Video: World's tallest man visits Hollywood

the center of worlds movie industry Hollywood and Los Angeles of the United States of America has a special visitor last evening so town cousin considered the tallest man in the world was the center of attraction at the movie capital cosiness enlisted in the Guinness Book of all records and his height was measured by Guinness record museum once again for the sake of television cameras and photographers as well as the people who had gathered the official had to climb stairs to be able to measure calls inside almost done there we go others standing around cousin look like Dwarfs because of course it's gigantic height Thomas made in the world he will be after you rested all attorneys Johnny 60 yes the tallest man's handprint was also taken in plaster by the Guinness museum which will be preserved and put on display after this gallery yellow shoes here we go there we go you come so Duncanson let's an Eastern Turkish province of Mardan thank you he said he was proud that his hand printed pictures would be displayed at Hollywood's famous street and loved the attention that he was getting haha smell percentage one

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  1. Sultan is Kurdish from Mardin city in north Kurdistan
    North Kurdistan is colony by fake Turkey contry Kurdish people are not from Turkey !

  2. I always feel shy because everytime i'm going to a new class, met a new friends, have sport, hangout, dinner etc, i always feel like the smallest, my height only 168, even i'm not the smallest in my family (but my dad is taller than me) but most of my friend (especially men) are taller than me, the average is 175-186, and i always looking a little bit up if i have conversation by standing, even with my teacher and lecture or friend also because all of them are taller than me. But when i see Sultan Kocen (the tallest man) and Junrey Balawing (the shortest man), i realize that what i have with my body isn't a curse, instead it's a blessing. Having 168cm is still labeled as a normal man because with my 168cm height, i can drive any car, i can ride any motorcycle, i can ride all roller coaster, i can be a pilot, i can be anything i wanna be, i can do anything i wanna do. Well, even probably i'm the shortest from my friends view, i can see dozen of shorter man everytime i'm walking on the avenue or standing in the metro and thats change my mind that i shouldn't feel ashamed with my height because it's still a blessing from God.

    I can't imagine if my height is tall as Sultan, i'm surely feel ashamed and dreaming to be more shorter. And that's makes me realize that all destiny, all God's create to all human being is not a mistake, everyone have their destiny with their body, everyone is perfect, Sultan is very tall, but it doesn't mean that God, didn't bless him, God bless him by giving him fame through his height, and God bless me to be born as a normal person. So, whatever weakness that you have, you should remember that there are always God bless inside you and you should grateful with everything that you have, no matter who you are.

  3. guys I have hyperplasia and I'm 9 I'm 3 foot taller than my mom my mom is 5 feet do you think I'm next we will find out in the next few years

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