Wednesday, February 5

Wednesday, February 5

Live from New York City, it’s the Wendy Williams Show. ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it ♪ ♪ Feel this feeling ♪ ♪ Come on you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ ♪ How you doing? ♪ Now, here’s Wendy! (audience cheers) (upbeat music) (audience hoots) All right. (audience cheers) Thank you for watching. Say hello to my cohost, the studio audience. (audience cheers) (audience chants) How you doin’? How you doin’? Better now. (audience cheers) Let’s get started, it’s time for Hot Topics, come on. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) (audience cheers) (Wendy hums) Where is Doug? I don’t know, do we have a prayer cloth, just in case, I can keep my hypnotizer here but it might make people really hypnotized. (audience laughs) Do we have a little prayer cloth or something? I can buy you something. Okay, thanks, Eden. Eden’s in for Brenden, Brenden’s in for Doug, I got Doug’s picture at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and I put it on my social media. I thought that was so thoughtful. Yes. Can we drum that up? Yeah. It’s on my Instagram. It’s from last night, right? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t get it until late. Yeah, it’s so nice. All right, well, we’ll get that a little bit later on in Hot Topics when I do show review ’cause there’s alots going on with the show. It doesn’t revolve around a graphic or anything like that but there’s a lot going on here at the show. Anywho, so Sophia Richie won’t be keeping up with the Kardashian’s anymore. (audience groans) Sophia says that she won’t be on next season’s show, I barely remember her being there other than when they went on the vacation and you know, she’s Scott, who’s in his 30’s, father of three’s, 20 year old girlfriend, daughter of Lionel Richie, no children, the whole world at her feet but this is what she chooses to do. (audience laughs) The family’s sitting at the table at the beach and Scott shows up with Sophia and Kourtney is taken by surprise. Well, Sophia now says she won’t be on because she wants to focus solely on acting. Now, I don’t mind that but why would somebody feel like acting is something you don’t have to study, you know what I mean? Like, you just fall into acting? Well, I agree with her. (audience laughs) There was some people in my morning meeting who were saying, you know, why wouldn’t she stay with the Kardashian’s, that brand gets you more than being Sophia Richie, I said, oh no it doesn’t, not when your father’s Lionel Richie. (audience applauds) You know what I’m saying? You know, you gotta understand the value of your parents. If you have Lionel Richie as your father, you are absolutely going along with that. I love the Kardashian family, but in my opinion, there’s more influence over being a Richie than a Kardashian, only because Lionel has more of a (audience laughs) he’s got a real, like he danced on the ceiling. Right, exactly. Come on. He said hello. Right, yeah. (Eden laughs) Anyway, some people think there’s more to the story, when Sophia was asked about this on “Entertainment Tonight”, her answer, they say, seemed to be fishy. In my opinion, it wasn’t fishy, it’s a young girl looking to her publicist to say, uh-huh, that’s the right answer. (audience laughs) Take a look. Are we gonna see more of you next season on that show? No, no. No more? No. Why not? Well, because I want to get into acting. Hm, and away we go. (audience laughs) Sophia hasn’t posted a picture with Scott since November, which is a good sign. So this was just a young girl being with an old man. I don’t know about you and your girlfriends or your guy friends or whatever but sometimes young people, they wanna test the waters of ridiculousness and then they come on back to us. So she’s back to being a Richie, good for you. (audience applauds) (audience sighs and exclaims) (audience applauds) Doug has been with me since the first day of the Six Week Sneak Peak, do you know what I’m saying, and we’ve all been on this rocky ride together. What’s he doing in LA? Producing somebody else’s show? He’s doing the Oscars. Oh, he’s doing the Oscars. So he won’t be back until Tuesday, ’cause Monday he’ll be hung over and then he’ll get on the plane. He flies home. Okay, he flies home Monday but he won’t be here Monday. But here’s the thing, right, first it was DJ BOOF, now it’s Doug and I think that, attention Wendy people, if you go to LA and if you have a chance in your schedule, there’s no demands here, I’m not that demanding girl otherwise these people would have quit a long time ago. (audience laughs) But look, if you get there, look at good old Jason Bateman right there, uh-huh, here’s the thing I need to know. Can you call Doug and ask him, who’s in my neighborhood because people always ask me that, I’m like, I don’t know. Jason Bateman is right there, I don’t know who else. All’s I know is I like Jason Bateman, you like Jason Bateman, so I’m not in the crusty part. (audience applauds) In other show news, as long as we’re talking about the show, now look, I’ve done a lot of thinking and I still wanna go to see Guns N’ Roses on July 18th at the MetLife. (audience applauds) Rambo, this is what I’ve drummed up. We’re only going with a Sprinter, which you’ll meet at headquarters, right, then we’re all in the Sprinter, we go out there, July 18th is my actual birthday, I’m not spending the whole day with you all. (audience laughs) I don’t have a particular gentleman friend right now or for Valentine’s Day. (audience groans) Don’t aw me. (audience laughs) Do not aw me. Believe me you, I could if I wanted to but I don’t slum, you know what I’m saying? (audience applauds) And the kind of guys I like do not like Guns N’ Roses. They like M.O.P, if you know what I’m sayin’, okay, and that’s fine with me. Look a here, Rambo, we are gonna go out there, first of all, the Sprinter, I got seven girls, including me, you know them all, all right? Two of them are working on getting us the box seats. If we’re not in the box for just us and there are gonna be seven guys from the show, it’s you, Brenden, it’s not gonna be Carl because Carl says he likes Guns N’ Roses but couldn’t, I said, who’s the lead singer, he didn’t know Axel Rose, so you’re not part, okay? (audience laughs and applauds) He’s out, he’s out. I’m waffling on Eden ’cause Eden only knows one song, Eden, sorry, and I know you got a ball and chain and some kids at home but this is not, nope, nope, a Sprinter only fits but 20 people before we get pulled over by the cops. All right, fine. Though I’ll test you. Okay. All right. I’ll fail but it’ll be fine, it’ll be fine. (audience laughs) Do you know who Saul Hudson is? Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course. Who is Saul Hudson? Yeah, the bass player for Metallica. (audience laughs) That’s why you’re not going. Okay, I love you though. (audience applauds) Saul Hudson is Slash from Guns N’ Roses, if you don’t know that, you’re not part, so you stand over there with Carl. Okay, okay. All right and by the way, Slash’s birthday is July 23rd, so I’m feeling that because we’re both Cancer’s, party’s gonna be in the air, you know what I mean, and we’re gonna have a real good old time but if we don’t get box seats, I’m not going, even if we sit in the front row, I can’t sit in a line because then you can’t see all your people, you know what I mean? In the box, we’ll have a good old Hot Cheetos and all kinds, you know what I’m saying? (audience laughs) Ow, anyway. (audience laughs) There they are. (audience applauds) I like hard rock but I also like hard hip-hop but yeah, okay. Sit down. (audience laughs) No, I mean stand up, I’m sorry, stand up, you still have to tell me what to do around here, on the floor. We’ll go– You guys go some place else. Yeah, yeah, where you wanna go? The strip club. We’ll watch a fight or the strip club. Okay, cool, great. Oh, boy. I want to shout out to Safaree and Erica Mena, congratulations on your baby girl. (audience applauds and cheers) You know, it’s Safaree’s first child, it’s Erica’s second child, Nicki Minaj is probably some place trying to one up them by getting pregnant as I speak. (audience laughs) Now, Nicki is married to a man named Kenneth, his last name is Petty, which makes Nicki, Mrs. Petty. (audience laughs) (audience applauds) That’s all, all right. They had to sell me on this story ’cause my whole thing about drugs is if you don’t start ’em, you won’t be hooked on ’em and if you start ’em and you’re hooked, we all have the same story. (Wendy hums) (audience applauds) And mine was in my 20’s, even though I’m in my 50’s, you never forget being blindsided by a situation. So here’s Justin Bieber talking and as soon as I heard it, I was like, I don’t care. This boy has handlers, this boy has millions of dollars, this boy has Mom and Dad, he’s got Scooter Braun, he’s got his record label, why should I care that he got hiccuped? I saw who he was hanging out with in the early days. I’m not surprised he was on lean, smoking weed at age 13. By the way, that was late around where I come from. (audience laughs) Just sayin’. Then he moved on to pills, alcohol, Molly, mushrooms, but if you follow the story of Justin Bieber, plus, he was rich, he still is and famous, didn’t listen to his Mom and Dad, he tore up the green room here, I don’t have to tell you about that, he punched my John Anderson, was nasty to everyone around here but it was Scooter and his father who made him go upstairs and straighten up that green room, correct? Correct. So they had a piece of a handle on him. Right. But Dad somehow I guess, fell in love with the limelight and wasn’t as bossy as a dad should be and then Scooter goes off being busy doing other things, besides, we don’t listen to people who aren’t our parents. I mean, I listen to Bernie. (audience laughs) I do, even over my parents, regarding a lot of things, ’cause he knows stuff, you know, he’s just smart. Anyway, there’s a documentary, clap if you’ve seen the Justin Bieber documentary. (few audience members applaud) (audience laughs) Good, then I’m not the only one. I have no idea, I don’t really care but even though I don’t care, I would watch it if I was available, like if “Will and Grace” wasn’t on or something like that. Anyway, his documentary is rolling on. It’s apparently a series and so, he’s decided that he wanted to stop doing drugs ’cause he thought he was gonna die, duh. (audience laughs) Uh, duh. Anyway, but just take a look. I decided to stop because I felt like I was like, like bra, I was like, dying. My security and stuff were coming into the room at night to check my pulse. People don’t know how serious it got, it was legit crazy scary. I was waking up in the morning and the first thing I was doing was popping pills and smoking a blunt and starting my day, you know, so, it just got scary. I basically said to myself, I’m like, God, if you’re real, you get me through this season of stopping these pills and stuff and if you do, I’ll do the rest of the work. It’s very sad, you know, for us OG’s, we don’t care but for you young people who happen to be watching the Ms. Wendy show right now, you better take this example and put down everything and get your life together. (audience applauds) Last night, James Corden, you know him, he did the “Taxi Cab Confession” show and he’s got the talk show and he’s very funny. Carpool Karaoke. What? “Taxicab Confessions” is a whole other show. Is that a show too? Yeah, Carpool Karaoke is– I mean, I know what it is. Yeah, it’s on Apple TV, I think. What’s Confessions, is that a real show? That used to be on HBO. (everyone laughs) Remember that one? No. Anywho. (everyone laughs) So James says that he needed therapy to stop acting like a spoiled brat. Well, apparently, and he was talking to The New Yorker, he said that after he became famous, he changed. Now, he wasn’t always a talk show host, for those of us who don’t live in England, we don’t know that in 2008 he was on a sitcom called “Gavin and Stacy”, which is kind of like “Will & Grace” and there’s James. (audience sighs) Don’t they look like a whole bunch of fun, I wish they would play that here, just the picture alone looks like, okay, and away we go. (audience laughs) Anyway, when he was on the show in 2008 before after the talk show and the karaoke thing, he said that fame, for him, was intoxicating and that he wasn’t bred for being famous. Well, I don’t know who is, your mother pushes you out and you say, ta-da! (audience laughs) You know, what? Anyway, so, his sister’s started bashing him, saying, you know, basically, you’re a jerk, who have you become, this whole fame thing and this is when he’s on the “Will & Grace” show or that show, you know and then his mother started praying for him, you know it’s bad when your mother says, I’m gonna say a prayer for you, not for the family, but for you and then his friends turned on him, told him he needs an attitude adjustment. I guess the money and the fame and stuff like that, he turned into a real jerk, I don’t know, but he needed therapy to calm down. Another story I kinda didn’t really care about, I’m just sharing it with you. (audience laughs) Only ’cause, only ’cause I never recall being a jerk. I mean, radio was a certain (imitates squeaking sound) but when we got this TV show, by season five, it was uh-uh-uh, but I never recall changing. I am who I am and I gotta tell you something– (audience applauds) I do recall certain people who are no longer around me changing wildly. (audience groans) If you know what I’m saying, Brenden, and I think you do. I do recall people around me changing, or a person, changing wildly and I’m still over here wiping my teeth and trying to figure out how to do the perfect meatloaf and being a good daughter and trying to stay calm during the uprise of everything. So, yesterday, right, I had a meeting and me and Berns went and it was on the other side of town right after the show, I’m just minding my own business, you know how if you carry a backpack you can handle it on your shoulder but sometimes it needs a little hoist from the bottom to get it up there? So, Bernie gets out on that side of the car, I get out on this side of the car, I say, Berns, just give me a little hoist, it’s slipping off my coat. All of a sudden I hear, Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! The paparazzi, it’s like Oscar night. I was like, Bernie, why didn’t you tell, we had no sunglasses. (audience laughs) Look, me and Berns had no, no, ’cause I’m just Wendy, right, so I’m just like, all right, let’s go, Bernie, just roll our shoulders, hold our bellies in, look down on the ground ’cause we have no sunglasses, it’s been a long day at Wendy, we may have the red eye, so just look down and just keep walking, come on, Berns. So me and Berns are walking and this is the picture that Nortman was– (audience laughs) (audience applauds) (audience cheers) You know what? I don’t even think that’s Bernie’s hands ’cause they’re white, that was the driver. (audience laughs) The driver and Bernie are trying to hoist my backpack, right, I’m standing there laughing ’cause that’s all I can be, there’s no sunglasses, they’re click, click, clickin’ and we’re all laughing. I get along with the paparazzi, they got bills to pay too, right? Then this one guy, the one guy, he walks right next to me, as close as my hand is to my face right now. He walks right next to me and I’m looking down and he’s like, come on, Wendy, let’s take a picture, let’s take a picture, the others are still clip, clip, clippin’ but we’re all laughing at the whole thing, with my big horse tooth smile. (audience laughs) I can’t be cold, no matter how many times, I just can’t be cold and I’m find with it, right. He’s like, he’s like, let’s take the picture and finally I go, get outta here with that. (audience laughs) And he laughs, pulls the camera down, the paparazzi laughs, me and Berns go to the building, it’s like a mile walk it seemed like, we get inside, me and Bernie, we’re like (sighs and huffs), okay, Bernie you figure out, what floor are we doing to? (audience laughs) Anyway, shout out to the paparazzi. James Corden– (audience applauds) I’m sorry that you have such a problem with being who you are, Justin Bieber, I’m sorry for your drugs and stuff and you know what, all you all that I just talked about, I apologize, not really. We’ve got more great show for you, everybody. Up next– (audience applauds and cheers) It’s time for Reality Rewind, so grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music) (audience cheers) (upbeat music) With this reality, I’m confused. Okay. You gotta break it down. Okay. It’s time for Reality Rewind and here with the scoop is our entertainment journalist friend, shady Shallon Lester. (audience applauds and cheers) Okay, explain to me what I’m, ooh, I like your shoes. They were 75 cents at Forever 21. (dreamy harp music) Are you serious? (audience applauds) 75 cents? 75 cents, my mom’s like, don’t buy those, I was like, oh, I’m buyin’ ’em. I love ’em, aren’t they cute? Okay. Yeah. Explain to me what I’m confused about. Okay, lots going on in the world of “Love & Hip Hop” this week, as usual, if there isn’t, why are we watching? So, the regular “Love & Hip Hop”, Remy Ma, friend to the show, is having some drama with her former costar, Brittany Taylor. Now, as you might know, Brittany accused Remy of punching her in the face last April. Yes, of course. Yeah, they went to court, Remy was charged with assault, but in December, a judge dismissed the charges and you think that’s the end of the drama, no, of course it is not. Remy was talking about it on the show on Monday night, Brittany was watching it, did not appreciate it, let’s look at the clip, we got a clip, it’s good. I was officially charged with a misdemeanor for allegedly punching (beep) Brittany Taylor in the face at a cancer benefit concert. She’s a former Love & Hip Hop cast member that’s been trolling me on social media, any and everybody who’s seen her in action knows that she’s the biggest troublemaker known to mankind. You’re always gonna be a target. Why? Oh, Rem’s the girl who shot her friend over a stack? Rem’s the girl that will set it off anytime, any place. Lies. So what’s gonna happen is, you have scallywags and bitches that are gonna try you because they wanna break back. Scallywags. (audience applauds) Yeah. Okay, Shallon, what did Brittany say? Brittany was not happy, she said that she’s gonna sue Remy and VH1 for defamation of character. She actually said deformation of character but– (audience laughs) Tomato, tomato, that’s all right, then she posted a rant on Instagram and part of what she said, “You people still bashing my name on national “television is crazy. “I went through enough over that situation. “I’m literally traumatized, “I’ve been violated enough, stop milking it.” Well, here we are, it’s the dairy, we’re milking it, aren’t we, Wendy? (audience laughs and applauds) Okay, “Love & Hip Hop” New York airs Mondays at 8:00 on Vh1. Right. Joseline. Oh, Joseline, what’s going on with our girl? So there’s more drama with Joseline in “Love & Hip Hop” Miami. We gotta go a little bit south. So Joseline just joined the cast and Monday night she wasn’t even on the episode but she was still at the center of the drama. So her costar/nemesis PreMadonna was having an event for her– Who? Yeah, PreMadonna, that’s her, P-R-E Madonna, like prior Madonna, but that’s her name, and she has a waist training company, Waist Gang Society. Oh, really? Yes. (audience laughs and applauds) I know, it’s adorable, it’s adorable. So, she was having an event for it and Joseline calls her Piggy and Joseline sent over a roasted pig. Oh, I was there for that episode, yes, uh-huh. Joseline brought her out to the truck and the truck opened up and there was a roasted pig. There was a roasted pig. With the full head and everything and then they cooked it up a little bit later on but you know, there’s nothing like a pulled pork. It looks delicious. Oh my gosh. (audience applauds) My enemy’s can send me that any day, so we got a clip on how Pre reacted to this, let’s do it. You talk all that (beep) about “Love & Hip Hop” and here’s all your scraggedy maggotty ass back here ’cause you need a check, what you expect? “Love & Hip Hop” made you. I thought bitches want beef but I guess it ain’t beef, it’s pork. This is beyond. That’s a coward ass bitch. Who sent a mother (beep) truck? Broke bitch sent a telegram, ho, you should’ve saved that for your rent, bitch. I’m like Freddy Kruger, bitch, sleep on me, I’ll come and get you. Nora, you know I’m about to pull up to that bitch event. I’m pulling up, so you need to let me know the next day she on the calendar. I’m the only reason why you’re back on this show, everybody know that but I’m gonna keep it classy ’cause I is a lady. (audience laughs and applauds) Nice. (Wendy laughs) Yeah, so, I hope your enemies send you delicious catering. I love, as long as it includes spicy mustard, pickle– Sides. Sides and some Swiss cheese. Yes. That pulled pork looks delish, I hope they didn’t waste it. No, I don’t think that crew wasted it. They can appreciate good catering. So now, in other reality news tonight everybody is, the Housewives of Jersey. Right. (audience applauds) Shallon, what do you know? We have an exclusive clip. So in December, Joe and Teresa Giudice separated after 20 fairly loveless years of marriage. He’s gained all of his weight back, by the way. I know. I forgot to mention that when we showed the clip of him on “Women’s Island” with all those girls. He can’t act this way and not be hot, you can’t, it’s ridiculous. So everyone was thinking, Teresa initiated this split, he’s in prison, he’s getting divorced, am I wrong, I’m not wrong. But now we have a clip that says maybe Joe was behind this divorce along, let’s take a look. Joe said like the craziest (beep) to me, I can’t. What did he say to you? He said to me, I just want you to know, I feel nothing for you. He said that? He told me, he said, go find somebody else, he’s like, I won’t even be mad. So listen, if he’s saying all these negative things– You know what, you want me say now that I didn’t want to get married, all right. He says the craziest things to me, like, imagine we get divorced, who would want you, you have a lot of baggage. I never really thought you guys had a good relationship. He doesn’t know how to open up and be a man. You know what a man is? When he can look at you and say, I love you, you’re amazing, you’re beautiful, that’s a (beep) man. (audience applauds) Uh-huh, so, since then, so since then, Joe and Teresa, they seem to be doing okay, TMZ spotted Joe in Mexico– Don’t talk bad about them, Shallon. I’m not, I think she deserves better. I’m watching you. Shady Shallon, I would never. Okay wait, but hit us with something, go ahead. But Teresa has a boy of her own, the most cliche boy you can think of– The pool boy. The pool boy, the pool boy. (audience applauds) Get it, get it. I love it. Okay, so we’ll be watching that tonight. Yeah. I feel bad, like, I feel bad, I think the person to talk to would be the sister-in-law. Melissa. Melissa.
Yeah. I think we have her on the book or something like that for coming, next week, perfect. Melissa, gather all the notes and come on by, we have to talk. (audience applauds) Uh-huh. Now, if there’s one thing I don’t like is a smart mouth kid. (audience laughs) I don’t know that you even want to see this next clip. I’m not looking, go ahead. Simon Cowell got roasted on “America’s Got Talent”– By? It’s the champion’s spin-off, by a seven year old Australian kid named JJ. He came and did a comedy routine and if I talked to an adult like that, I’d still be in the trunk of the car, take a look. Simon, I did find out that you wanna be like cryogenically frozen when you die? Yes. Some of the things you’ve said on the show, I’m not sure you can get any colder. Looking at your face now, I think you’ve started the process already. (everyone laughs) (audience applauds) Fortunately, that was the last show of the season, even though I love the show, I can’t stand a smart mouth kid. No, that’s not that cute. That was so inappropriate. And you know his parents wrote the jokes. His parents absolutely wrote the jokes. But get out there and say them yourself. They need to be arrested. They need to be arrested. And he needs to be thrown out of school. Be thrown out of school. Simon, sorry. Anyway, Shady Shallon, always nice when you stop by. Thank you. (audience applauds) Check out Shallon’s YouTube channel. Up next, everybody, the hottest celebrity makeup trends are here, so don’t change the channel, thank you. (upbeat music) (audience applauds and cheers) (audience applauds and cheers) (upbeat music) (audience hoots) Can we get a Cuban sandwich with the pulled pork? Oh, we can get all of it, any kind of sandwich you want, girl. She just asked me for a date on Monday. So look everybody, the hottest beauty trends are with the celebrities and this season, there’s only one person who explains it to us all the time, it’s Mally Roncal. (audience applauds) Hey, oh, I love you. Okay. Yes, Ms. Bourgeoi, first of all. I said that the other day and I credited you. Thank you, I love it. Follow me on Instagram Mally Roncal. She’s been around since forever. She knows everything. Okay, here we go, let’s do a little bit, Ms. Rachel giving you a little Dua Lipa, honey, thank you, this is the blue smoky eye. Now, let’s talk about this for a second. This blue smoky eye, we’re not taking 1983, we’re talking “Dynasty”, “Dallas”, although I ain’t mad at a little 80’s TV, if you know what I mean and a little 80’s bustier. (audience cheers) (laughs) All right, but here’s the thing Ms. Wendy, would you ever do a blue smoky eye? You always ask me the same thing, I say Merell does that, I’m not that adventurous in my real life. Okay, well, you know what, don’t be afraid of it because it can be a really, sort of great brightening trick. If you’re feeling tired and you want your eyes to look more wide awake, blue is the secret. Or go to bed on time. Or go to bed on time or drink your water, whatever, but if you can’t, do a little blue smoky eye and then lots of mascara to ground the whole look and it’s fantastic. (audience applauds) Rachel, do you do a blue smoky eye in real life? Yes, I’m a pro now. Okay, you’re a makeup girl. See, now she knows. All right, let’s move along to Christina. Okay, Ms. Christina. Christina, what are we working with? (audience applauds) Ms. Christina is giving you a little Lizzo, honey. (audience applauds) So this is, now, we love a nude lip, right? Uh, yes. Duh.
The only way to go. The only way to go but this is the barely there nude lip, so I have a little trick. If you wanna find out the perfect nude lip because sometimes it can look a little chalky, oh, she already knows what to do. You take your upper lip and you hold your other lip down, just like that, okay? Yeah, there you go, and then you’ll see what the color is of your nude lip and honey, do that right in the Sephora, who cares? Nobody cares what it looks like, okay, I ain’t mad at you, girl, I don’t want it. I’m scared, I don’t want it. I don’t want it either, mami. I don’t even know what it is. I just don’t want it. Exactly, so listen, just like Wendy, do like Wendy, there you go. (audience applauds) Yes (laughs), and then just stay like that, but, if for some reason you don’t know what that color is, you can’t find it, a clear gloss is also fantastic. Uh-huh. Hello. As long as you don’t have blunt lip, like if your lips are discolored ’cause you smoke Newport’s and Marlboro’s and blunts, then you need a little foundation color. All right, let’s move on. I’m just saying. Yeah, she’s right. And clearly you don’t. I don’t. Praise the Lord. Praise (laughs), she’s too much. Okay so, now, while we don’t want maybe 80’s eyeshadow, we do want 80’s bustier, we do want beautiful 80’s blush, so you’ve got this gorgeous Joey King, okay? (audience applauds) Thank you and she’s got 80’s-inspired blush. I’m looking at the entire baby hair, the eyelashes, Lizette, you’re beautiful. Isn’t she gorgeous? Thank you. Little Lizette, okay, make a fish face, see, she knows what to do. So guys, remember when we used to put our blush all up here back in the, girl, you got, she makin’ all the faces, there you go, but watch this, so you like a little blush, right? A little. Just a little. You don’t wanna look like Santa Claus. No you don’t. You know what I’m saying? But you wanna look like, what was that Brooke Shields commercial? Calvin Klein? Can’t get between me and my Calvin’s. No, that’s not Jordache, it’s Calvin Klein, stay in your lane, Ann. (audience laughs) He don’t know. Exactly. So take the blush and not only does it give you that great glow, it lifts the face, makes you look like you had a facelift, honey. (audience applauds) Well, all I gotta say is this is Mally, she’s on our show a lot, we always have a good time. Rachel, Christina and Lizette, thank you for modeling. (audience applauds) For more information on these trends, go to, Ask Wendy is next. (upbeat music) (audience cheers and applauds) (audience cheers and applauds) (audience hoots) All right. It’s time for Ask Wendy. Everybody, have a seat, except, no, no, no, no, no, no. Thank you, Ms. Wendy. How you doing? Hi, Wendy, my name is Margaret, how you doin’? I’m doing fine, Margaret, where you from, what do you do? I’m from Reading, Pennsylvania and I work for a chocolate company. Okay, I know Reading. Now, how can I help you, Margaret? Well, I’ve been with my man for 19 years, 19. (audience applauds) Thank you. He’s asked me to marry him. Several times? When we were in our 20’s and I was all for it but we couldn’t decide on what type of wedding. He asked me again when we were in our 30’s and I said no, I just didn’t know if it was right or not. Do you have children with him? I do not. Does he have children over there? We have children that are step to him and step to me. How old are the kids? The youngest is 21. Okay, so that means that everybody’s out of the house, it’s just you and him. I’d like to say they were out of the house. (audience laughs) Okay, so what’s your question to me? How do I get this man to marry me because he’s salty from the last proposal? (audience laughs) Margaret, a woman of your age, do you really need the stupid, white poofy dress? No. Do you really wanna spend your, now, retirement money? (audience laughs) Come on now, we’re looking at the front door. I know but the love is there and I want– Then marry him, take him to the justice of the peace. But he wants a big proposal and I don’t know how to do it. Well, then have this conversation with him, why are we talking? (audience laughs) Yeah, have the conversation with him though, you know what I’m saying? Yes. I mean, you both worked hard enough and put in the work with each other to get something good out of life and have this conversation with him, not with me on national TV. (audience laughs) Okay?
Okay. Thank you for coming to the show. Thank you. (audience applauds) Uh-uh now. Uh-huh. It’s not just the jacket. Uh-huh. It starts at the toes.
Uh-huh. Just for you. Uh-huh, uh-huh. How you doing? Should I assume? Yes.
Okay. (everyone laughs) I’m doing very well, what’s your name, where you from, what do you do? I’m Sam, I’m a psych student and I’m from Brooklyn. (audience applauds) Okay. Okay, Sam, how can I help you? So, my mom thinks I’m replacing her with my boyfriend. So, this is my first long term relationship. We’ve been together for a year. I’m 22. Okay. And so, I go over to him, we spend most of our time together. Yeah. And my mom is having crazy empty nest syndrome. I don’t know why because my father and my brother are both home and they mooch off her and I just want to spread my rainbow wings and fly. (audience applauds) And I just wanna know, how do I get her to stop being so jealous? Show her this clip. Mom, Sam is lovely, you have a son and a husband at home, can he please spread his rainbow wings and fly? Yeah. Thank you. (audience applauds) Yes! Up next, we’re playing 20 in 20. Thank you so much. (upbeat music) (audience hoots) (upbeat music) (audience cheers and applauds) All right, we’re back. And it is time to play 20 In 20 where we’re giving away 20 trips in 20 days here at Wendy. (audience applauds and cheers) So, Denise here, she’s from San Francisco and she’s gonna have one chance to win a vacation if she can correctly guess an answer from Hot Topic’s, Denise, come on now. But I won’t know it, boo. Okay, we’re gonna spin at the same time, you ready? Yep. Three, two, one, spin. Come on, Jamaica. Come on, Jamaica. Come on, Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica, Jamaica! Okay. Okay, I like that one too. You got, well, first of all, I got J-Hud and then you have The Grand at Moon Palace. Okay. All right, announcer, tell her all about it. I can find a man there. It’s a trip to The Grand at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. We’ll fly you and a guest roundtrip for a five day, four night stay at this luxurious, all-inclusive resort. You’ll spend your trip enjoying stretches of gorgeous beaches, gourmet dining and evenings at their ultra-chic nightclub, Unique. Their massive waterpark is perfect for letting loose and having fun. This trip will be one to remember. Come on, Jesus. (audience applauds) Jesus and hallelujah are not gonna help you, okay? (audience laughs) You have 10 seconds to guess correctly, okay. J-Hud, Jennifer Hudson, will be starring in a biopic based on which legendary singer and go? Aretha Franklin! (audience cheers) (bell dings) You’re going, thank you so much and we’ll be right back. (Denise screams) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (audience claps and hoots) Do I even have to tell you that it’s time for Eye Candy. Everybody, have a seat except for this birthday poof. Thank you. Hey, Ms. Wendy, how are you doing? So, Trisha Lewis, 31, an e-commerce coordinator. Yes. I don’t know what that is. Online customer service, that’s all. Okay, so you normally don’t get dressed up, you do your job in your pajamas? Exactly. Okay. All day, every day, honey. Well, happy birthday. Thank you. The pink polka dot, they told me that everything is under 100 bucks? Yes, this is polka dot, this is $13, this is $20, the straps, honey, is $54. (audience exclaims) And there we go. Trisha, here’s your diva fan, I’m turning it off so it doesn’t get caught in my hair. Yes. We’ll be right back. (upbeat music) (audience claps and hoots) (audience cheers) It looks fantastic. Thank you. And the baby hair’s too. Thank you. And eyelashes. (squeals) Thank you. This is how we do. I want to thank my guests today, all my co-hosts, my studio audience. (audience laughs) tomorrow, our friend, Fran Drescher is here, plus I got you with the Hot Topics, I love you for watching today and I’ll see you next time on Wendy, bye. (audience cheers) (upbeat music) (audience hoots) (bell dings) How you doin’? (coughs) Nice.

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