33 thoughts on “Tyron Woodley Squashes His Beef With Dana White | The Hollywood Beatdown

  1. MMA is a skill based sport. NFL has the lowest skill level of any sport. NFL always lack the technique when they try MMA.

  2. Tyron is a bit of a drama queen but he is one of the best out there. Try and shut him up in the octagon ! Haters hate but his W's don't lie !

  3. Vicious KO's? 😂. Woodley STFU. Better yet some of the most boring fights in MMA. Stop bitching the fans have spoken and most dont care to watch you.

  4. All this kid needs to do is stop looking around for respect put in the work knock all these fools out and they won't have a choice but to respect you but even if they did it so what maybe if he respected his self a little bit more he wouldn't be so thirsty for it from outside of the self

  5. This right here is the t woodley we want. He should fight any snd everybody and he would become one of the most respected fighters in the ufc. He has potential go be goat.

  6. It took me a long time to loose interest in TW. A very long time, a whole load of drippy moaning later and a beef quash i could not care less about to realise. I'm not interested in seeing TW fight. I'll wait for the highlights and mute the post fight conference. The man needs to practice silence and concentrate on being a fighter. Does more additional jobs than parents who don't take benefits. 7 minutes in and my comment is done. I'm out of here

  7. Dana HAD to make peace with Tyron, because despite throwing the most dangerous guys in the division at Woodley back-to-back in an effort to quickly dethrone him, Tyron just kept getting his hand raised.

  8. "One by one everybody will get these hands" if he stays true to those words and quit complaining all the damn time he will be a huge star. Only time will tell.

  9. he can fight. DEAL WITH IT, aside from everything other than his ACTUAL career, you might not like, but you are suppose to be focusing your attention on the Fights, cause after all isnt that what you watch UFC for to begin with ?

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