Vanessa Bryant Opens Up About Losing Kobe And Gigi

Vanessa Bryant Opens Up About Losing Kobe And Gigi

The sports world was shaken when basketball
legend Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna
Bryant, the pilot, and six other people. As more details about the January 26th, 2020
incident continue to emerge, the news only becomes more heartbreaking. While fans and celebrities felt a strong connection
to the retired Los Angeles Laker, nothing can quite compare to what Kobe’s wife, Vanessa
Bryant, must be going through. Vanessa and Kobe had four children together
during their nearly 20-year marriage. Although no one could fault Vanessa for opting
to stay out of the spotlight and process her grief in private, she has bravely posted on
social media more than once to talk about this unimaginable loss. On February 10th, 2020, Vanessa posted a lengthy
Instagram update about how she’s coping, along with video footage of Gianna and Kobe. She wrote, “I’ve been reluctant to put my feelings into
words. My brain refuses to accept that both Kobe
and Gigi are gone. I can’t process both at the same time. It’s like I’m trying to process Kobe being
gone but my body refuses to accept my Gigi will never come back to me.” Vanessa acknowledged the range of emotions
she’s feeling, including anger, saying, “It feels wrong. Why should I be able to wake up another day
when my baby girl isn’t being able to have that opportunity?! I’m so mad. She had so much life to live. Then I realize I need to be strong and be
here for my 3 daughters. Mad I’m not with Kobe and Gigi but thankful
I’m here with Natalia, Bianka and Capri.” As Vanessa noted, there’s no wrong way to
grieve. She added, “I know what I’m feeling is normal. It’s part of the grieving process. I just wanted to share in case there’s anyone
out there that’s experienced a loss like this. God I wish they were here and this nightmare
would be over.” Vanessa also extended prayers to all of the
victims of the helicopter crash. She went on to announce that a memorial called
“A Celebration of Life: Kobe & Gianna Bryant” will take place at the Staples Center, the
home of the Los Angeles Lakers. The date of the memorial February 24th, 2020
holds special significance. Gigi’s jersey number was 2; her father’s was
24; and Vanessa and Kobe were together for 20 years. That’s not the only way the pair has been
honored so far. On February 5th, Gianna’s basketball team
retired her #2 jersey. Along with photos from the ceremony at Harbor
Day School, Vanessa wrote: “My Gigi. I love you! I miss you. You’ve taught us all that no act of kindness
is ever too small. Mommy is still and will ALWAYS be so proud
of you mamacita.” On January 31st, at the Lakers’ first home
game since the tragedy, #8 and #24 Bryant jerseys were placed on all the seats inside
the Staples Center. Two court-side seats were decorated with roses,
as well as a #2 Mamba Academy jersey for Gianna and a #24 Lakers jersey for the Black Mamba
himself. New information about the helicopter accident
also continues to emerge. The exact cause of the crash has not been
disclosed, and the Associated Press reported the investigation could take at least a year. For now, the National Transportation Safety
Board found no outward evidence of engine failure, but there is one update that’s especially
gut-wrenching. According to TIME, pilot Ara Zobayan had nearly
cleared the heavy cloud cover that was hampering visibility before the helicopter crashed into
the hillside. The publication reported, “The helicopter was just 100 feet (30 meters)
from the cloud tops and conceivably would have broken through into clear air in a matter
of seconds.” It’s believed that foggy weather impacted
Zobayan’s ability to fly that day, although several people who knew him were quick to
vouch for his skills as a pilot with 8,200 hours of flight time. As Vanessa’s Instagram post made clear, this
has been an extremely difficult situation for everyone involved. Perhaps she will find some solace as Kobe,
Gianna, and the rest of the victims’ memories continue to be honored by loved ones and strangers
alike. “So in the words of Kobe Bryant, Mamba out,
but in the words of us, not forgotten. Live on, brother.”

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  1. RIP Gianna Bryant, Alyssa Altobelli, Payton Chester, Keri Altobelli, John Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Christina Mauser, Ara Zobayan, and Kobe Bryant.

  2. In loving memory of Kobe Bryant. (August 23, 1978 – January 26, 2020)

    In loving memory Gianna Bryant. (May 1, 2006 – January 26, 2020)

  3. Wow, she is so incredibly strong during a period that I personally don't think I could deal with, I will always be a personal fan of hers.

  4. Vanessa we live in TOTALLY different worlds as a grandmother I will always remind my grandchildren of the power of love and how to push forward to make their dreams come through with hard work and determination. Just how your husband has left that message to us all.

  5. Thanks for reporting the news we already know everything you are reporting! Stop using fake headings by claiming that Vanessa finally opens up! It’s not a joke loosing a beloved husband and daughter at the same time! Stop using the death of Kobe and his daughter to get more subscribers on YouTube! It’s very sad to see that there are so many sadists who rejoice at other people’s fate! Enough is enough of using the death of Kobi as a heading to gain more subscribers! Before death knocks on your door you will never understand how cruel death can be! If it ever knocks on your door, you will never come up with such headings if death visits your family ! So please have mercy upon Vanessa! Your reporting is not genuine it’s a matter of playing with people’s minds for the sake of getting subscribers! Some of us who are reading and listening to such reporting are relatives! Vanessa has not even been able to talk public ally ! She needs a break!

  6. Vanessa we're so sorry for your loss.. we all feel your pain. I know neither of us could probably ever feel the amount of hurt that you feel but we all are still mourning your loss sweetheart. I totally hate this for you, this shouldn't never have happened, not like this smh. No parent should ever have to bury their child. Which is the part that bothers me and I hate the most. It's totally unfair that u have to process both of your losses at the same time. It also isn't fair that you're have to struggle going back and forth having to reflect on both their memories at the same time and making sure one doesn't overshadow the other. That's so much to ask of a wife and parent. I really wish I could make this nightmare stop. 😭😭🤧😢

  7. May the angels of the lord our god and saviour bring you peace and rest in your hours of Mourning Vanessa ❤️❤️ to your daughters

  8. Rip everyone that was in the crash , but can yall stop posting this , everytime she see this she tear down , let them rest !

  9. What a tragedy. Money dont mean shit in a case like this. Awesome guy. Beautiful little girl. I have always felt helicopters are dangerous….n was it the weather or the pilot or both? We will never know n maybe that's for the best. To his lovely wife n three beautiful little girls…no words. One day at a time for sure. There is no way you SHOULD feel. N dont BE STRONG if u cant. Sure u have to take care of ur girls n go on with ur life….but dont force urself to b a certain way. May God hold ur hand everyday…n ur 3 girls…n ur ANGEL GIRL…N HER DSD.

  10. Oh Beautiful Vanessa… I'm so soo sorry sweetie… I have no idea the true pain you are feeling every second of your life. I do know you have 2 angels in Heaven that you will be with again someday… I will always Keep you and your family in my prayers please don't listen to the media don't listen to anything else except what makes you better and stronger there will be A-day where you're going to be able to deal with this. We're all so sad and right there with you. But we will never know the depth of your pain…. please know that so many of us love you and we care and we want you to be happy again some day soon… it can be done…xo Your grief weighs heavy on my heart. Please know you are not alone… I am so sorry mamacita… ❤ Jennifer

  11. Thank you so much for sharing vanessa and also recognizing the rest of the people who lost their family as well. Will keep you in prayer

  12. This is so incredibly sad. I hope that his family does well with this awful tragedy. It's just heartbreaking… I'm sure he will be watching over them every day and keep them safe!!

  13. We are here……..we share your pain and heartache…… and we pray each day for your strength and encouragement. Just know our collective hearts are with you, your children, as well as with the other survivors. Keep looking up Vanessa, for God's love is always there!


  15. Even the collective pain around the world does not compare to the pain of 1 woman. Vanessa Bryant.
    Vanessa, you are stronger than you know. Thank you for sharing with the public through this process. Believe it or not, it helps us all process and heal as well. Blessings to you and those beautiful girls

  16. The pilot had a heart attack or stroke or carbon monoxide poisoning. Theres should never be 1 person behind the wheel of a copter.

  17. Hello, I can not imagine the amount of pain she is in. I pray that God comfort all of their families………………………..😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. I am so so sorry to the wife and her children! I wish I can help !! I wish I could take away the pain my god it’s so hard ! God can help some ! So sorry !!

  19. Since I never loss a husband or daughter I can not even imagine the awful awful pain you must be experiencing. Wishing you and your daughters peaceful wishes.

  20. I didn’t think it was possible to get anymore heartbreaking, but when she said the pilot was a few seconds from breaking through the clouds & everything would’ve been fine…. Ugh, another stab to the heart 💔

  21. When reality sets in, I hope that she has strong, positive and supporting people in her cycle. Because the hardest days are far from over. May GOD bless Vanessa and all the other family and help them be strong. Any one who has experience this type of loss will be in pain for a long time to come.

  22. Don't believe anything your told by the liers who run this world!!! They aren't really dead, their deaths were faked, just like so many other stars who want out of the spot light. They are in hiding on a private island some where. Dont believe me, research it for yourself!!!

  23. The fact that they were that close to clearing the fog is absolutely gut-wrenching. Death is so cruel…

  24. Those three girls are gonna miss out on a father that would’ve helped shaped their entire lives (not that they won’t be great citizens and adults) for the better.

  25. Amazing 173 thumbs down….why? I don't get it. The 173 thumbs down take it and shove it up your asses!! RIP to all the victims. KB was my favorite player of All-Time

  26. Precious Gigi is a only a year older than my daughter, I love her like my own my heart is completely shattered 🌻❤️🙏🏾

  27. My mother died the 3rd february 2018 and bury the 24th of february 2018 oh vennesa i dont want to go in your mind and tell you how i feel my whole world will never be the same i loose because of who i lost all i have is fun memories and that is what keeping me alive hold strong to the good memories that you have with the ones you have lost and it will help you grow to cherish the rest you have be strong .

  28. Maybe Vanessa Bryant should date Matt Mauser. Matt's wife Chrisina Mauser was killed in same helicopter crash as Kobe Bryant. They should married when they feel like it because both Vanessa Bryant and Matt Mauser have three children.

  29. People die every day, that make every difference in others lives, living on pennies. Take away his money and fame, would he do the same? 😎😒😲

  30. Ya his Helicopter was BLACK with a WHITE NIKE LOGO on the nose of the Craft and he was seen leaving the event with his Daughter on the BLACK HELICOPTER not a Blue one with White Stripes like all the Debris found at the Crash Site? Something smells Fishy if you ask me…

  31. R.i.h to Kobe, Gianna and all the other people that was loss.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  32. Vanessa Bryant you are stronger than you know to lose both your heart and soul at the same time and to not fall apart is proof of your strength Kobe and Gigi are watching from heaven and they are extremely proud of you may they live on forever in your memory

  33. These are all lies, kobe is not dead, this was just him exiting the world stage to go to that island that Cobain and 2pac are at, ppl wake up, the world is a stage and y'all being played!. World is flat, freemasons run things with the snakes at the vatican and Christian churches are leading everyone astray. KEEP THE SABBATH! LOVE THE FATHER AND YOUR NEIGHBOR as yourself! Peace!

  34. Ms.Vanessa,You and Your Family Will Forever Be In My Heart For As Long As I Live!!! Kobe and Gigi are A Part Of Our Family Now!!

  35. If Gigi was alive she wouldn’t be the same person without her father she would probably go through depression or use drugs or thinking about suicide

  36. im still not over any of this…even as a once "kobe hater" i never imagined this. which is why people like gayle and that other "comedian dude" sicken me. Gigi's lose really hurts though because i was following her a bit i seen her highlight videos ect and no question she woulda played professionally. that smile was incredible really both of them tho but yea she always seemed really happy

  37. Your baby girl is in Heaven. You cant say theyre gone that is unbelief , I hope kobe is in Heaven too, nobody is gone we are eternal beings made in the image and likeness of God , “gone” and “passed away” is vague and dellusional , there are only two destinations Heaven and hell ,no believers ever say goodbye for the last time, to say all you have left are memories is only true if your unsaved and not going to Heaven. Accept Jesus ,invite Him into your heart as Lord and Saviour He has paid with His Life for your sin so that you can spend eternity in Heaven, tomorrow is not a promise but Heaven is for all whose faith is in Jesus. Please give your life to Jesus

  38. I thought we were going to enjoy Kobe the Legend after his retirement as a father to his girls , author , couch and mentor to his amazing beautiful daughter Gigi and her school. I guess nothing lasts for ever in this world . RIP Kobe and your little Angel Gigi and all the crash victims 💜💛💚💙💟❤💖💗💞

  39. Still doesn't feel real,Even when watching kobes past interviews it feels like he is still here,he had so much wisdom on life and basketball,The Legacy will Live On.

  40. I don't understand why she is on such a social media blitz after losing her husband and daughter. It does not seem right to me. Very strange stuff.

  41. I feel your pain, Mrs. Bryant I have lost my Parents 👫, and my Brothers👬, it still bothers me, I still miss them a lot, that will never go away my friend.

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