Tony Robbins: This is Why Some People Always Succeed (LAW OF ATTRACTION)

Tony Robbins: This is Why Some People Always Succeed (LAW OF ATTRACTION)

one of the critics actually that I once met said yeah Tony’s techniques they were great for about a year and a half and then they wore off what do you say to that it’s real simple if you don’t work out you don’t get up you don’t get a muscle right so I always tell people this is there’s a daily practice like priming if you don’t do that if you get up and you just have no discipline whatsoever you get no value of anything your diets don’t work when you don’t do the exercise doesn’t work when you don’t do them but mostly people have some experiences that they want to shift and once you shift those things your whole life changes but life is constant growth my life isn’t here because I went to one seminar one time and now my life is fit for life I I workout I train my mind and train my body it becomes a lifestyle it’s not just like you’re depending upon somebody else I’m gonna have to become somebody’s guru I’m not here to give them a gift I’m here them to open up their own gifts and that’s really what my work has been so people who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed and it doesn’t matter whether that person is succeeding at a business context or a relationship context doesn’t matter what the environment is the fundamental lessons or laws for succeeding are very very basic so if we’re looking for the ultimate success for me the very first thing we have is you have to know what you want which we call know your outcome you’re gonna succeed in anything it’s hard to succeed hard to hit a target when you don’t know what it is and as simplistic as it sounds do you know do most people really know what they want what do you think yes or no at least not consciously they don’t right and so it’s gonna be very very difficult to achieve what you want you haven’t defined it but this is gonna become a question we’re gonna want you to ask yourself a lot what is my outcome in this situation I don’t even have a time management system that I developed it’s really a life management system which we call opa because the first Oh sounds for what’s my outcome because you can come up with a question like what should I do and you’re gonna end up with a long list but as you do all these things what will happen is you can cross something off your list and still be unfulfilled and not really achieve anything that matters so you say what’s my outcome first then you begin to decide what you need to do to get the outcome so in this case we want to say what’s your outcome you want to make it a habit ask this question a lot you’re in the middle of a conversation stop yourself if it seems to going nowhere and say what’s my hell come here I want to connect don’t want to influence this person you want to learn something what’s your outcome for example how many of you have ever been caught up in an argument and you even forgot what you’re arguing for but you knew you had to win how many been there say I okay if in the middle of that argument you would ask yourself the question what’s my outcome here I guarantee you your brain would say well my how comes not to fight my outcomes to resolve this and if you get clear what your real target is your behavior will change automatically so very very few people know what they want and the more are you clear you can get about what you want the more you can really achieve some out right underneath this is the subset of number one still number one just like clarity is power clarity is power the more clear you can become about what it is you really want the more power you’re gonna have because your brain is like a servomechanism in a a bomb as an example they sent a missile out it has a servomechanism it knows what the target is and when the target moves it follows it well your brain is very similar when you decide exactly what you want you start picking up information that you never would have picked up before consciously for example have you ever bought a particular car maybe or maybe a certain outfit and then all of a sudden you see that car or outfit everywhere how many got that experience say I well what’s that car outfit already around you all the time yeah but you didn’t notice it because there’s a portion of your brain that it was responsible for one thing and that is screening out 99% of what you see hear and feel in life because if you were to notice everything that’s going on in this room right now you go stark raving mad but most of you don’t you put attention to a small number of things if you could right now notice what millions of things you can notice my voice you can listen to what I’m saying you can notice what’s going on the background the screens you could hear the air-conditioning you could smell your neighbor off to all that jumping up and down notice that right you can feel that maybe a little sweat trickling across your chest or whatever was going on after all that jumping up and down you could feel the blood maybe vibrating or circulating through your left eardrum but you don’t think about those things so maybe I mentioned them or something triggers it so this part of our brain that’s responsible for deleting most of our thoughts and most things that are going on around us that part of her brain when you know when it knows what you want it makes you notice those things you suddenly see that car because it’s important it’s called the reticular activating system you don’t have to write all the down for sure it’s called Ras the reticular activating system tells your brain what to pay attention to so when you say this is what I really want that anything that relates to that that you would have noticed before will start popping up into your focus a lot of times people say it’s amazing I decided this and it was kind of you know synchronicity these things started popping up well these things were probably around you before but you never noticed them because you hadn’t decided your outcome now when you know your outcome you’re ahead of 95% of the population but that’s not enough the second thing you gotta know is lot of times you know your outcome but you lose your drive you know you want something but you forget the most important thing which is know why you want it know why you want it you gotta know the purpose in our open training system when people are managing their lives we have them ask what’s my outcome and then why do I want this because any person’s success or really successful I was exactly what they want they know why the reason I don’t know why is remember I said yesterday reasons come first answers come second give enough reasons you can get a big enough y you can figure out how to do about anything but you got to have purpose because purpose provides Drive now if you know what you want and you know why you’re lightyears ahead of most the population but you got to go to the stuff that most people seem to avoid and that is you got to take massive what that’s right and a key word there is massive massive action can be a cure-all when you know what you’re after and you know why you want it because you know you have to when you take action you won’t just be expending energy you’ll be moving yourself in a direction towards something you really really want and by the way last night we call taking massive action personal what power which means ability take action and what stops people from taking action primarily what fear and the way you get over that fear is what do you think is the number one fear most people have failure and the reason is they feel if they fail they won’t be loved they’ll be rejected they’ll be hurt they’ll be judged so what they really are afraid of is losing love and they think that this rejection or I should say this failure will lead to that rejection or loss of love the truth matter is you can’t fail unless you don’t try you try something doesn’t work you just learn from it and that’ll make you better the next time you go about it now if you know your outcome know why you want and take massive action you’re now in the most small percentile of people on the planet so what’s the next step though well you can take a lot of action and get caught up in a pattern like become so determined that you became like tunnel vision like I know this is gonna work and so you keep running east looking for a sunset with total certainty and a lot of belief high-standard still doesn’t work so what you have to be able to do to succeed so you don’t get caught up in some old pattern is you got to know what you’re getting know what you are know what you are getting the word we use for this as for sure is we call it sensory acuity sensory acuity is the idea that you want to become acutely sensitive to whether or what you’re doing is working or not you don’t want to just say okay I know what I want to know I don’t want it I’m just gonna make it happen this is how I’m gonna do it you keep hammering and hammering and hammering it doing something that doesn’t work and people do this all the time right do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result that’s called insanity you can’t do the same thing again and again expect a different result when you can see it doesn’t get the result but we get caught up in our patterns so we want to get really sensitized acutely sensitized sensory acuity to whether what we’re doing is working or not and by the way sensory acuity is really the measure of a person’s intelligence what I mean by that is how do we measure intelligence intelligence is a measure of the number and quality of distinctions you have in a given situation like for example if you talked to Eskimos that’s actually not the politically correct term anymore I guess it’s in a way you talked in in a way what we formally called Eskimos you’d find out that in a way have more than a dozen words for the word snow more than a dozen now I’m from Southern California guess how many words I have for snow one I don’t see any of it it’s called snow baby right but they got to know what kind of snow they’re gonna make more refined distinctions to be effective in the world to get their outcomes they don’t know what kind of snow you can build an igloo out of what kind of snow you can take your dogs through what kind of snow you can eat all right what kind of snow you’re gonna fall through so who has more intelligence who has more power in that snowy environment the eskimo army which one eskimo because they have more sensory acuity they have more refined distinctions about what each of these elements mean versus I to see it as snow now if you took that Eskimo and you stuck in my car in Los Angeles then we fight out maybe I have a little more intelligence because he might try to steer the thing using the rearview mirror right he just doesn’t know so since he doesn’t have that acuity he doesn’t have those distinctions he wouldn’t do terribly well there see some people I can hold this up and I can say what is this and they say well that’s a cylinder other people say no no that’s a blue white black cylinder someone else says no no that’s a blue color marker a few people say no no that’s not just a blue color marker that is a pilot super color bride and WOD color marker and if you get it in your clothes it’ll never come out now which one of those people has more power 1 2 3 or 4 4 because they have the largest number of distinction so now if you know your outcome you know why you want it you got your purpose you got your Drive you got your a and oppa this is outcome purpose action you know the massive action you’re taking action and you notice what’s working what happens if you notice it’s not working you’re taking action but it’s not getting you closer to your outcome what’s the obvious fifth step but this step is change your approach change your approach if what you’re doing your Qt says is not working change it now what if you change approach and that’s still not working then what would you do what would you do come on what would you do change again keep yourself in a peak state sit up in your chair some of you’ve gone back into that deep hypnotic state of learning I can see and what have you tried that that didn’t work then what you do what if that doesn’t work what do you do and what if that doesn’t work what do you do what if that doesn’t work what do you do what if after all that and still doesn’t work what do you do and what have you tried out and it doesn’t work how many times until you find out what works do not say to yourself I’ve tried everything that’s Bowl if you tried everything you’d have what you want why haven’t tried everything but I tried millions of things millions number they’re mean them well maybe tens of thousands tens of thousands name a thousand well maybe 100 name on it well maybe I did these two things over and over again that don’t work okay but we start saying I’ve tried everything we tend to encamped that don’t we we make it an incantation then we believe it and since we think we’ve tried everything we just give up that’s garbage it’s not true hey let me ask you a question how long would you give your average baby to learn how to walk you know before you shut them off and did let me try anymore yeah what are you crazy my kids gonna keep trying until he or she walks ah magic formula you know what almost everything the whole world walks okay so this is the ultimate success form that comes down to knowing what you want why you want to take a massive action no that’s working and simply changing your approach until you get it that’s it anyone who succeeds does this they may not call it Robins ultimate success formula but I guarantee they did it in a corny example Thomas Edison these lights in here did this guy know his outcome yes or no yes or no he was absolutely clear without knowing the outcome you couldn’t have built that in a million years it didn’t exist before he had to decide he want to create this result without the use of candles did he know why you want to do it you bet you read his writings this man had a sense of incredible purpose and drive did he take massive action yes or no oh yes tens of thousands of experiments did he noticed when it wasn’t working and learned from it yes or no did he keep changing his approach that’s why right now in this room we don’t smell candle light right now if you know the old story of him was written about him early in his early days he says got his best friend with him he’s doing this experiment and as he’s doing a he creates a small explosion which shakes the room scares both of them very very severely and then at the end of that he gets up and his friend is totally shaken freaked out he pulls out his journal he starts writing and his buddy says to him what’s the matter do you insane almost killed us so you’re gonna wait to have 10,000 failures for you give this stupid idea up and Addison’s response to him was I didn’t have a failure there he goes that’s your 9090 99th failure said no it’s not he said I discovered the 9,999 way not to Nancy Electra light bulb but I did discover how to create a small explosion which may be useful in the future somewhere else interesting right because he understood what this process was hey did Bruce Springsteen use this do you think you just went out used his gravelly voice and said they may be born to USA and everybody went yeah you’re it man that what happened know what really happened if you know his story was that all the agents and people who went to try and book was said just playing the guitar and keep your mouth shut your voice is gross sounding it’s gravelly it’s irritating no one’s gonna like the stuff keep your mouth shut and play the guitar but he knew what he wanted he had all the drive you can imagine who I wanted took massive action kept changing his approach till he got what he wanted how about Sly Stallone semester slow and rocky rocky story is this even right but slices to slice a good friend of mine and when I first met him years ago he’s listened to my tapes and stuff and invited me over for dinner we started talking and I said you know I’ve heard your story from other people but I really love to hear from the horse’s mouth I don’t know how much is mythology you know urban myth and how much is true so he told me soul story said the essence of it though was he said he knew his whole life what he want to do since he’s very very young he wanted to be in the movie business period I mean not just TV movies and he just he said why was for him it was a chance to have people not only escape but to inspire people and by the way that drive is what made most of his movies inspire people to what they’re capable of to overcome unbelievable obstacles cause in his own life he felt like he did that when he was born he’s pulled out by the forceps that’s why he looked the way he did that’s why he talked the way he did and he said so I really want to do that and he said I knew why I want to do it I wasn’t willing to settle for anything else and he said what happened was I went out to try and get jobs and it’s not like I went her jury and they want you you’re a star it didn’t work out real well they looked at me and said hey you’re stupid look and do something else you know there’s no place for you in that stuff you’re never gonna be a star in the movies you’re insane no one’s gonna wanna listen if somebody looks dopey and talks out of the side of their mouth right and you got no after no after no after no he said I was thrown out more fit more than 1500 times of agents offices in New York I said there are 15 minute agents in New York I said I know I’ve been on five six seven eight nine times he said number one guy went in there and I got in there at four o’clock and he wouldn’t see me so I stayed there and I would not leave I stayed overnight they came back next morning I’m still sitting there he that’s how I got my first job the guy said plant coming here and he sat down and he went through this and he gave my first movie so really I thought locky versum he said now this other movie I’d never heard of it he said I said well what character you play so I was in it for about 20 seconds I was a thug and somebody beat up he said because they made me feel like you know some of the people hate your guts do getting beat up it’ll be a good thing and he did like three movies like that never got anything kept going out rejection rejection rejection so finally realized it wasn’t working so he changed his approach he said I was starving by the way he said I couldn’t pay for even to have heat in my apartment my wife was screaming at me everyday to go get a job I said well why didn’t you he said cuz I knew that if I got a job he said I’d get seduced back and I’d lose my hunger he said I knew the only way I could do this is if it was the only choice have I burned all of the bridges because if I did a normal job pretty soon I’d be caught up in that rhythm and that stuff when I feel okay about my life and I feel like my dream would just gradually disappear he said I wanted to keep that hunger that hunger was the only thing I thought was my advantage he said my wife didn’t understand that at all he said we’d have these vicious fights he said it was freezing so I was broke we had no money and he said so I finally went to the public library one day because it was warm today I want to read anything since I went in New York Public Library so I was hanging out there and I sat it on this chair and somebody left a book there and he said I looked at this book I know the poems of Edgar Allan stories of Edgar Allan Poe and he said so I started reading it he said I got totally in the other girl and polity so I know everything about it he goes on for another 20 minutes tell me about Edgar Allan Poe he knows everything how he died what it was about what really happened I said well what Epona do for you he said Poe got me out of myself he got me to think about how I could touch other people and not worry about myself so much and he said made me decide to become a writer I said just imagine Rocky the writer right and he said so I tried to write a bunch of screenplays nothing worked nothing to work I were totally broke he said I didn’t even have 50 bucks and he said and finally he said I sold a script it was called paradise alleys as a movie I made many years later but I sold it and he said I sold it for a hundred bucks he said a hundred bucks was a ton of money man I was so Terrel I’m on my way but it never led to anything he said so finally he said I kept going and going going he said finally we were so broke he said I hocked my wife’s jewelry he’s the donee there’s some things in life you should never do he said that was basically the end of our relationship she hated my guts so much he said now we were so broke we had nothing no food no money and he said the one thing I love most in the world was my dog he said I love my dog because he gave me unconditional love unlike my wife and he said so what happened was though we were so broke that to survive I couldn’t even feed my dog so I went to a liquor store esit was the lowest day of my life and I stood outside the liquor store trying to sell my dog to strangers as I tried to sell my dog for 50 bucks and he said this finally there’s one guy negotiating with me and bought my dog for me my best friend on earth for $25 he said I walked away from there and I cried he says the worst thing that ever happened in my life he’s a two weeks later I’m watching a fight between Muhammad Ali and Wepner this white guy that’s getting bludgeoned but just keeps on coming even though he get the hell beat out of it and he said I got an idea he said as soon as the fight ended I started writing he said I wrote for 20 straight hours I did not sleep I wrote the entire movie in 20 hours straight right then saw the fight wrote the movie whole thing done he said I was shaking at the end I was so excited so I really knew man I knew what I wanted I knew why I wanted he said just like your teas that the formula he said but I said man I took the action now it’s time to deliver and so he said I went out started trying sell at the agents and they all would read it and they’d say you know this is predictable this is stupid this is sappy he said I wrote down all the things they said and I read them the night of the Oscars when we won the greatest revenge is massive success they said so what happened was he said I kept going trying to sell it trying to sell it nobody going I’m broke I’m starving he said finally I meet these guys they read it and they believed in the script and they loved it and they offer me a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars from my script I said oh my god you must have been out of your mind he said I was I said just one thing though guys you got a deal based on one thing and I said what’s that he said I got to star in it they were are you talking about your writers and no no I’m an actor has no no you’re a writer so no no I’m an actor that is my story and I’m rocky said I gotta play it you know I got to be the head person I gotta be the starring role this there’s no way we’re gonna pay hundred twenty-five thousand dollars take some no-name and stick you in that throw our money away we need a star you know and I want to have Ryan O’Neal play rocky to give you a picture can you imagine that’s who they picked right and so he said no way Ryan O’Neal’s in Rocky I’m Rocky we do this whole thing right they funny he said they said we’ll take it or leave it he said I left the room I said if that’s what you believe you don’t get my script he left here’s the man with no money none totally broke offered $125,000 more money seen his lifetime he walked away because he knew his real what knew his real wife and why he wanted he was committed to it so he said they called him a few weeks later and they came and brought him back and they offered him a quarter of a million dollars not the star in his own movie he turned it down $250,000 they came back their final offers three hundred and twenty five thousand dollars they wanted this thing he said not without me and they said no they finally compromised and they gave him thirty five thousand dollars and points in the movie because I said if this gonna happen then you’re gonna take the risk with us and the bottom line is we don’t think it’ll work but at least we won’t spend a bunch of money on you and they only spent a million dollars to make Rocky and it grows two hundred million dollars at the time I am it was done pretty well but what’s interesting about this is here’s he I said what you do I mean even 35,000 it’s not a quarter-million that’s a lot of money when you don’t have 25 bucks I said what’s the first thing you did I think he went out and partied or something he said I went to that liquor store for three straight days and hoped that the man and that my dog frequented the store he’s because I want to buy back my dog and it was so cool right that was really cool I said what happened he said third day I was there this guy walks by and I see him and I can’t believe it and there was my dog and I looked in and I said sir remember me and he said it’s been about a month and a half I find this had all come about he said member me and I’m the guy sort of the dog yeah yeah I love the dog he said look he said I was so broke I was starving he’s my best friend I’m sure you love him too but I gotta happen black please I beg of you he’s all people $100 to the dog I know you baby 25 they’ll give you 100 the man said absolutely not no way it’s my dog now you can’t buy him back all right and so I said you know Tony you know he’d say no your outcome I said yeah he said I knew it and he said I kept changing my approach so I went $500 for the dog the guys said absolutely no way he said $1,000 for my dog guy said no amount of money in North is ever gonna get this dog for you I said what you knew he said I knew my outcome right because he listening same skip to him he says I take massive action he said I got my dog I just kept changing my approach so I got it as a word of caution $15,000 and a part in rocky the guys in Rocky you know that dog in rocky but kiss that slice real dog right that’s the dog you buy the back so he put his dog in the movie and he put the guy in the movie in paid 15 grand well he had 35,000 and then pretty cool pretty awesome so there’s always a way if you’re committed just gotta keep changing your approach you

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  1. The SIMPLE Algebraic Success Formula (Finding the X-FACTOR)

    Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Let’s check your algebra. We start with THE RULE: Whatever you do to one side of the equation you must do to the other side. Second, we experiment with trial and error.
    To find “X”, you must exert the same action on each side of the equation AND in the right order. Sometimes, you will see the “right order” immediately. Other times, it will require trial and error and creativity to identify the correct sequence to find the solution.
    There are also two sides to the equation when you pursue the “Formula for Success.” First, there is the MENTAL side. What does your desired outcome look like (visualization)? How badly do I want to achieve that outcome? What is your “WHY”? What are the features, advantages, and benefits to be enjoyed when it is achieved? What are the disadvantages, obstacles, and negative circumstances that result when it is not achieved? What other activity is available to “spike” the results? What unique paradigm may I employ to change the way I look at the problem that can “create” a different approach? What is my prevailing attitude? Am I looking at a problem or an unsolved opportunity? A problem or a challenge? Is my focus like a laser or is it casual and distracted? Clearly, class, one side of the “equation” is entirely mental. HEY! All eyes up here!
    The other side of the equation is PHYSICAL. It requires ACTION. Is the action precise and forceful? Does it cause a reaction that must be factored into the equation? Is the action being taken measurable? How can the changes that result be “fine-tuned”? Is the action duplicatable and/or can a “system” be created? What skills and tools are required to complete the action? What training is needed to acquire the necessary skills? Most importantly, do I need to change direction/strategy?
    Sooooo…what is the X-FACTOR? Very simply, it is giving 100% effort to both sides of the equation. Here’s why: If you want to receive Universal inspiration (Divine help, the sixth sense, enabling your subconscious mind, etc.) you must activate your “Belief Gene” and your “Why Chromosome” to their maximum degrees. This 100% MENTAL EFFORT enables you to get started and overcome the negative aspect of the law of inertia: a body at rest will remain at rest. It will also activate the positive side of the law of inertia: a body in motion will stay in motion.
    The job of the left side of the equation for success, the mental side, is to get you started from a dead stop and keep you in motion. Just as a rocket requires the largest expenditure of fuel to LAUNCH itself, we do, too: THE BELIEF GENE. To maintain movement, within the planetary atmosphere, the rocket needs a steady influx of continuous fuel. We do, too: THE “WHY CHROMOSOME”. Once the rocket leaves the “earthly atmosphere” of gravity, that pulls it down (the forces of human mediocrity and conformity), and overcomes the limitations therein, the positive aspect of the law of inertia becomes the dominant force (keeping you in persistent motion). That is the objective of the mental side of the equation: Partner with the Universal Mind; Get you started; Keep you in FORWARD MOTION (persistence).
    We know that there will be adjustments to be made on the ACTION side of the equation when we “shoot for the moon.” That’s why we have a gyroscope. It enables us to measure the action taken and adjust our course. That’s how we reach our destination: we fire the engine’s thrusters, as needed, and, fine-tune continuously. To recognize whether a course of action needs adjustment requires a 100% effort. Anything less leaves to question whether the action taken failed because there was not a maximum expenditure of persistence and effort or, because the strategy was not right. When you put forth the full effort and fail, you KNOW that you need a new strategy to reach the goal (often with a new paradigm). 100% effort gives you the CERTAINTY needed to answer the critical question: Do I need to change/tweak my strategy? When that becomes necessary, you can then search for a new starting line with confidence and without regret. You GPS yourself to success. Each new “starting line” brings you that much closer to the finish line.
    Solving the algebraic equation for success requires 100% effort on both the mental and physical sides of the equation.

    “Be true to the game, because the game will be true to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good things will be bestowed upon you. That’s truly about the game, and in some ways, that’s about life, too.” Michael Jordan

    ….Eli's dad

  2. His words has guided me into a totally different mindset from 6 months ago.

  3. This man leaves me in awe. Not just his message (which is incredible), but every facet of how he is. His delivery is just incredible, he's clearly very intelligent, and he seems to completely believe what he says.

  4. Love it! Thank you so much for creating! Will share with as many others as possible!

    Infinite Intelligent Determined Integrated Investing (II👊II) in ourselves and humanity…one positive thought energy at a time.

    #Believe #Determination #mindpower #mindcontrol #mindset #mindhealth #mindwealth #mastery #greatness #BelieveNation #DetermineNation

  5. Beautiful story. I'm already on the right track this have inspired me to keep pushing forward. I'm so excited of what I'm going to become. ☺

  6. I think massive action is not same as what law of attraction says..can any body help me with this?

    You might not be at where you want to be yet, but you know that you’ll get there one day.

  8. Love this ! Love him. !!! Side note Thomas Edison didn’t event the lightbulb he’s actually kind of a dick :/ what he did to Nikola Tesla (whom I Adore) was pretty messed up 🙁

  9. OMG! This video has helped me so much in just the first 19 minutes. Thank you Tony Robbins for helping me to better understand myself, and those around me. I feel more hope that came with understanding how not just my mind but the mind of others work in several situations in the most simplest terms so that I finally got it!

  10. I visualized, affirmed and imagined for an entire year. This started happening for me when I got "fed up" and took massive action.

  11. …and law of attraction can put you in reverse if your conscience does not believe what you affirmed.

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  13. Tony, I love you but, please, go to a speech (and language) therapist; important – not a speech trainer, it is better to go to a professional speech therapist. I love to hear your vioce – please do not understand me wrong, but it goes worse with your quality voice, because you speeking a lot, I know. xxx

  14. I support being committed, but I would not: sell my dog, my wife's jewelry or starve if I did not have to. For what, a movie star lifestyle?

  15. It's amazing how easy to scam people with false ideas, just make them believe hopeing for the best can produce result and make wish come true.

  16. this is a rip off of mark 11:24
    2000 years ago, we all have a desire from our soul and it is a relationship and fellowship with Jesus
    Glory to God by the Holy Spirit
    Jesus died for all please don't regard unclean the blood of his covenant
    Eternal peace is waiting just believe God wants to show himself to you and he will

  17. Create a Vision Board .. pictures of what you want to attract .. every day look at it and get into the feeling state of already having acquired these wantsssss. >

  18. The Law of Attraction is total Bunk! It makes people like Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, together with the Charismatic Evangelists like Joel Osteen and Jesse Duplantis Very Very Rich, and moves you and them further and further from Heaven, and closer and closer to Hell. Money Will NEVER EVER make you happy. You may say you want a bigger house, bigger car, lots of money, but when you have that stuff what next? People with the most toys still die, but they don't all go to heaven. Money can buy you a House, but it cannot buy you a Home. Money can access you to the Beautiful People of THIS world, but it won't buy you love.Remember one thing, they don't put pockets in Shrouds. Oh yes, they will ALL meet again after Death, but they can Choose to turn to God and ask for forgiveness, repent of your materialistic life and go to Heaven, or you can Do Nothing and Go To Hell. It's Your Choice. No ammount of money or therapy or positive thinking or stuff can give you relief from sleepless nights. Think About That.

  19. I want to cry, this is such a great story & I’m sitting in my cubicle thinking to myself, what’s the worst that can happen if i fail. I can keep trying. Thank you so much for this video!

  20. There's NO LIE here! I'm living proof of this. Wish I had a coach to teach me about it earlier in life or that I had discovered the law of attraction.

  21. Amazing video <3! I love the law of attraction too! Check out my youtube as well! Again great content! <3 I love Tony Robbins!

  22. Robbins has it going on. One just needs to follow one of his books, especially the older one's. Just read if over and over again. Follow what he says and life will get better. Guaranteed!

  23. Kind of a nifty trick I learned about changing your emotions for money. If you are like me a small part of you really wants law of attraction to be true and if it is it would change your whole perception of the world. The world is a grizzly place if you don't have vast control like the law of attraction claims. So you trying to manifest money is not just you thinking of the emotion of how happy you will be when you have the check. More is riding on the manifesting than just paper materialized. If the law of attraction is real and the universe has a purpose and you just figured out the hack. Your ass will be crying. Feeling happy or amazed or in awe of the law of attraction is not a strong enough feeling. It needs to be, I just gave my birth to my child and saw it for the first time level gratefulness or I was just saved by a stranger from an oncoming train level emotion. Trust me when you are bawling tears of happiness that's when you'll know.

  24. When you are setting your intention, don't forget to FEEL what it is you want to attract, this is probably the most important thing for me that has helped me manifest. You have to be in the emotional vibration or frequency of what it is that you want. I've found that sometimes the right music or song is super helpful. This 15 minute manifestation tool has helped me tremendously in my journey! Happy manifesting, guys!

  25. When I was in primary middle school, I should've had a long walk every time I went home… However, there were ALWAYS some people offered free drives to me… EVEN IF THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHO I WAS, BUT THEY STILL DID IT. LOA works.

  26. I lost another 5 dollar scratch off. Now imagine me writing this every day for 6 years. Lol so wtf are you guys talking bout. Been focusing on lottery winning for 6 years most I won was 50 bux. So please shit the fuck up! It's fake it's all coincidence

  27. Beautiful video. Inspired action coupled with love and passion has changed my life. I want everyone to join me on this amazing journey. Life really is a beautiful gift!!

  28. Hi everybody!😊
    Sharing my law of attraction inspired account. Posting positive messages daily✨
    Check it out if you’re interested!
    ✨may all your wishes come true✨

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    A new, superior, revolutionary, method for reprogramming your subconscious mind.

  30. that comment about the "Eskimo" was extremely ignorant. They have cars they know how to drive and live a modern life. They don"t all live in igloos and have huskies . Before you make a reference such as that make sure you understand who and what your talking about .

  31. Find me on Instagram if you need some daily motivation. My outcome is to encourage and empower people.

  32. 4:30 what if you want to notice everything. If your brain follows what you really want and you just want to be the person that can notice everthing than i would go mad wouldn't I?

  33. I love how the rich and the elite always want to hammer the message home to the poor that the reason they are poor is because their 'thoughts' are all wrong!
    what bullshit!
    the rich stay rich cause daddy was rich…boy gets to be king because daddy was king… and boy achieves because he has all the advantages and breaks that poor boy doesnt!
    every now and then a very clever poor child will rise up and bust their way through the hierarchy.
    and let me tell you the elite HATE that! a lower worm on the food chain wiggling in. i guarantee you there are far more intelligent people sleeping in alleyways than palaces.
    the only way to achieve success is WORK, more WORK, and not giving up. Knowing how to talk to people and manipulate the system. To think anything else is bullshit.
    you can sit at home all day with positive thoughts, but if you dont get off your ass and do something, create something, or be of use, no positive thought will be any dam good!

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  35. "Your way of expressing these concepts always attracts me, and nothing, but nothing compares with it– the tone, the depth of spirituality, I can't put it into words. Your Manifesting Manual is something I can read over and over and soak up. I am in process of making the routine a solid part of my life, and it has made a difference! I LOVE your 12 meditations too [ Check Details In My Channel ]! I know I am a different person after 9 months with Super Manifestor, and in process of continued positive change! You deserve accolades every day of the year! Keep on with everything, and as we say in Spanish, "ANIMO!" Lots of love and every blessing to you both."

  36. You know before i thought loa is for dumb people and it realy is. Because its dumb to overthink something you dont understand.

  37. LOA is real and works, but isn't of "light" (goodness)….& it’s definitely not mentally healthy. You have to CONSTANTLY control your thoughts! If you have the SLIGHTEST BAD THOUGHT then that might manifest in your life according to this believe. And everyone has those low moments where you are just tired and think of bad stuff. This belief is so self-centered and you will ultimately BURN YOURSELF OUT.
    I have watched videos of people who have left this new age movement when talking about how TIRED they were from always having to be positive and control your thoughts because “if you don’t then you might not get the life you want”.
    Obviously, good thoughts have benefits, everyone knows that, but to mean that your thoughts create a reality is a BIG STRETCH and you will NOT find peace in this. Believe me, you do not find peace in this because it is SO self-centered and you will burn out. The law of attraction is based on YOUR OWN STRENGTH and YOUR WORKS, but you do not have the strength to “create a reality”. You will end up depressed. You have to be logical and not only fly away in a fantasy world.

    Again, obviously, thoughts do have power! “As a man thinks in his heart, SO IS HE” (proverbs 27:3). That’s is so true. If you identify as a nobody, you will manifest a nobody. But! I’m not talking about the law of attraction. What I am talking about is just knowing who you truly are. Not creating who you wanna be. It’s about the person God creates you to be. You are not a ‘nobody’, you are so special, you are so loved and worthy. But again, this is not the law of attraction. You cannot attract something by your thoughts. This is just realizing your true identity in Christ.
    I would strongly suggest that people stay away from these new age stuff, whether you believe in God or not, they do ultimately lead to depression because you will not be fully satisfied in this and you’ll burn yourself out because you’re so focused on your own efforts and works.
    (For my fellow Christians and others, your true identity is in Christ. Just read the scriptures and realize who you truly are, who God called you to be and you’ll see prosperity and His goodness in your life. You do not do this by your own works because they lead to NOTHING. It’s all about what God did for you, not what you can do).

  38. This is so true that is why I became the first person to eat 30 tacos at the local taco stand because I visualize and set incredible goals for myself

  39. Hello. Can anyone tell for sure wehther Natalie Ledwell,s course in Law of Attraction called "Ultimate Success Masterclass 2.0" is worth buying or not? Thanks so much.

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  42. Reality proves that Positive thinking and expectations is crap. Just off the top of my head I can think of hundreds of times where I expected great things to happen and to my shock the exact opposite happened! Just like I can think of hundreds of times when I was negative and expected the worse and to my shock again the OPPOSITE happened and things ended up working out perfectly for me!
    And SO many others I have found have the same experiences. Some people even now go out of their way to think negative about things they want and expect to be disappointed and find they get what they want in stunning ways. So it seems the true law is you get the opposite of what you feel and think and expect!

    Even many actors have said in interviews that before they got the role that made them famous and successful they were doubting themselves and expected to always be a failure and that is when they got the biggest acting roles of their lives! Musician King Diamond was at the lowest point of his life deeply depressed due to the death of a loved one and other things in his life and again instead of attracting more of the same as the law of attraction claims he got a phone call out of nowhere from a girl 35 years younger than him who tricked her way into setting up a phone interview with him even though in reality she just wanted to chat with him and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him as they eventually got married and have a family! Again he got the opposite of what he was feeling, thinking and expecting

    Seriously I could give examples all day on what lies the law of attraction, positive thinking and expectations is. Or how it seems you get the opposite of what you think, feel and expect which again is why people now think, feel and expect the opposite of what they want because it seems to get them what they do want!

    Frankly positive thinking destroys lives its dangerous!

  43. 214 people who have already lost at life have disliked this video. On a more positive note, at the time of writing this comment 4.4K have chose to better their lives 🙂

  44. "So, there's always a way, when you're committed. You just gotta keep changing your approach." This was the biggest take-away for me. Literally, the last few seconds of this video.

  45. I wish I could hear portions of this everyday through out the day, because its beyond powerful. Because it changes (I emphasize) LIVES

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