TVF’s Trapped With Girlfriend’s Father

TVF’s Trapped With Girlfriend’s Father

Dev, you’re unnecessary worrying about it. We’re not talking something
big with my father. I’m just saying that we’re having
a secret affair since the last 4 years. You want to have an
inter community marriage with me. And your family is against it. – That’s all.
– That’s all? That’s all. And my father is very sweet. My ex’s neck was already crooked
and my father didn’t do anything. He didn’t even hit him. In fact, he was Ajay Devgn’s fan. – I believe you Anjali.
– Thank you. I’m not scared of anyone. – Exactly.
– We’ll have man to man conversation. And I’ll keep quiet. Why will you keep quiet? You can say anything
whatever you want to. Please. It’s just that don’t say
anything about NRC. Please. – And which is your favourite cricket team?
– RCB. No. It’s CSK. Not CSK. Please. My father loves CSK. Please you’ve
to create a good impression on him. My father is looking for a
boy with a government job. Online. Online Dev. Please. – Fine.
– Please. – Fine.
– Say it again. – Fine.
– Thank you. My father is very sweet. He’s very cheerful,
agile and calm kind of person. I’m going to slap you. Don’t you understand? I’m telling you that
the fan should not move when I’m fixing it. Next if you do then I’ll put
this screwdriver in your eyes. Sorry, boss. I made a mistake. By working here. Dad, he’s Dev. Remember I had told you about Dev. Is he the one you said about
tying rakhi and he started crying? No. Yes. He’s the one. Dev. Today’s generation has forgotten the
custom of touching the feet, isn’t it? It’s okay. Not needed. – Raju!
– Yes, boss? Go quickly and get
three chocolate milkshakes. Okay, boss. – Make it properly.
– Sure. – Come. Sit.
– Yeah. So dear! Are you a government employee? No, sir. I’m an engineer. Raju, cancel the chocolate milkshake. Bring tea. With less milk. So dad, I was telling you that
Dev is a very good friend of mine. In fact very very close. I was about to tell mom that… – In fact, about our closeness…
– Dear, actually mom was looking for you. Just go and check once. And keep an eye on Raju as well. Last time he added chicken
masala in masala tea. Go. Till then I’ll handle him. – What?
– What? What happened?
Why are you laughing unnecessarily? No. Actually, after looking at
you, I started missing my father. Why? He doesn’t like you either? Bad jokes. I mean dad jokes. Sir, you look like
Dharmendra in a clean shave. That’s Dharmendra’s photo only. Yeah. Actually… Sir, I think you’re a Bollywood fan.
You’ve kept a photo of Ranjeet as well. That’s me only. Come fast! Nothing sir. I was setting an alarm. Tomorrow I’ve to get up early. Actually, every morning
I get up early for gym. If you get up then go
to the gym as well. It’s too hot. Isn’t it? Oh, yeah. Fan is also not working. I also… How perceptive? Capacitor! You should keep
changing it sometimes. If you don’t change it then time to
time fan’s speed will become slow. It is due to voltage and current. Oh! It seems like you’ve
good knowledge. Just tell me the formula of capacitance? C=Q x V? Q + V. It’s +V. C=Q/V. Actually since last 4 years, something
is going on between me and Anjali… …setting, affair… It’s acquaintance. From past 4 years,
you both have have been acquaintances. Nothing else. And if you’re feeling too hot
then take this and fix the fan. You’re an engineer, right? What do you think?
Which side the screw needs to be turned? Left? No. Not left. Left is facing bad times. It’s right, sir. This is how you did your engineering? Yeah. I mean I’m an IT engineer. Oh, so you’re an IT engineer. It’s okay. Do not lose hope. Dentists also put ‘Dr.’
in front of their name. Even you’re also a kind of engineer. No, sir. I’m a senior developer. I’ve a good package as well. But what’s next? Are you going to sit and do coding
on the computer all your life? Do you have any plans for career growth? Yes, sir. You must be right but
I’ve already planned for my future. I’ve completed the online course in
executive MBA from upGrad along with a job. Online is not important. If you had gone to some college, you might
have understood what you are studying. No, sir. Nothing like that.
I’ve struggled a lot for this. I’ve sincerely studied
after office on upGrad. I’ve done industrial projects
for practical experience. I’ve cleared my doubts after
doing one-on-one interaction… …with the faculties and
then I completed my MBA. My degree is more genuine than
any other online relationship. Hmm. By face you look filmy and a loafer,
but you are not in reality. Raju, bring chocolate
milkshake instead of tea. Sir, you still understood. But it took me one year
to make Anjali understand… …that don’t judge this
book by its cover. Anyways, nowadays people write book
after doing engineering and MBA. No at all, sir.
You first understand the chronology. First I did engineering and then MBA. Now I’ll take a good managerial
job and then I’ll write a book. By the way, your lips have turned black. No, sir. Lips are as it is.
It’s just I’ve turned white. And I keep this because morning I pray to
God and I had to lit incense sticks so… …and I had quit smoking in 11th only. No, no. It’s okay.
Smoking is not a big thing. Sometime even I used to
smoke during our times for stress relief. Really, sir? If this is the thing,
even I smoke 1 to 2 packet sometimes. Dev sir, so you must be taking cannabis,
weed, solution with your hippie friends, No, sir. Not at all.
The message was delivered by mistake. It’s a technology. Actually it’s… No, no. Swiped in the wrong direction. It must be virus. Yeah. Right. Otherwise your character seems to be good. By the way, you must have had friends
in college apart from Anjali. Right? No. My luck is not good. No. I mean I luckily befriended
Anjali so didn’t have any female friends. But I’ve fixed the fan. See. So then fix it on the ceiling. By the way, everybody has
some or the other drawbacks. It’s just your character should be good. Only then the relationship
gets fixed like this fan. By the way sir, I can handle the other
responsibilities along with the career. You’re fulfilling some of my expectations. Now you can come down. And one more thing,
do not underestimate anyone, uncle. Sir. Congrats you have been offered a job
of product manager with 89% hike.

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