[Weekly Idol EP.364] CHUNG HA LOVE U 2x faster ver.

[Weekly Idol EP.364] CHUNG HA LOVE U 2x faster ver.

Cue the music, please (Love U-Chung-ha, 2X faster ver.) (Sudden change) (Refreshing) Wow, it’s wonderful (She looks 2 times cuter) (She looks 2 times livelier) (It doesn’t look like
she’s dancing 2X faster) (A wonderful performer, Chung-ha) (Her cute smile is melting
people’s heart) (Attractive performance) (They are enjoying) This is real time, not fast forward (Her lovely movements are
reaching the climax) (We can’t miss one single move from her) It’s coming (Now couple choreography is coming) (Back up dancers are also busy) (Dancers are working hard) (I’m getting off) (Se-yoon is copying him) Bye (He’s coming to work again) (Speed is not a problem for her) (Love U) (Is she exhausted?) (Not at all) Cool (Awesome, Chung-ha) (Here is my heart) (Chung-ha with 2 handsome boys) (Her facial expression is making
the dance perfectly) (No time to take a rest) (Dance movements are
getting difficult) (Swaying) (Dance master Chung-ha) (2X Faster ver.Love U, success) (She’s not the best for nothing) We should give back up
dancers a big hand Sang-min is going to get you Korean beef (Panting) Are you alright? (She is breathing heavily) Thank you, dancers This is extreme I’m sorry and thank you They are lying on the floor Take a rest Sang-min is going to get you
some cold water Help yourself It’s unlimited

34 thoughts on “[Weekly Idol EP.364] CHUNG HA LOVE U 2x faster ver.

  1. The funny thing is that they were even more tired then chungha her self ????

    Queeeenn ❤️❤️❤️?????

  2. Я одна услышала, как Чонха говорит: "Ааа.. БОЖЕ!"?? После танца

  3. fyi if you see this video again after chungha released "Snapping", the long hair man backup dancer is the one who wear white t-shirt, white-green shirt, and blue jeans. his instagram is @a.ssa_wood

    and he's the same backup dancer too in "Gotta Go" era:)

  4. The couple dance was soo cute sad to know he has a gf but his gf is really pretty also his instagram is a.ssa_wood if anyone wanted to know and am sure all of u know already

  5. La cara del chico en el final jejejeje , yo pieenso que hay un romance entre ellos , ni chungha , sino los bailarines

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