Why You Don't Hear Much From Matthew Lillard Anymore

Why You Don't Hear Much From Matthew Lillard Anymore

in the late 90s Matthew Lillard was slashing his way into the big-time with memorable appearances and scream hackers and she's all that but before he ever managed to hit the a-list his big-screen career seemed to fizzle out while he hasn't quite vanished from the film scene he certainly endured his fair share of cinematic setbacks so why did Lillard star status seem to drop so fast here's why you don't hear much about Matthew Lillard these days in the shadow of Stu Lillard is probably best remembered for his turn as Stu the sidekick killer in Wes Craven's 1996 classic screen by then the actor had already turned some heads with his oddball presence in the 1995 cyber drama hackers but he stole so many scenes in screen with his goofy scare tactics that his appeal was undeniable see we asked you a question get it all oh yeah the downside of itching that character in viewers memories though is that he struggled to establish a screen identity outside of the role and since dude died in the first film it's not like he could return for any of its sequels let's face it baby these days you gotta have a sequel Willard admitted to the a/v Club that even two decades later he's still being asked about Stu and said talking about scream is like talking about the first girl you ever kissed he added that he finds the continued attention to the role bizarre and said that he really doesn't understand why it's held such a place in horror fans his heart's alright I feel Rosie yeah but that's not the only role that's lingered in lillard life long live shaggy after screen Lillard went on to star in several roles that continued to showcase his signature scene eNOS like his dance happy dirtbag role and she's all that and nasty though the punk rock fan and SLC punk the movie that really set his career into slower motion though was 2002 scooby-doo Lillard played the peculiar pet owner shaggy in the live-action film and it's 2004 sequel but even after that movie franchise ended shaggy just stuck with him for the main course Lillard credited the films with being the biggest momentum killer of his career because it took his indie credit and threw it out the window but he's also been able to count on the subsequent mini movies animated TV series and video games featuring the character for steady paychecks in fact Lillard admitted if it wasn't for scooby-doo I wouldn't still be in California acting I'd be somewhere else doing something else scooby-doo the movie saved my bacon to be honest and it still does that show is still around and it's the constant job I have and I love doing the voice even so he's still an ensemble member in that series which is something he knows all about wingman central with few exceptions Matthew Lillard has almost always been cast as the standout psychic character in his movies especially when they involve his once frequent co-star Freddie Prinze jr. in fact Lillard starred alongside prints in a whopping five films including she's all that Wing Commanders summer catch and both scooby-doo movies their on and off screen bromance might have worked well for a while but even Lillard thinks it's got to be overkill around the fourth collaboration he once dubbed himself guy who was in a Freddie Prinze jr. movie too many and has vowed that the pair won't be seen together on screen again red yo-yo later on he didn't gain the reputation of being Prince's second banana by design of course but those few films which have given him a chance of the lead have been kind of regrettable he dropped some real talk in an interview with The AV Club saying the more lines I have in general the worse in movie is it's very rare that I get to say great things in fantastic movies so if you see me as like number one on the call sheet in general that movie is pretty bad speaking of which certified run Lillard is gone back and forth over which film ranks his absolute worst he's pointed to both in the name of the king a Dungeon Siege tale and home run showdown as some cringe-worthy installments on his resume but critics have had a field day panning his pictures his 1998 comedy horror film dead man's curve got a giant goose egg of a Rotten Tomatoes then there was senseless which lived up to its own name and earned just 6% on the site all told there have been another half dozen of his films that earned scathing reviews while Lillard has starred in a few films that critics liked including Alexander Payne's 2011 hit The Descendants and his own 2012 directorial effort fat kid rules the world the vast majority of his movies have been major critical misses missing the teen beat despite some early popularity and good looks Matthew Lillard wasn't ever really deemed a heartthrob of the teen magazine scene while actors like Leonardo DiCaprio Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Josh Hartnett were literal poster boys of the team beat era Lillard wasn't tapped for the same kind of adoration because of that he's never been promoted to leading man status or given a rom-com role worth swooning over he did have a romantic arc in 2004's without a paddle but that was a buddy comedy first and foremost and the bad one at that considering how crucial that's been in other successful careers in show business it's a bummer small screen surprises one field where Matthew Lillard has had some luck is on the television circuit not only was he a series regular on FX this ambitious crime drama the bridge but he's also appeared on state of affairs The Good Wife and halt and catch fire he's also among the impressive cast of TV's Twin Peaks revival due to debut in 2017 and revealed that his character in the show will be epic moral of the story he might not be a marquee name at the local theater but TV is giving him some meat to chew on with his performances just another beautiful day in paradise thanks for watching click the looper icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch more videos like the one you just saw and don't forget to check out all this 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41 thoughts on “Why You Don't Hear Much From Matthew Lillard Anymore

  1. you all are late! he was a great comedic star in non comedic roles, and shined in the comedic roles he was cast in.

  2. mate true reason why he dissapeared is because if anyone sees a slightest bit of him they and 3/4 of the universe shall disintegrate

  3. He’s Also in good girl on nbc and I decided to look him up cause I remembered how good of an actor he is

  4. Because he had to stop Thanos with only 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000046% of his power

  5. He is busy fighting against El Grande Padre and El Hermano de Jiren with Gohan Blanco to save our asses.

  6. Nah, we don't hear from him because He is too good for us. We, mortals, aren't worthy of his presence………..

  7. Hey, some people would think he'd try to hide under a rock after Scooby Doo, but since he came to voice Shaggy to this day (not to mention the dedication to the voice. Apparently for his audition, he made his voice hoarse to get the iconic voice crack down pat)he definitely loves what he does. Not to mention he has given birth to the strangest yet greatest memes in history. It's like more people hear his voice these days than Kasem's. Hey, when you're the best part of those movies and you're remembered by the creators and get to be in the actual shows, you gotta be pretty damn good at what you do for the character. The quintessential modern Shaggy Rogers

  8. Isn't it obvious? He got silenced by the government so that he doesn't destroy all of humankind with 1% of his power.

  9. Its because while matthew was trying to master the true power of shaggy his body was ripped to shreds because his mortal body couldn't handle the true power of a god

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