[Weekly Idol EP.423 | EVERGLOW & Weki Meki] ‘위키미키 vs 에버글로우’ 의 기선제압 댄스 배틀♨

[Weekly Idol EP.423 | EVERGLOW & Weki Meki] ‘위키미키 vs 에버글로우’ 의 기선제압 댄스 배틀♨

(briest show up in the world) (so charismatic, our Yoo-jung becomes
an old sis when she dances) (hello? this is Choi Yoo-jung,
god and king of dance itself) (Dance Dance, let’s dance Yoo-jung) (finishes with her movement
making all the best from her head to toes) Who’s gonna dance to this? (as if they’re one body,
copy-pasted twin dance GO) (sharp angles as if their every movement
has been measured by a protractor) They match so well,
is there a mirror or what (E:UXMia a missing child lost in this look,
FOREVER is with E:U from today) (grabs all attention
perfectly until their finish) (is it my turn to go..) (Lua’s joint control
looks natural as if water flows) (Ki-Ling hearts are pounding
with Lua’s rhythm) (relaxed and confident) (dancing Lua conquers
EVERGLOW’s 1st row) (exits after marking a dancing battle,
now EVERGLOW, do all the things you wish) (EVERGLOW TURN
dance battle group entrance) (they do it so well) (fatal value 190321%
exceeding proper limit) (bang for the hearts) (6 star dance-chelin
sharp dance hot place EVERGLOW) (gets excited, hou-hou) (breathing in the hearts
hurt by EVERGLOW) They’re doing well (Weki Meki maknae’s advance) (Ki-Ling, did you fall in love
with Lucy’s dance line?) (the sis’ gets excited with
the maknae’s dance) (today’s lesson for Ki-Ling
No Lucy dance NO LIFE) She looks sexy (teen-crush’s icon
Lucy makes all hearts pounded as expected) (Lucy exits by wrapping around the
stage with her wave) (good job our maknae) (IDOL-BTS) (gather up FOREVER
IDOL by nature is coming up) (yoohoo it’s good) (she’s more excited) (this place is not for dance battle,
it’s for dance festival) (Ready to get excited?
All Light!) Yoohoo! (perfectly All Light! until its ending)

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  1. Omg I loved that cover of Idol so much. Everglow are just queens. Mia is such a powerful dancer her charisma is on another planet. And then there is our underrated lead dancer Onda. ❤️

  2. Everglow’s River choreo is very similar to Galen Hook’s choreography, am I the only one who noticed that? Just curious, no hate whatsoever.

    On another note,

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