Voice Acting Auditions using Voices.com

Voice Acting Auditions using Voices.com

when someone finds out I'm a voice actor they usually have a lot of questions about what it is that I do and one of those questions is how do you find voiceover work and the answer is that it all comes down to auditions great auditions lead to voice-over work in this video I'm going to walk you through one easy way to find voiceover jobs and I'll show you what it's like to respond to a voiceover audition hey it's Jason with voice acting 101 so being a voiceover actor is similar to being a regular actor nine times out of ten you have to audition for a job especially for new clients but the good news is that since you're only using your voice you don't usually have to travel to answer a casting call you can audition and work right from your own studio and if you aren't auditioning on a regular basis you're missing out on a lot of voiceover work and new clients so the way to find voiceover work is by auditioning but that leads to the next question of where do you find auditions auditions can come from many sources but one quick way is through an online casting site like voices.com which happens to be one of my favorites as a member of voices.com you'll receive audition opportunities on a daily basis now I'm going to show you what it's like responding to an audition on voices.com alright so one reason why I like voice is calm and it's one of my favorites is because they've made a quick and simple to audition which is great because submitting auditions is so important so here's how the auditioning process works on voices.com once you become a member you get these emails you get a bunch every day and it's just a general overview of the job that's been posted so I don't spend a lot of time looking at the actual email but right away you can see the title you can also see the voice match score right there and it tells you other details but I usually just look at the budget to see if it's even within the range of something that I want to audition for so if it is go to the job that'll take you to the actual posting on the website and right away on the right side you can see the voice match score again but also you can see the number of responses this is the number of other talents who have already auditioned for this job and usually you don't want to have too many responses and a low voice match score if you do it may not be worth it to audition for the job only three responses that's not many so we'll jump back over here and you can see the word count they say 22 to 30 minutes so you can just compare that to the budget if that's something that you're comfortable with you can move on to the next section I usually skip the job description and the script and I just jump down to the sounds like section a lot of times there's an accent or something in there that you may not be comfortable doing so right now it's as friendly and knowledgeable for this job so I'm okay with that so from there we'll jump back up to job description and you can see that it kind of gives you an overview of the type of projects it's going to give you the direction the age range the tone and it tells about the products that you're talking about also gives you the technical requirements they want WAV files and not mp3s that'll be good to reference if you are hired for the job in New York providing the files also down here it gives you additional information a breakdown of the project so it's a one overview video at two minutes five videos at one minute and six videos for each of the five pillar videos so that will be 30 videos at 30 seconds each and then they tell you it's 36 videos totaling about 22 to 30 minutes of audio so a few more details right here just says they're going to be providing the scripts throughout the year and it tells you the deadline to get the audition in so everything looks good you just bring up adobe audition and start recording your audition so we'll jump back here's the audition keeping in mind the sounds like classrooms have always been doorways to worlds of possibility when you add the right technology to classrooms those worlds can be unleashed in extraordinary ways there is also a world of possibility when it comes to implementing classroom technology endless choices questions and challenges just like each student is different so is every school you have unique needs that deserve a custom solution that fits you but with thousands of educational technology products available the choices can be overwhelming all right so there's the audition we'll jump back to audition and won't get rid of that so you jump back to the job you can scroll up and you can just copy the job number right there and then go back to Adobe Audition save it as an mp3 you don't need a wav file at this point and jump back to the job just say reply to job so right here you can save some templates I'll have those as a bonus after the video if you want to check out the exact templates I use but basically you just want to keep it short and sweet so you just say hi and if you you can usually see the person that you're talking to so in this case it's Shawn so we'll say hi Shawn I'd love to work with you on this project let me know if you have any questions say Jason let's just go with that if you want more details about the temple it's like I said I'll have a bonus after the video if you want to check out my exact templates that I use so then the quote was 3,500 right here you can see the quote you can enter in your fee if you do that thirty five hundred there's an escrow fee that forces charges so that would put the clients total over their budget so if you want to meet the clients budget you just type in thirty five hundred there or whatever the number is in the clients total so you can enter it either way but it's gonna either deduct from your fee or it's going to add it to the clients total so then you just find your audition and it uploads automatically and then you just send the audition off like that and then that's it you're submitted and the cool thing about voices is you can go to the answer tab and right away you can see the past jobs that you've auditioned for with these nice little icons the ear icon means that it's been listened to by the client and the thumbs up icon means that it's been liked by the client so the client listen to it and liked it so you may be a top runner for that job but don't pay too much attention to the light icon because there's been jobs that I haven't been liked on that I've been awarded and there have been jobs that I have been liked where I don't get the job but you definitely want to look for no icon that means your audition has not been seen or heard by the client like that one that we just submitted it hasn't been listened to yet so if you notice a bunch of missing icons like that one if you notice a bunch of them that just means that your auditions and proposals aren't being listened to so you gotta get your audition in faster but the most important thing is if you just remember that to get the work you need to audition and your goal is to only audition for jobs that you're a good match for to see the exact word for word templates I use when responding to voice acting auditions on voices comm and why I use them you can click here and then look for free proposal templates of also got the link below in the video description I hope this helped if so please like and subscribe to this channel also if you have a friend who can do funny voices impersonations or maybe you think they just have a great voice share this video with them if you think they'd be interested in voiceover for more guides on how to become a voice actor visit voice-acting 101.com thanks for watching

34 thoughts on “Voice Acting Auditions using Voices.com

  1. Hi Jason great video and voice. I have a question i am a member on voices.com how to I get 100% matches or 90% I get all kinds in my email I even got 30% How do I get that matching. I look forward to your feedback.

  2. Hello i was going to get the 500 dollar membership but i heard that most of the jobs are for union members? Will i still be able to find jobs after paying the 500 bucks, im not in a union???

  3. Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge! I greatly appreciate all the help! 1❤

  4. can I just use Audacity instead of Adobe Auditions? or like any audio recording software instead?

  5. I'm in the digital media class in school and we got to learn a little with audition and some video editing software.

  6. Great video! One question, when someone is just starting out on voices.com is it NECESSARY to pay for that expensive $500 premium membership to get work or can that wait until once i start making money to upgrade at a later time? If you would, may we exchange emails?

  7. Thanks Jason, good stuff. I’m curious what type of editing do you usually do on an audition file? Any EQ or FX, remove breaths etc? Thanks

  8. I only have one question. I'm trying to get started on Voices.com but it's saying that I have to be come a premium member to be able to do anything. When I click on a job offer, it brings me to a screen that says "select your account" and then says guest or premium but it won't let me select anything but the sign up button which brings me to the premium payment screen.

  9. is this possible to do this with a head set? to startout with i mean…… I have Always wanted to be a Voice actor ever since I heard "Autobots Roll out"

  10. What about becoming and actor/actress for a tv show character? Like if u wanted a job as the main character for a kids cartoon?

  11. Hi jason , your video is great , im thinking of starting a voice over carrer and i dont know if im good enough to buy premuim member ship and buy recording equipemnts and invest all of my money which i ve been saving for a verry verry long time , i really hope there s a way i can send u a voice demo where u can give me your professional Oppinon On ,


  12. So ,will you please tell me that without playing premiums,can't I get job opportunities faster,I mean frankly I'm a beginner and I am not allowed to pay the premium charges now ? so please help me to fetch work or I can send you my studio recorded voice overs to assist my name over any project please?I already registered on voices.com !!??

  13. I noticed your demo didn't include slates, usually I don't do them either because I feel like it detracts from the character or narration you're playing/doing

  14. Honestly the only helpful voice acting tip video I’ve seen as far as “how to get into voice acting”. Fantastic job, man!

  15. This was a great video man, this may be a little too personal but do you really get paid with this thing? I know that sounds like a silly question but I have heard a lot of bad things about this website and I definitely don't want to pay the premium fee if I'm not gonna be able to go anywhere with it. Learning that they even have a platinum and platinum unlimited tier definitely makes me want to stray away. Not all of us can afford $3000 to 5000 a year. Exspecially just starting out

  16. it says this in the descrpition… arent you the damn owner of the website , talking about not an affiliate link "And if you’re interested in the premium membership at Voices.com, use promo code VOICEACTING349 and you’ll save $50 (not an affiliate link)."

  17. Hi Jason .Enjoyed your Video .A Question for you..Do you have to add music to your Audition? Thank you.

  18. so I started a go fund me campaign to become a voice actor I put my goal as 800 dollars for equipment. I've watched your videos for awhile and guys like troy baker and chris sabat which anime video games and cartoons are my ultimate goal but this looks really fun . I'm at about 80 percent of my goal any suggestions on type of mic you would suggest

  19. Hi Jason, this was a good walkthrough! Thanks for the template advice. I'm brand new to Voices.com. When you uploaded your demo, I noticed you didn't edit the file or add a slate. Is that something you do traditionally? I've been adding a slate with: "name, title of job, take 1…", then the first take, and "take 2" at the beginning of the second one. Too much?

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