79 thoughts on “Top 10 Famous Bollywood Celebrities Who Are Fighting With Serious Diseases | You Won’t Believe

  1. Agar yahii bimari ekk Common person kee sath hota too sayad hii boo bachta…Samaj rahee hoo naa main kya bolne kii kosish kaar raha huu …

  2. diabetes curable in 3 days.watch video of Dr.biswaroop Roy chowdhury."How to reverse sugar high BP and cholesterol"on utube.By this diet high BP cholesterol can be reverse in 7 days.in one month heart stomach joint pain thyriod can be reversed.in 9 months cancer and skin diseases can be reversed.in 6 months tumors can be reversed.

  3. yes this is true
    but why did you put rajni at 2 and manisha at 12, you think viral fever is more serious than cancer lol

  4. dude srk hairs is for real and no surgeries or transplants he also confirmed it in an interview. so stop saying fake news.

  5. These jokers of Bolliwood are suffering of incuarble diseases because of their lifestyle. I was suffering from many incurable diseases diabities , cloctolitis high blood pressure high colostrol etc inclotisen spodilities etc etc. I used to take a handful of medicines three times a day. I changed my lifestyle and gradually and slowely I am improving and have stopped taking medicines. Try to find natural lifestyle in your U Tube and u will get the answer.

  6. fate will play the curtail role in the matter rich class people and also poor and middle class people only difference s rich can afford to go in for costly treatment where in poor and middle class people suffer from severe pain and severe short of money

  7. for every question of life fate s the answer however medical sciences s advanced no one cannot race with fate

  8. For a person when age advances some or the other bodily weakness will be there,that is not a disease. When those actors or actress are shooting for the film accidents will happen. SRK, Amitabh ,Hritik are victims of accidents. When then get any dangerous disease in young age. And if they do not have money for the treatment then it is sad.But it is not like that.atleast they have money.

  9. 1:38… First of all, it's a "minor heart attack…" NOTHING nothing RARE or GENETIC about the condition. And, toi bust your mask & pretence of being an intelligent & intellectual journalist, just 2 things: (1) it is myocardial INFARCTION, not infraction. & (2) it is simply the medical term for HEART ATTACK… you saying it 3 times does not ake it super special, nor does Saif having it makeit a higher status elite disease.

  10. 2;08And so? what is serious about that? or special about that? Thayt he is SRK? My brother had had 9 surgeries by the time he was 24. 1 in the foot, one abdomen, & 6 brain… I get it, shoulder, anle,neck… such serious surgeries… brain? just minor stuff.

  11. Are you a fucking idiot or what? Only an absolutely sick idiot can take a pics from making of advertisement where Shah played an 80 years old man and had a wig as with a bald head and then a gray-haired like Einstein, and say that a man who has the best hair in the industry has problems with it and has had surgery. Shah not Salman, he's NEVER had a PROBLEM WITH HAIR, he has NEVER DONE ANY PLASTIC surgery! Shah had several surgeries, but all of them are related to the severe injuries he received during the filming, he had surgeries on both shoulders, on the knee, on the spine, on the ankle. I'm just shocked by this false channel. I don't know how dumb should be those who believe the info you give. And I'm very sorry that you can not be brought to trial for your lying shit.

  12. Dhermendra ji Point is fake….He didn't have any major clinical disease because drink two peg daily….Buraaaaah Dharm pajji

  13. My only suggestions black seed oil ,turmeric ,Propolis ashwagandha and triphala this make your immediate system strong .

  14. Bohat paisa hai in actors Kay pass ye apna ilaj kara saktey hain bhai becharay ghareeb log in bemariyoon me mar jatay hain kyoon Kay un key pass paisa nahin hota

  15. I LOVE YOU les NOIRS et les INDIENS de la Planรจte Terre, Pierre Florville
    I LOVE YOU les POPULATIONS MAGNIFIQUES du Monde, Pierre Florville

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