Top 10 Celebrities That Could Be Time Travelers

Top 10 Celebrities That Could Be Time Travelers

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! The last time we all gathered together for
an Archive on time travel, I was criticized as being a fraud. My “proof” apparently wasn’t good enough
for the masses, but I am not one to give up. So, you can bet that I’ve done a little
more digging and, wouldn’t you know, happened upon even more proof of time travel. This time, I looked to our favorite celebs
and found ten that just might be the time travelers I’ve been looking for. Still skeptical? Then you should subscribe and click the bell. For every subscription, we gain 1/100th of
a gigawatt and we only need 1.21 for our time machine to work again. Also, be sure to leave a comment with a suggestion
of which time period we should travel to. 10. Eddie Murphy
The image from the left was allegedly pulled from the 1920s. The question we have is why a rich, talented
African American man would want to leave the present and go back to before Civil Rights
was even a concept. Whatever he did back in the ‘20’s must
have worked because that hat and bowtie is just way too dapper. 9. Jennifer Lawrence
After surviving The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence needed a break from the modern spotlight
and decided to travel back to the 1950s and revamp her acting career as Zubaida Tharwat. Lawrence really changed her image, traveling
to Alexandria, Egypt and picking up her career there with movies like Bent 17, Eni Atahem,
and Zaman Ya Hob. She even dabbled in some stage performances
before deciding Egypt – and the past – wasn’t really for her. At some point, she returns to the past, however,
and passes away in December of 2016 at the age of 76. 8. Peter Dinklage
Jester at the court of Philip IV of Spain Sebastian de Morra had this picture painted
of him, his look of displeasure and apathetic pose reading as if he were unhappy about something. You know what we think? He’s unhappy because he’s really Game
of Thrones star Peter Dinklage and, during an accidental trip back to the 17th century,
he was mistaken for a Jester. You can’t tell us that’s not Dinklage. On top of looking just like him, de Morra
is also a dwarf. Coincidence? No, we don’t think so. 7. Leonardo DiCaprio
This one confuses us, but we’re certainly not judging. It looks like shortly after his What’s Eating
Gilbert Grape role, a young Leonardo DiCaprio happened upon a time machine, traveled back
to the ‘60s, and posed as… teenage girl Judy Zipper. DiCaprio’s little romp was allegedly discovered
in the yearbook of a Tumblr user’s grandmother. Like we said, we’re not judging; though
we think it’s time for you to come clean, Mr. DiCaprio. Or should we say, Mrs. Judy Zipper? What kind of a fake name is Judy Zipper? 6. Justin Timberlake
Those muttonchops are a clever disguise, but the nefarious J.T. is undeniably represented
both in the present and in the past with these images. He’s fuller in the face in the 1920’s-era
snapshot, but it doesn’t hide his other recognizable features. So, now that we know this image is of him,
we’re left with one very pressing question: When he sings “SexyBack,” is he really
singing, “SexyBack to the Future?” 5. Sylvester Stallone
Sly Stallone has a face that is unmistakable. So it was poor judgment on his part to volunteer
as a subject of Raphael’s “Pope Gregory IX Approving the Vatical Decretal” painting. The Italian painter captured the essence that
is Sylvester Stallone, making him easy to pinpoint in the historic painting. From Rocky to Pope Gregory IX fanboy, Sly
has had quite the fulfilling life. Our question is, if you can travel back in
time, why not at least try to be the Pope rather than serve as one of his admirers. 4. Jimmy Fallon
Picture it, Turkey, the 1970s. A young Marxist-Leninist revolutionary leads
the People’s Liberation Party-Front of Turkey. In the height of his movement, he kidnaps
two NATO technicians, a move that winds up getting him killed. They say that man was Mahir Cayan, born March
15, 1946. Judging by the photo, it was one Jimmy Fallon,
born September 19th, 1974. Clearly, with his infinite wealth that he
has accumulated over his years as a talk show host, Fallon funded a time machine and for
some reason went back to Turkey to support the Revolutionary Communist Party of Turkey. We’re still working out the kinks on this
theory… 3. Channing Tatum
What do you do after you’ve found success in the film industry? If you’re Channing Tatum, you suit up in
your time machine and zap yourself back to the early 20th century. Specifically, Tatum seems to have gone back
to World War I to help in the fight in Europe. The image came off of Reddit in a post claiming
the user had “Found a time traveling Channing Tatum in [their] family.” We think you may be right, Reddit user! 2. Matthew McConaughey
Well alright, alright, alright. McConaughey would likely deny that this is
him in this old timey photo. Can you imagine the backlash if the world
found out he could travel through time? Well, no matter how much he may protest, we
know he tore through the fabric of time and dolled himself up for this photograph. He thought the mustache would throw us off,
but no, Mr. McConaughey. We know it’s you. Alright, alright, alright! 1. Vladimir Putin
Feeling unfulfilled in his adult life, American physicist Benjamin Putin had enough of taking
everybody’s nonsense, so he perfected his time traveling device and returned to the
past. Displeased with his progress in the United
States, he moved to Russia in the 1920s and adopted the name “Vladimir.” You know, because it sounded cool. The former American spent years perfecting
Russian and inadvertently found himself gaining influence in his new Motherland. By 2000, good ‘ole Benji had fully grown
into his Russian persona and weaseled his way in as Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich
Putin. Thanks for watching! …. Hey guys, you think I’ll get the same
type of criticisms about this video like the one before? … No, I’m not going to tell them to leave
a comment, they really my feelings last time. They’ll probably subscribe and click the
bell just so they get chances to throw verbal tomatoes at me in the future! Good grief…

49 thoughts on “Top 10 Celebrities That Could Be Time Travelers

  1. Nah we are in a simulation game and these people just remade their characters after a few major game updates to the modern age. 😛

  2. Hi Jim. This channel is kinda dead.
    Try some new things and make your videos more interesting. This id no hate, its just sad that this channel has not that much viewers compared to other "top 10". Make some mysterie videos this type of videos are the most watched videos.
    Im sorry if there are any Grammer mistakes in this text (not english)

  3. As this is clearly a super serious video. There is scientific proof that says even at this very moment there are at LEAST seven people on earth at this very moment who look practically identicle to you because of the way genes and other factors of probability works.

  4. Or by the simple mathematical chance, there's been multiple copy of exactly you during history. Hell, they are more than likely someone who look identical to you right now or in the last 100 years. So in history, you can imagine many.

  5. I was watching this in our car while my wife was driving. She hit 88 mph and the video started over. Great Scott!

  6. And here I thought some of these people were immortal. But I suppose if you can travel threw time, it's kinda like you're immortal. ?

  7. wow this is so stupid, anyone can look like anyone, just because they look the same doesn't mean "OMG they are time travellers!!" i notice the "Could" in the title but time traveling cannot be done at this early age, i believe that time traveling is possible because black holes can bend time

  8. I like this Idea , but still you cannot be so sure bout something rather superstitious like this … It may be just a coincidence that people from the past look exactly like the people of the recent times …. Science can never prove a reincarnation flashback neither …

  9. What you see there's only one time. I would travel to and it would be my own I would go literally a day or two in the future to whenever the next Powerball numbers are getting ready to be announced and I would win other than that time travels too dangerous and I'd rather be safe than sorry I might pee in a pond and when I come back dinosaurs took the places of humans and nerdy hyper evolved species

  10. putin is a time traveler, he just looks like his father. each of us has doubles, in the past or in the future will be a people who look like us, like two drops of water. and so ?? class

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