28 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Has The Best Turkey Recipe?

  1. Girl in blue: It seems like a very plain but slightly over salted turkey.

    Me: Girl WTF happened to your taste buds ??

  2. I'm sorry but you guys need to look at how Julia Child does turkey. I have made it the last few years. ATK has done a version of this and I like the twist they did with the stuffing. But based on Julia Child's. It's not crazy spiced or anything like that but cook time is near nothing compared to traditional. If you get a chance i think this would possible change the outcome of the results.

  3. Jesus, Remind me to bring some moisturizer if I make Turkey for the girl in the blue shirt..

  4. Blue shirt girl: I like number 2 because I don’t have to eat it on its own I can eat it with other things

    Who tf eats turkey on its own at dinner

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