Why Robin Williams has called his daughter Zelda ?

Why Robin Williams has called his daughter Zelda ?

I am Robin Williams this is my daughter Zelda Rae Williams um hi I’m Zelda Williams Zelda this this story about you yeah what a great name for a girl Zelda from what I’ve been told um they were playing Zelda when I was when my mom was pregnant with me who thought because we were playing the game Legend of Zelda at the time I bought one of the first Nintendo systems brought that home with a very large TV and set it up it was letters Elda and it was amazing because it’s just at that was it’s addicting I was playing it for hours and hours and hours and hours and I think both my parents really like the name and so it just it’s stuck a lot of people come to say she named after F scott Fitzgerald’s wife no it’s Zelda for The Legend of Zelda where I was in grade school and girls made fun of me for it and I was like ah mom I’m gonna change my name when I’m 18 and then I ended up loving it again and it’s constantly people like that is the coolest name ever so I should really enjoy it you’re lucky you’re not named Mario or Luigi hmm or shadow Samus because would have been peach if you’re bitten peach isn’t terribly oh no kid should be rough name for a girl but I’ve seen no end to the torment before that one better than Ocarina her opponent opponent I thought people that would be dependent I’m named after the horse Oh creamy creamy gravy well I think they just like the name for a little girl and it’s a princess as well also when Zach said her name Zelda went oh what a great name yeah it’s magical as she is which is pretty amazing I loved um Epona a lot it was one of those games where definitely is a little girl that was like the cute thing I like the graphics a lot and I liked the gameplay a lot oh-ho oh I missed this game that’s what I remember cutting the bushes it’s awesome actually am I wrong or did they improve the graphic so that it looked even cooler on here cuz I don’t remember them looking like this sharp in the whole game it’s amazing I haven’t played the one on the 3ds yet we played like for 5 minutes today and I was addicted to it the exploration of the world and there was a lot of puzzles like talking to all these random people as a kid you don’t realise that they’re not gonna they’re eventually gonna run out of new things to say like they’ll just start repeating it again you could either spend an hour cutting grass which was not something I wanted to do and the boulders still here so this was a useless way that I could possibly die it’s amazing it’s you know it’s the same game but it looked better oh I can’t break the pots on this person’s house that’s mean I wanna I’m fascinated and looking forward to playing with the ocarina when I get it wait oh I won yay spent a lot of time hacking bushes as I remember that’s what I’m just gonna shame finding up others it there’s no there’s a dungeon and then you find out all that thing about where you in the world and pushing a side walls evening especially in the mazes where you push a wall and then another wall would open up ocarina had the cool the instrument was kind of shaped like the controller as well which I love all these puzzles and the idea of anything could be moved and objects in the world can be moved iris that link was like this adorable little kid I had I had a friend who looked a lot like him although link doesn’t really have a mullet I hate friend when I was growing up that had like the blonde hair mullet and like the cute big ears you look like an elf oh you don’t believe me do you woman go again I just merge their faces a challenge is Spencer into a really scary elf you

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  1. Every time I watch something with your father my heart just hurts I wish you could have found someone to listen to him he was such a treasure I always felt he would have made a great president you are so knowledgeable so real like a George Carlin those are afraid to speak as what are you died I cried I know you have no idea who I am Modesto I feel pain every time I watch a video of him knowing what a great person he was great person I love to help people Arizona is a great name forever a fan of Robin Williams ?

  2. This is such a sad and happy, yet inspiring video! It reminds us all to squeeze our children or our parents while we have the chances we have. There is so little video footage of Robin Williams out there when he’s not “on” that is nice to see that he doesn’t have to perform for his fans.

  3. I know this Puerto Rican bitch that in her 50’s named Zelda and bro she was always thick as fuck I can only imagine what she looked like in her 20’s because herface is beautiful and she had the phattest ass and with some juicy breast

  4. Y’know I keep thinking to myself hmm ocarina of time was definitely because he’s like the chosen one who lifted the master sword but but was majoras mask supposed to happen?

  5. We grieve because we love. Oh Robin I know you were hurting and afraid.
    I will miss you for all my days. Peace be yours bro

  6. Robin Williams didn't love his family or he'd be alive. He didn't care for his friends and family, his fans. He was selfish.

  7. My heart hurts for her… I’m so lucky at the age of 60 (yesterday!) to still have my Dad, who is 86…I must remember that everyday

  8. Fix the title of the video. It is grammatically incorrect and makes no sense. Robin Williams is no longer alive. Saying he “has called her Zelda” means it just happened now. He named her a long time ago. And your title is not in question format but ends with a question mark…

  9. Stellar career, healthy family, Financially stable and still chose to take his own life ? Lord strengthen our minds and faith!

  10. So you mean to tell me, Mrs. Doubtfire named his daughter after green hat sword boy?

    Is only joke, chill, LoZ is my favorite series ever

  11. So sad that he was in so much pain that he felt he had to leave his beautiful daughter. RIP Robin. You are deeply missed.

  12. I can totally relate. My miss and I named our son "Big Boss". He's still a bit too young to play MGS but he'll grow into it. Edit: Before anyone says anything; Yeah we did think of Snake but the missus and I agreed that name was already taken. And we had that talk pretty early on so "Big Boss" just seemed like a good gender neutral compromise.

  13. I still don’t think Robin Williams committed suicide, I think he was assassinated and they made it look like a suicide.

  14. I love Zelda. I love Robin Williams. I dont no, that he was a gamer… RIP in love… Greetings from Austria Diy

  15. Still better than calling her Link.

    Remember a boy called Sue?
    She would have become the female version fighting her dad when not searching for him.

  16. the dog said, "thought this was the last civil war soldier and his great, great, great, great granddaughter." ~ tenderbastard

  17. We all miss Robin he touched us with his kindness with his comedic talents and acting ability it just hasn't been the same with out him R.I.P…

  18. This was a happy moment between father and daughter that was captured without knowing how meaningful it is in the here and now…

  19. You can tell by Zeldas body language while in the presence of her father that she adores Robin Williams. I know she misses him.

  20. Robby was fucked up on cocaine when she was named. Don't forget the pounds and pounds of drugs that man consumed. The liquor and pills. Why do you think Zels mama dumped his ass? You people have no idea.

  21. Fortunately Robin gave enough through his art to take care of his child for life. Even after his passing. He lives on forever. Very magical and priceless.

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