: She believes
that Ms. Scott ran off
with a younger woman, to be with a younger woman
on Valentine’s Day. She’s got text evidence indicating that not only
does Ms. Scott wanna
see another woman while she’s in New York
visiting her, but she’s also kissed
this woman, and they’re looking forward
to kissing again. And based on all of this and the fact that she’s
had a past of broken hearts… And I love her. And that she loves her
and she is sayin’, “I love her.
I want to be with her.” She wants to marry her. But she cannot do that… Can’t get my feelings hurt
and my self-esteem down,
I can’t live like that. JUDGE DANA: She says
she’s not going to do it. Yeah. JUDGE DANA: All right, love,
that’s all we got. Now, Ms. Scott,
do you realize
what’s at stake here? Do you love me?
Answer that question! Yeah, I love you.
You know I love you. No, you don’t! See, this is
what I go through.
This is what I go through. You don’t show it!
You don’t show no love! This is what I go through. Even four other
young ladies
became involved. You always question
about my love.
You can’t keep doing it. WHITE: Action speaks
louder than words. You keep trying to run me
out the door, you understand
what I’m saying? And I’m getting tired
of that, too. JUDGE KEITH: Okay. JUDGE DANA: All right. I’m getting tired of that, too. JUDGE KEITH:
There is a lot at stake here.
And because of that this court has done
a full and complete
investigation. At this time
the court will hear from certified
polygraph examiner,
Patrick Coffey to determine
“Is she cheating?” (AUDIENCE CHEERING) You know, Ms. Scott,
you’ve been smiling
quite a bit. And smiling at really
inappropriate times. Mmm-hmm. In my history here
on this bench,
is when I see that a lot of times,
it’s the exact opposite. Because you got something
you hiding. I have nothing to hide. JUDGE DANA: All right,
so I’m gonna give you
this chance… All right. …to speak your truth before Mr. Coffey does. Do you have something
you need to tell Ms. White? No, I don’t.
I have nothing
to tell her. None of this stuff…
All of this stuff
is untrue. JUDGE DANA: All right.
There it is. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Coffey,
you conducted a polygraph
examination of Ms. Scott, is that correct? Yes, sir, it is. Ms. Scott was asked… (JUDGE DANA READING) What was her response? Her response was no. What did the
polygraph reveal? Polygraph disclosed… Her response was no. What did the
polygraph reveal? Polygraph disclosed she was being truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) It’s been a minute since
some litigants wore me out like you two have. And the reason you have
worn me out is y’all don’t listen to us, y’all don’t listen
to each other, y’all do a tit-for-tat. All of it. No!
It is a hard no. What you need to do, you got two ears
and one mouth,
there’s a reason. And the only thing
you can close
is your lips. Close ’em
and use your ears. You Ms. Thing,
you need to… Slow down. Slow down. Slow down. Give this woman
a chance to love you likes she wants to. SCOTT: Thank you. Okay. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE KEITH: She can’t get in.
She can’t get anywhere. I mean,
it’s like a buzz saw. I mean, you’re afraid
to jump in. Let her love you.
If you want her to love you
let her love you. Because you’re gonna
scare her away. WHITE: Okay. You know? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You gotta let go of the past, whatever happened in the past,
you being cheated on, you gotta let that go.
You can’t blame her for everything
that’s happened
to you in the past. You’re right. Now, Ms. Cutler said
you gotta close
your mouth, you know, to make sure you can have
a happy relationship. You gotta keep
something else
closed, too. To all other people
except you two. You know what
Did Mr. Cutler
just say that? Yeah, he did. All right, well,
on that note we got counseling
for y’all. You two,
I’m ordering you
to take it, learn from it
and grow together. As we say in this courtroom,
“Do not cheat yourself
out of a chance “to have a happy, healthy,
trust-filled relationship.” Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CHEERING)

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