Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest?

Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest?

– (speaking in a foreign language) – Can I get a fan in here? It’s a little hot! (upbeat music) – Today, I’m deciding which
Spanish accent is sexiest. I hope that’s okay. (laughing) – Well, I’m a Caribbean woman, I’m a woman of the islands, okay, I dig. – I don’t know a lot of the differences between, like, different Spanish accents or different, like, dialects. – You could literally be telling me, you look like a bag of dirty laundry. And I’d be like, okay, yes, yes, just say it more. Say it in my ear. Tell me what I need to hear. – I am so excited. Here’s why. What if I fall in love? – I’m so excited to put
my ears to the test. And finally see which
one is the most sexy. – [Narrator] Mr. Cuba. (speaking in a foreign language) I’ll be your sandwich. (speaking in a foreign language) Are you thirsty? Cause your voice is beautiful. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughing) – Sure, works for me. – [Narrator] Mr. Republica Dominicana. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughing) – Mmm. (speaking in a foreign language) Ooh, corazon. Ooh, you’re trouble. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughing) – I know who this is. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughing) – Gadiel, I know it’s you. (speaking in a foreign language) – Ooh, what? What papi? What? – You better pick me, now that you know that it’s me. (laughing) – [Narrator] Mr. Columbia. (speaking in a foreign language) – Ooh. (speaking in a foreign language) Hey, hey, hey. (speaking in a foreign language) Ooh, voosa. (speaking in a foreign language) – Chocolate? (speaking in a foreign language) – Le punta. (speaking in a foreign language) – You like chocolate. (speaking in a foreign language) In your coffee? (speaking in a foreign language) Oh, you like the smell of coffee. (speaking in a foreign language) Well, this is a nice conversation (speaking in a foreign language) – Mm-hmm. (speaking in a foreign language) Ooh. Wow, he just came in like
a poet off the street. I saw it. I was in the streets of Columbia. A young girl in the world and then he came like a poet, like a rapper. And spoke sweet nothings in my ear. Hallelujah. – [Narrator] Mr. Mexico. (speaking in a foreign language) (laughing) (speaking in a foreign language) – Chili? (speaking in a foreign language) You talking about food? (speaking in a foreign language) – Wow. I feel like we had a vacation together. I met him on a vacation. We ran away together. Beautiful, wow. (speaking in a foreign language) Oo, cuato? (speaking in a foreign language) Guanacuato. (speaking in a foreign language) Guana-cuato. – So, the sexiest performance definitely goes to guy number one. He came in, he sold
it, he was ready to go. I’m going to be completely
honest with you. I really needed that first one. (laughing) – The one that I choose, is all of them. Because I love myself. And I deserve all love. From all different continents, from all countries. You know the first one, was that romantic love
where you’re shirtless and you got a little
flower, I deserve that. Second one was that hood love, you know on the streets, like I’m that mami and I’m going to do it. The third one was like,
we met on the streets of Columbia and we danced
all night in the sunset. And the last one, I was
the love of his life. So all of them. – Hello, hi! (laughing) Hello! – [Woman] Forget the men. (laughing) – Uh huh. I don’t know, one of these two. But I feel like you were number four. – Oh really? (laughing) What gave it away? Jesus. – [Woman] So number one is? – El platano. – Oh shit. (laughing) – Uh, again, my face is sweaty. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow! Wow. Wow. First of all, all of your voices. Damn, you guys must be pulling a lot of hos, especially you ghetto love. – [Gabriel] Oh thank you. Ooh, y’all really got
some beautiful voices. Wow. I picked all of you. Cause I’m a bitch. And I get to pick all of them. I win. – Then how about we all go with you? – Oh, okay. Let’s go. All right I’ll see you later. – We winning. We winning. Vamos. – Ooh, wow. Wow. It’s Christmas, hallelujah. (speaking in a foreign language) – What are we doing here? (laughing) (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest?

  1. Ooh gurl the Dominican man's gonna make me act upppp… also I'm surprised they didn't so a spain accent but I'm glad because i cannot stand their pronunciation of c's and z's

  2. Columbia was the hottest man, but Dominican Republic accent…. I melted 😍😍😍 lol. Love that SPUNK and CONFIDENCE in his voice, grrr lol

  3. I like:

    Dominican Republic: only when he said, “That’s right”
    Mexico: only when he spoke poetically

  4. My grandma is from Guatemala. She has a super thick accent. I think that’s what maybe attracted my grandpa (from Alabama) lol!

  5. I would like to point out that not every colombian men talks like that! They have different accents depending where they live
    This guy sounds like a Paisa sksksksksksk
    So I would say he's from Medellin?

  6. Gadiel, there should be a sexiest accents video for guys too!!
    I am a new subscriber, Joyce, you made my day!!! Your commentary just made something amazing so much better!! You are my favourite!!

  7. Joyce is hilarious. She described the voices perfectly. “I pick all of them because I love myself! And I deserve all love!”

  8. How awkward is it to listen to these accents and get all sorts of turned on and then realize they’re your coworkers. Kate straight up recognizes gadiel I died

  9. No pudieron elegir otro Mexicano mas feo y En voz también ? 😂😂😂 eso es Racismo todos los demás estaban guapos ! 😝

  10. Okkkk.. So.. Let me tell ya'll I'm the kind of person who reads comments first and when I read about Mr Mexico I was like "no way he was talking about food" and then the first thing he said was "let's talk honestly.. I'm hungry" I DIED!!!! OMFG LMFAO!!!!!!!

  11. C mamo el Mexicano, hablarle directamente de comida mientras que los demás le hablaban cómo tratando de ligarlas, épico XD

  12. Colombian accents sound best on females. On males it could either sound great or a bit too feminine… The Colombian accent on the guy in the video was good though…

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