(Weekly Idol EP.266) I.O.I relay free dance

(Weekly Idol EP.266) I.O.I relay free dance

(Chung-ha in a sexy ver.) (It’s God Chung-ha) (Excited youngest) (Oh my) (Dignity of I.O.I’s main dancer) (Sexiness in full bloom) (Kim Chung-ha is hot) Again? Continue (Goosebumps) (Chung-ha in a poppin ver.) (Loading dancing machine) (Sharp but powerful) (Chung-ha-holics) (Bursting with girl crush charms) You’re so cool (Screaming girl fans) (Chung-ha in a Pororo ver.) (It’s Pororo) Can you do the sexy dance to this? Sexy Pororo (Oh my goodness) (Kids, don’t watch this) (Dancing queen’s Pororo dance) (Naughty Pororo) (Switching from sexy to cute) (They became her fans) God Chung-ha, God Chung-ha (Chung-ha is the best) Now that we’ve seen this Chung-ha is a good dancer but
others do better free dances I’m excited to see So-hye’s So-hye No, So-hye will dance at the last Go first, So-mi Go, So-mi So-mi and then Na-young Is music ready? Starting with So-mi Music start (I.O.I’s free relay dance – So-mi) (Center So-mi) (Yo-ho) (Bba sae, bba sae) (So-mi’s powerful energy) (Doom chit, doom chit) (Happy So-mi’s fan) She’s doing great Next is Yoo-Jung (Under too much pressure) (I.O.I’s free relay dance – Yoo-Jung) (Have you heard of sexy Yoo-Jung?) – Grandma
– Her face is… Grandma She make good facial expressions (Who everyone is looking for) Grandma (Grandma Yoo-Jung) (Did you call me?) Grandma (This is it) She’s so cute (Circles and circles) Next is Do-yeon (Next is Do-yeon) Our proud… (I.O.I’s free relay dance – Do-yeon) From Wonju, Gangwon-do (Doesn’t need to dance hard) She was a cheerleader You’re very long, Ms. Ganwon-do (Moving gently) The dance is somewhat… (Stupid Do-yeon is out) (Frivolous) Next is Na-young (Looking more pale) (I.O.I’s free relay dance – Na-young) Na-young (Stone Na-young’s girl crush charms) She’s long (Using her long limbs) (Finishing it a bit early) Now, Jieqiong (I.O.I’s free relay dance – Jieqiong) This is it (I’m Jieqiong from China) (Full of dancing energy) (Wavy) (Being attractive until the end) So-hye (Highlight of the free relay dance) The music is perfect (I.O.I’s free relay dance – So-hye) (You’re doing great, So-hye) You’re doing great (Yoo-Jung gives her a tip) She’s so cute (OK, I got it) (Customized So-hye dance) (Jumping) Well done You’re good – I see why you are I.O.I
– Really – You get it, right?
– Yes

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  1. Как песня на 2:31 называется скажите пожалуйста

  2. My anxiety + introverted soul can never do that in front of many people bro,,, CHUNGHA + HER CONFIDENCE IS A LEGEND.

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