35 thoughts on “Top 10 Bollywood Celebrity Houses / Homes – Celeb Hotspots in Mumbai

  1. You might think these people are rich but the other non bollywood tenants of each of these buildings are probably richer than these celebrities. I have seen multi millionaires living in chawls of Mumbai and driving scooters.

  2. Rakhi sawant ka ghar ur imran hashmi ka ghar qareeb tho nahi hy ur saat saat sunny leone b?????????????

  3. Mumbai is one shit-hole which is apparent from the homes of these rich stars. after paying in crores, you get no quality of life as compared to any major city like Delhi,Bangalore etc.

  4. Sher budha ho gaya to teesray no. Per dal diya ugtay sooraj ko salam karo mager such se mat bhago only megastar in indian cinema millenium star ok maderchod tumhar ma ka bhosda

  5. Very surprised.. only SRK and Amitabh has an independent house..
    Rest all of them only has apartments or floors..

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