(Weekly Idol ウィクリアイドル EP.304) Unexpected トワイス MOMO EFFECT??!!

(Weekly Idol ウィクリアイドル EP.304) Unexpected トワイス MOMO EFFECT??!!

SN: Teu! SN: Teu! JH:Ie! SN: Uri! (We) JH: Uri UrI SN:TeuDeungIe Jjang! Uri Jjang? (We are the best) SN:TeuDeungIe Jjang (TWICE is the best) SN:Teu! MC:Ah..Jihyo!! SN: Back! (Deung)…Ah no, that’s not it. SN: It’s Deung is not it? No, it is not! SN: Teu! JH: Ie! JH: I really do not know what you’re saying. SN: We! JH: We?
SN & JH: We are the TWICE right?. SN:TeuDeungIe Jjang! MC: Momo come help. MM: TWICE! MM: TWICE Bang! (TWICE shortened) MM: TWICE.. TWICE Bang! MM: TeuDeungie
SN: We! We! JH: TWICE, TeuDeungIe!
JH: TeuDeungIe Jjang! JH: Four syllables
MC: Four syllables JH: TeuDeungIe
JH: TeuDeungIe, we! JH: TWICE TeuDeungIe T: TWICE? JH: It is TWICE but shortened.. TeuDung T: TeuDeungIe Deul…
T: Teu Deung Ie Deul? JH: The last one is wrong… JH: The last one is Jjang, Jjang! T: Teu…Deung…Ie.. Jjang! MC: Ok, next is Nayeon T: Teu.. Deung… Ie… Jjang! T: TeuDeungIe T & NY: TWICE T: Teu Deung Ie Jjang
NY: Ti Ju Ie Sa… Jjang? MC: Momo go help them! MM: TeuDeungIe BANG MM: Bang!!
MM: TWICE BANG MM: TeuDeungIe NY: Jjang Tzuyu?? (Tzuyu is the best) MM: TeuDeungIe MM: TWICE Bang!
NY: TWICE bang? MM: Bang!
NY: Bang! (Sana decides to help too) SN: TeuDeungIe Jjang SN: Ahhhh!!!! MM: Do you understand? MM: Repeat, repeat x100. SN: TeuDeungIe Jjang!
NY: Three is too much, I’ll focus on just one. MM: TeuDeungIe MM: TWICE BANG! NY: TeuDeungIe? (Still confuse) SN: TeuDeungIe!
MM: TeuDeungIe! MM: TWICE shortened, bang bang!
MM: TWICE bang! NY: Ah I understood!

100 thoughts on “(Weekly Idol ウィクリアイドル EP.304) Unexpected トワイス MOMO EFFECT??!!

  1. Nayeon made me laugh so hard, her expressions are too cute and the way she responds to her members made me laugh even harder.

  2. When foreign members understand Korean better than the actual Korean member😂Nayeon is me with Chinese lmao

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