Why Hollywood Won't Cast Leelee Sobieski Anymore

Why Hollywood Won't Cast Leelee Sobieski Anymore

you might remember leelee sobieski from some of her roles and hit movies like never been kissed and joyride the Helen Hunt look-alike was one of the hottest up-and-coming actresses in the late 90s but she seemed to just disappear overnight so what happened to make her slip so far from the public radar here's a look at why leelee sobieski just isn't a staple of the screen anymore teen typecast like many young actresses sobieski got her start acting on television her turn is the title legend in TVs Joan of Arc miniseries earned her Golden Globe and Emmy nominations when she was still just 17 it wasn't long before she made a transition into films and experienced some early buzz on the silver screen the first movie she snagged a role in was the apocalyptic blockbuster deep impact alongside Elijah Wood and soon after she appeared in a small role in Stanley Kubrick's sexy mystery thriller is wide shut to tack some prestige cred onto her growing resume as well it was after that when she appeared in one of her first real recognizable roles alongside Drew Barrymore and never been kissed but while those pics brought her right into the promising teen scene they also may have pigeon-holed her a bit as the go-to young actress he wanted a sidekick rather than the leading lady so once she did start snagging herself some crime positions in film she had a lot more trouble commanding a crowd the tough side of Tinseltown right around the turn of the Millenium leelee sobieski had gotten enough attention to earn herself top billing on a couple of promising projects she got to star as the object of two swoony honks attention in the 2000 southern teen drama here on earth and then starred as the central damsel in distress in the 2001 thriller flicks the Glass House but both films failed to justify sobieski status as a cinematic centerpiece with slow box-office receipts and critical slams of plenty and while she did enjoy some success as part of the cast of the suspense pic joyride that only proved that she's more likely to earn ticket money as part of an ensemble later efforts to headline a variety of picks like the idol in a dark place and walk all over me did nothing to cure those symptoms of box-office poisoning either turning back to TV once sobieski film career started to wane she began making appearances on television shows such as Drop Dead Diva and The Good Wife the actress was then cast in a CBS show called NYC 22 in 2012 even though it followed suit with many popular shows on the network telling the story of sex rookie cops working in New York City it was canceled just after one season no one was sad to see the show go since so few people even knew the show existed tough break Lele shielding of image unlike many of her peers sobieski is a vocal opponent of the strict body standards set forth by the industry for a woman's image and the leaves her form is only meant to be seen by the likes of her husband has she told OK Magazine in 2012 I feel like there's something that changes when a woman is more developed in the chest area where you have to be more demure I really wanted to show the world and now I realize that it's for my husband and when I keep to myself it's more alluring Lee Lee's commitment to keeping her onscreen intimacy to a minimum is definitely a reflection of her personal life decisions as well the actress proudly remained a virgin until the age of 26 when she married the future Vampire Diaries star Matt Davis in 2008 she told Access Hollywood it was important to me that I remained a virgin until after I was married it wasn't for any religious reasons or anything like that but simply because to me my virginity was the most precious gift that I could ever give to a man and I wanted to be sure I was giving it to the right man the finding list co-stars split after just five months together but that didn't affect so be asked his opinion about sex in fact her second marriage to Adam Kimmel may have even encouraged more on-screen modesty on her part as she told vogue 90% of acting roles involved so much sexual stuff with other people and I don't want to do that it's such a strange fire to play with if you're going to walk through fire there has to be something incredible on the other side more power to her but it's an unfortunate reality even the most accomplished actresses of all time including her celeb doppelganger Helen Hunt have been known to bare it all for the sake of bolstering their box-office worth so while Lee Lee's decision to keep her skin tucked away might be Noble it could have also precluded her from securing certain roles on the bright side at least she missed out on that terrible Oscars montage Jessica Chastain we saw your boobs in lawless Jodie Foster in the huge it sees her desire for privacy could also be a part of the reason why sobieski chose to step away from the limelight a bit in recent years a family affair thanks to her marriage to Kimmel sobieski is now a mom to two children and a said that she credits her newest gig as mom with being her most important role of all these days she told Us Weekly I am just focused on my kids I think that's mainly why I stopped acting her marriage to Kimmel a fashion designer has also offered her a secondary career path as she pitches in with his projects whenever she does get the itch to work and likes to paint as an artistic outlet while it doesn't look like we'll be seeing sobieski on camera again any time soon fans can still look forward to her releasing some creative work because even though she's currently focusing on motherhood she's long predicted she'd end up becoming a Renaissance woman down the line at the tender age of 23 she told Frances purple magazine I want to be a director a painter and a writer of children's stories and a mother it sounds like she's well on her way to achieving those goals already thanks for watching click the Niki Swift icon to subscribe to our youtube channel let's check out all 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39 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Leelee Sobieski Anymore

  1. Shes a decent human being that probably refused wienerstiens advances and didnt sell her soul!!! Good for her being a good mom and sticking to her morals!! Hollwierd just wants sheep and sell outs…hell on earth bunch of demons!!!

  2. This is all bs! I’ve always liked this girl, good actress, personality, etc. What’s the matter Hollywood execs threatened by her? Offer her some work and cut the shit! She’s a good girl who deserves her piece of the pie!

  3. Well, that explains it in a nutshell: they couldn't slut her up, so no career! And then she saves it for the husband only not to have the marriage last. Well, she tried; hope it works out for her. She certainly had the looks!

  4. Once again, a video that asks "why so and so isn't cast by Hollywood", but the question isn't really answered.
    BTW, as someone who thinks we see too much skin on TV, much less in movies, I wish more actresses had MS Soibieski's ideals.

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