Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jenna Elfman Anymore

Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jenna Elfman Anymore

in 1999 and Jenna Elfman won a Golden Globe for playing Dharma freedom Finkelstein Montgomery the upbeat yoga instructor on ABC sitcom Dharma and Greg the show was nominated for six Emmys ran for five seasons and outpaced everybody's expectations so what happened salesman's post-show career millions of viewers loved his Dharma and would love to see her back on the screen he is why she may have been forgotten by Hollywood and how she might find her way back bolster Hollywood never forget and Elfman had a rough post of Dharma decade soon after the series ended Elfman was cast as the lead in the 2003 Broadway musical 9 replacing Tony award-winning actress Jane Krakowski but on opening nights it was Elfman's understudy Sarah kettle finger who took the stage instead according to insiders Elfman just wasn't ready to take the stage for her musical performance so Elfman this false start was the beginning of some fairly lean years immediately falling back on Looney Tunes back in action you've got no music in yourself if this I am aware of that curse of consolation television networks continue to try elfman l to new sitcoms but her shows rarely seem to make it past a single season whether she was on courting Alex accidentally on purpose or 1600 Penn audiences didn't show up growing up Fisher only lasted 13 episodes despite having a great cast with so many duds on her resume continuing the cast Elfman as the comedic lead starts to look like a bad investment at a certain point Elfman's for the name brands of fans though because why ABC is picking up yet another elfin vehicle imaginary marry sets a premiere in March of 2017 the plot is a classic truly a tale as old as time a CGI creature voiced by Rachel Dratch returns from a long hiatus the guide and or disrupt the average life of a public relations executive I am a mom and I do the Macarena where is my mini then oh I'll find it later we'll have to wait and see whether the show succeed but by September of 2016 it had already been cut from 13 episodes to 9 not a great sign but you never know she's a podcast host in 2012 Elfman teamed up with her husband Bodie to create a podcast about their marriage called kicking and screaming what began as a playful digital discourse exploring the topic of marriage has blossomed into a hit show that's lasted more than five years and 70 episodes Elfman hasn't been completely off screen since the podcast started but a regular podcast demands a considerable amount of time and creative energy it's possible as her commitment to the show might have taken her away from bigger on-screen projects focused on her family Jenna and Bodhi have been married for more than 26 years and as their podcast attests it hasn't all been easy Jenna has cited humour as being critical to a healthy marriage if one thing is clear between her vocal dedication to Scientology said podcast and their everyday life of their two sons the Elfman spend a tremendous amount of time together that kind of closeness can be a moving target for some couples and the time spent to make your work as time spent away from the camera dedicated sedan one less publicized element of elephant's life if the importance of dance during an interview of showbiz Shelley the entertainment reporter for Chicago's b96 radio Elfman discussed her dance background I started dance ballet as a five year old girl and I trained six days a week four hours a day for about 16 years and example scholarship the Pacific Rockefeller today she spends time away from sets to invigorate her passion for dance for instance Elfman is on the board of trustees of the dizzy feet foundation whose mission is to improve and increase access to tons education in the United States he can still make a comeback if she wants to it's difficult to imagine a show like Dahmer and Greg's finding the same success today as it did back in the late 90s the entertainment landscape has significantly changed so it's most beneficial Minh to stop playing the same character that she's played in multiple shows and try something new but it's also possible that she isn't especially eager to come back to the spotlight and with a successful podcast marriage family and spiritual life who can blame her and if she can't find a better way back in he can always be in one of her father-in-law's insane films then again maybe no thanks for watching click the Niki Swift icon to subscribe to my youtube channel plus check out all this cool stuff we know your love to

22 thoughts on “Why Hollywood Won't Cast Jenna Elfman Anymore

  1. I would say She is too good for Hollywood. You have to be such a piece of shit narcissit of human being to be an actor. I think it's more like she doesn't want Hollywood. Scientology is incidental .

  2. what's the big deal with scientology? Americans get pretty worked up over it . They hate tom cruise over it but he is a global icon and most of the world doesn't give a damn about his religious hence his global success. Besides aren't most religions fucked up one way or the other?

  3. Satan worship. Like the 🌎 everyone believes. Eath is FLAT. Neil Degrassi is Scientology. They are all weird. Look into the stars who admit to selling there soul

  4. too funny the comments below all mad about her being in Scientology … the people commenting sound like a bunch of creepy lunatics yet they call her crazy – too ironic

  5. All they had to say was.. Scientology.. 2:56 the brain dead excuse for a religion to pyramid scam people out of cash.. I suppose if she isn't making cash from TV then it's less she has to give to them… next a Tom Cruise rom-com with all scientology's failed actors.. barf

  6. Fuck her and ALL Scientologiest bunch of fuckin whack jobs should jump back in the damn volcano your fuckin idiotic xenu threw ya in with his hydrogen bombs in his space plane.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎

  7. I like her even more now that I know she is a scientologist!! People in here are so prejudiced, have never done Scientology themselves and criticise it only based on things they ve heard. Society is so fucked up

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