Tony Robbins: How to Control Your Mind (very motivational)

Tony Robbins: How to Control Your Mind (very motivational)

everything that you really want your life comes down to one thing you want some kind of change in how you feel or what I call a change of state the state of mind or body you’re in at that moment in time we all want to change how we feel think about it the only reason you want more money you don’t want little pieces of paper with pictures of deceased notables on it do you of course not you want money because of what you think it’ll give you you think it’ll give you more freedom more fun or the ability give to other people you believe it’s gonna lead to some kind of pleasure if you want it say I want a business listen I know a lot of people in business who don’t want their business anymore the bottom line is it’s not the business you want it’s what you think a business will give you the feeling changes you think it’ll give you somebody says I want to get married they want to get married because of what they think that will give them or I want a relationship they think that’s gonna give them a certain kind of feeling that’s what drives all of our behaviors challenge me on this see if you can find an exception is there anything in your life that you really really want that the reason you want it doesn’t come down to eventually some feeling you’re gonna get if this thing happens in your life I’ll tell you over and over again no matter what exception someone has tried to fall in it if I keep asking him why do you want that but why do you want that but why do you want that eventually to get to a point where they go well because it makes me feel good and so that’s what we really want we want to feel good we want to have those special feelings inside in other words we just want to be able to manage our emotions manager States and create what we really want emotionally analyze everything we do we’ve already said is to create pleasure that’s an emotion and to avoid pain that’s an emotion too and if we want to change our behavior the quickest way to do that is change how we feel I mean think about it haven’t you had a situation in your life where you did something and after you did it you say to yourself I can’t believe I said that I can’t believe I did that that was so stupid have you ever in a situation like that I mean an area you’re normally pretty smart in you just did something really dumb I know I have plenty of times haven’t you also had the opposite experience though where you want a role where things were just flowing it was like you were unstoppable you don’t even know how you were doing it you were just like flowing you know where after you did it you know somebody said you do that you know yeah that was me okay and you don’t know how you pulled it off you were rather proud of it though having had those kind of times done a roll so I got a question for you what’s the difference in your behavior why is it in one situation you perform brilliantly in another situation you perform well should we say brutally the difference is not your ability what we do at any moment in time in that moment is based on the state that our mind and body is in at that moment in time in other words what people can do is absolutely incredible what they will do is usually disappointing and the difference is not their capability but rather what stay to the end right now if every time they think about public speaking they associate fear or pain that’s going to change their state and also they’re gonna feel tighten their body the whole emotional state will change they’re not gonna get the most of themselves but if whenever they think of public speaking they think of absolute pleasure they’re gonna be in a great state of mind and they’re gonna get more out of themselves I mean think about it when you’re feeling really frustrated do you behave the same ways and you’re feeling like you’re on a roll when things are flowing obviously not you have the same ability but things act and behave differently coming out of you you speak differently you communicate differently everything changes I’ll give you another example have you ever forgotten something simple like your own home telephone number or address or how to spell the words uh I’ve had my most enlightening experiences now you know how to spell the word how come you couldn’t remember the answer is because you’re and what I call a stupid state right you were in a state of mind where your brain wasn’t able to get all the answers the answers are there but you couldn’t get there so I believe one of the most important things probably the most important thing that you and I can do in our lives to create the power and joy and passion that we really want is to learn to manage our own states of mind in fact think of the cost of not managing them if you don’t manage your emotional state it’ll cost you virtually everything you want your life friends family success and just the joy that every one of us wants to experience on a daily basis and let me ask you a question is what happens in your life the thing that determines how you feel at any moment in time yes or no in other words it doesn’t matter whether or not for example the economy is doing really strong as to whether or not you feel good most people say no some people say will you that now does it matter how your relationships are going does that determine how you feel is how you feel determined by the weather by how much Sun or rain there is is it determined by how other people treat you I’m here to tell you the answer that is no I’m not saying that doesn’t compliment or support you feeling one way or another I’m saying how you feel at any moment in time is purely designed and the result of how you are directing your own mind and body at that moment what I’m saying to you is no matter what has happened in your life you are in control of your own States and once you understand that number one and number two you use that ability you now have control over your life at a whole new level and you have more fun and joy and passion you ever dreamed of once you take that responsibility and take that control now for some people when they say well that seems like a heavy responsibility or look at the opposite what’s the price of not managing your states well I asked you a question what is John Belushi Elvis Presley Freddie Prinze Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and Marilyn Monroe what they all have in common they’re all people never learned how to manage your state that’s what they all were people that had every reason in the world to be happy by anybody else’s standards but who destroyed themselves little two killed themselves in the end I mean blue she’s one of my favorite examples why cuz I like this guy didn’t you wasn’t this a fun guy I mean if you were to think of somebody didn’t he feel like this guy that you could connect with I don’t know about you but I really enjoyed him and millions of other people did as well he had what most people would think would make them happy he had all these people that loved him and preciate his work he got to be creative he was in movies he was in television he was on Broadway I mean here was a guy that was spontaneous he had a great family at totally loved em he had all the money and fame that most people think that they could possibly want to need and yet he’s not here how come he’s dead why not because of old age you’ll recall but because this man did not know how to control his own emotions within himself and he tried to change the way he was feeling by using drugs use drugs as a way to change his state and he’s no longer here and neither the other people I mentioned on this list think about there’s a major price at now managing your state and in managing your state there’s major rewards now let’s contrast Belushi with a friend of mine his name is W Mitchell one of the people in the world that I only love most but also have the most respect for 30 min shows a unique guy 15 years ago he had a unique experience one that most people would never forget he was driving his motorcycle 65 miles an hour down freeway when something caught his attention when he looked over while he continued to drive forward he got fixed on something I don’t have you ever done that he got stuck there a little too long well when he looked up he was traveling 65 miles an hour right into the back of a Mack truck that had stopped in front of him in a last-minute split-second decision to try and save his own life he slammed himself on the ground and he slid 65 miles an hour underneath this truck across the pavement then the worst thing happened the gas cap popped off fuel spilled out all over the place and then from this friction exploded and ignited three-quarters of his skin was burned off his entire face is mutilated his fingers burned all the way down to the knuckles he woke up two weeks later in a hospital bed in searing pain fearing to even breathe now for most people at this point they say hey I’m out of here why stick around in this body I’d rather just die but not only did he not die please become an example of true possibility for people all over the country and this gentleman could not even take drugs because his body was in such bad shape but when people met him they thought he must be on drugs because he seemed so up you know they go in and talk and they feel bad and goes hey it’s over we just got to move on his mother said we just must not realize how bad it is well the reality is he just made a decision he decided that he was going to manage a state why because he saw the alternative is much more painful he said look I got one or two choices I can feel bad emotionally about everything I’ve lost and just make my total life a mess emotionally have more pain to add to my physical pain or I can focus on what I’m gonna do which means I can at least focus on something that could bring me some pleasure and get rid of my focus on the physical pain that’s what he did his life has become such an example because he kept managing his emotions now not only did he do that but within three years he managed himself so well they got back into business even though it didn’t look too terribly attractive but he ended up going into business and becoming extremely successful the new company developed after his accident became the number one employer of its type in the state of Vermont it became a millionaire he even learned to fly airplanes now that’s not the end of the story about eight years later he’s flying his airplane with three of the friends in Colorado and he made himself a rather big mistake he didn’t go through his checklist and he didn’t notice that there was frost that had developed on the wing and when he took off he crashed three people walked away he was not one of them he was paralyzed from the waist down for life so they cut off his toes since he didn’t need them anymore and sewed them on his hand so he’d have something to be able to grasp things with he’s stuck in a wheelchair now for life of course he doesn’t look at his stuck in a wheelchair in fact you say at this point he must have given up right no even after his wife left him he said look I don’t want to be around a fried cripple even after all that he still didn’t give up he turned around and the city he was living in in Colorado had some major problems he decided to become the mayor of that town after that he decided to run for lieutenant governor of the state of Colorado he placed third in a group of six and he ran on the issues not on a sympathy vote any campaign door-to-door now remember this guy didn’t look too terribly good factor used to wear a button that said send me to the governor’s mansion and I won’t just be another pretty face that have a nice way to interrupt people’s patterns and make them associate something new to you now I didn’t win the lieutenant governor’s place he’s still the giver he now has his own radio show in Colorado and he has found the woman of his dreams and remarried so I’ve got to tell you that if you start to tell me well gosh Tony I call these problems it’s hard to manage my state just think about W Mitchell but I look at somebody like Belushi and see all that he had and I look at something like Mitchell it seems to have all these challenges but it’s so happy so successful such a sense of possibility it becomes clear to me that I have no excuse to not manage my state on a consistent basis no matter how big the problems may seem you’re much better than anybody like that might ever hope to be so how do we manage our state’s well one remember I believe virtually everything a life comes down to why to first then how to I believe if you want to succeed you got to have 80% of success it’s figuring out why to succeed why to manage your state for example 20% is how here’s the howl let’s do it quickly and let’s just get right to doing it and doing some exercises there are two primary ways to control your state of mind and body they are number one controlling the way you use your physical body what we call your physiology and number two controlling your mental focus that is what you pay attention to what you think about what you picture what you say to yourself today we’re going to focus on how to use our physical bodies to create the emotions that we want in any moment in time and then on your next tape we’re going to work on how to control our focus how to control the mental imagery and pictures and things that we think about in a way that immediately changes our state as well let’s start and focus again today on physical movement not only you think about something in order to feel anything in your life you feel it through your nervous system through your physical body now if I told you I know someone who is totally depressed I bet you could tell me about the way they move or even their posture and you would probably have an accurate representation in other words if I told you about someone I know that’s totally depressed and let’s say they’re outside your door right now and I said to you for $100,000 describe for me what is this person like what’s their posture like for example what would you say most people say slumped over where is this person’s head most people say down where their eyes again most people say down where is this person’s breathing is it full or shallow again most people say shallow and where is this person’s facial expressions are their muscles in her face pulled up and tight or they down and slack again most people say slack how did you match up with these descriptions again if you’re like most people most of those descriptions match the picture you have in your mind why is it that when we think of a depressed person we think of somebody just physically hunched over a little bit looking down talking a little bit more slowly their eyes down and a breathing shallow and their facial muscles slack the answer is in order to get depressed you got to work at it it’s not easy you have to use your body in a certain specific way I mean try something ridiculous with me for a moment won’t you sit up right now in your transfect if you’re not driving stand up if you’re driving that would be difficult but if you’re sitting stand up for a second if you would and if you’re sitting and you’re in a car then sit up but I want you to stand up ideally stand tall breathing fully really strong breathe fully and I want you to look up towards your stealing magic standing or breathing tall looking at your ceiling why don’t we do something really ridiculous really dumb put a huge silly grin on your face go ahead try it oh come on nobody’s noticing you’re by yourself and if there are another thing then you’ll get their attention anyway put a big grin on your face look at the ceiling listen to me now what I want you to do while you stay standing tall your shoulders back breathing fully with this big grin on your face I want you to get depressed without changing any aspect of your body don’t change your facial expression oh come on you can do it hang in there get the breast no no you know so you’re cheating I can tell I’m in the room you drop those shoulders if you drop your head if you stop breathing or if you stop smiling it doesn’t count stand tall breathing big big smile looking at the ceiling that’s right and get depressed without changing all right well if you can’t change and just stay happy and sit down here’s my point you might say what does this got to do with state management are you saying every time I don’t feel good I should stand up tall stare and grin at the ceiling yes no there are many ways to do this but this is one my point is this how come when you stand tall and you’re breathing of the big grin on your face how come you don’t feel depressed the answer is because it’s pretty difficult because you’re sending a totally different message to your brain see the way we move our facial muscles the way we gesture the way we physically walk the pace at which we talk all of these things determine how we feel in any given moment if you don’t like the way you’re feeling rather than try and pump yourself up intellectually going on I feel good I feel good I feel good or doing too much affirmation grab feel good I feel good I feel good I feel good your brain goes B s that’s not enough what you’ve got to do is change the way you’re moving I mean think about it and you were growing didn’t you have a parent that told you hey look if you’re depressed go do something why did that work because when you go do something you change the way you move you change the way you breathe you change what you’re focusing on or what you’re paying attention to and wham-o you have an emotional change a state change if you will so I want you to realize the power of your own physical body when I was struggling I had no idea the power my body I was at the effect but you know what I still use these tools I just used them in the wrong way hey listen you already know the power of your body when you don’t like the way you feel what I usually do I’d say what most Americans do they do something to change the way they feel by changing their body by changing their biochemistry what do they do they do things like drink alcohol why because the minute you drink alcohol does it change your state for you bet you behave differently when you’re in a different feeling state you better believe it it goes yeah man I sure do the bottom line is you changed your biochemistry soon as you do that that was changing physiology and your emotions and feelings and behaviors change instantly now a lot of people aren’t society and they don’t like how they feel they change their body and change the way they feel by using cigarettes a smoke and therefore they breathe differently and they breathe differently they feel differently when they feel differently they behave differently so they don’t like kind of feeling they feel a little tight to feel frustrated feel a little stressed they smoke a cigarette and I think the cigarette makes them feel better what makes them feel better is the fact that they’re taking nice deep slow breaths why not try it without the cigarette what a concept amazing bottom line is you can change just by changing your breathing alone now what else do we do well a lot of people they don’t like to let it feel what do they do they eat there we go I don’t feel good they eat and then they get that they look in the mirror they don’t like how they look that makes them feel worse so they don’t like the way they feel so to eat some more all right then they’re caught up in that loop again have you ever been there so food is another way we try and change our physical body in order do it some people just go to sleep and some people do things like go shopping or watch TV but we’re going to talk about that in your next tape there those are people that are changing what they’re focusing on but the primary way most of us try and change how I feel is by changing the way we use our physical body drugs is the most obvious example we’ve already talked about that cocaine why because it changes their state rapidly that’s why people still purchase it even though Roy’s their life simultaneously they don’t focus on that the point is any change in your physical body makes an immediate radical change and the way that you feel so what you’ve got to learn to do is use this to your advantage instead of being at the effective things immediately change your emotion so right now let me give you a frame of reference about what I’m saying I learned a long time ago that if I really wanted to succeed on an ongoing basis I probably needed to measure my level of emotion my level of intensity I got a lot of this by working with professional athletes I noticed that most athletes are really conscious of and pay attention and managing their emotions in their state you watch a tennis player every time before he hits the ball he bounces the ball the exact same way the exact same rhythm kind of anchors himself if you will it triggers himself back in the state football players do it differently and they grab their other buddies heading a lamb lamb and smack heads with him and they feel good now baseball players they spit you know grab their legs and they’ll scratch the ground but they do certain things every time to get themself in state and as I started work with professional athletes people like the Los Angeles Dodgers or the United States Army or individual Olympic athletes every one of them focused on are they ready or not kind of check in their state but you see in life I think life is not black-and-white I look at life as having many hues and colors and shades so one day I pull one these guys aside and I said look it’s not are you ready or you’re not let’s try a stupid game okay let’s pretend we’re going to measure your level of power and readiness on a scale from zero to ten zero is you’re dead ten is you’re absolutely unstoppable I said where are you on that scale I think I said well I’m about level seven six and a half seven I said well you’re about to bat right now against Dwight Gooden tell me if you stay at level seven what’s going to happen you know what’s amazing instantly he could tell me when he realized where he was he said I’ll either ground out or I’ll pop up or I’m gonna be in a situation where I’m gonna strike out I said what level do you need to be out on a scale from zero to ten to be successful Dwight Gooden he’s a level 12 okay that gives me a frame of reference so you also need to know where you need to be to be successful now with an athlete it’s pretty clear if for peak performance they got to be at level 10 or if you will on a scale from zero to ten but is it your life just as important as an athlete’s if you’re going to go in right now and you’re going to influence your son or daughter to do something like get excited about their schoolwork how are you going to do that if you’re at level three it’s not going to happen too often I see parents of God just can’t motivate my children I just don’t understand why I taught them about all the reasons why I should really go for it but it just doesn’t seem to work do you have any suggestions miss drum I’ll say yeah try talking a little faster for your children see the way we use our voice will affect our states they have a lot here I want to share with you in a short period of time so I speed up a little bit how would you feel if I said well ladies and gentlemen this is day five and today what we’re going to learn to do is manage our states of mind and emotion and over the next thirty days of this program I want you for hours at a time to listen to my voice well after you came out of a deep trance and turned off the tape I doubt very seriously if we create very much change I’m not saying it’s not appropriate to talk in a more relaxed way than I am in this frenzy base that I’m sharing with you to try and get everything in but what I am saying is make sure that you’re an appropriate state for what it is you’re trying to accomplish does that make sense on a scale from zero to ten where do you need to be to be effective at a given task if you want somebody feel loved by you you probably don’t like one thing okay that probably won’t work either so everything is context related but I’m asking you today to commit yourself for the next four or five days even though we’re doing other exercises – looking at what state are you living in in your life if you want to look at the state of your life look at the level of intensity and joy and passion you’re creating where are you today on a scale from zero to ten or better yet before you started this 30-day program where were you do you remember that first day before you got the tape program or anything else where were you on a scale from zero to ten you remember where you were first of all think about it for a moment if you would where were you what was your state like where were you on a scale from zero to ten now I want you to think of something where were you after you finished that first tape on a scale from zero to ten most people that we followed up with an interviewed with are usually at level 8 or above and when they started out they were in level 6 or 5 or 4 or 3 and so what I want you to do is do it without me you don’t need me to change your state you need you you need to move your body differently and need to pay attention to where you are use the state that’s most appropriate for where you need to be for the given situation so let me give you first of all some specifics about how you could change your body I’ve mentioned a lot of them but let’s be really precise the number one way that you can change the way you feel at any moment of time is to change the way you move the reason is this in fact you might want to remember this phrase emotion is created by motion the way you move your physical body is the fastest way of changing your motion so for example if I’m not feeling passionate and I want to instead of pumping myself up all I have to do is clap my hands or move my hands rapidly I make a rapid gesture not a little minor one where I just push my hands up a little bit and then bring it back at a slow pace but I mean speed acceleration if you will if you speed up the quality of your movements you will instantly change your emotional state and your intensity so try it right now even while you listen to me here’s what I want you to do take your hands and put them together this so that you’re touching them almost like in a praying motion and what I want you to do when I say now is at the pace I say I want you to pull them apart and just gradually pull them out to your sides at the base that I can’t like one two three four okay and by timing it for you should be level with your shoulders okay let’s try it your hands are together and just notice happens how you feel ready 1 2 3 4 having hands back together 1 2 3 4 again 1 2 3 4 again 1 2 3 4 this is known as a state of absolute boredom right so let’s try something new let’s try moving more rapidly this time so 1 2 3 4 say now I want you to pull your hands apart and don’t limit them to the length of your shoulders I want you to literally pull them apart and pull them out as far as you can like extending your entire wingspan now be careful on this look around you before you do this to make sure you don’t hit anything and let’s have some fun do something silly I know it seems ridiculous but just try it now if you’re driving this is not useful keep one hand at least find the wheel and try it with the other one okay here we go hands are together when I say now I want you to literally bring them out explode them out to your sides and extend your fingers and everything out as far as and go little what you’re gonna take your hands and make them go as fast as they can apart all the way out extend them ready one two three go hmm and just feel it and bring down together again enjoy clap okay and then do it again out as fast you can go hmm faster you can bring them in and again out of fast again hmm again in again out fast move now if you do this about ten times you will feel what we call a state change do you feel it now now I know this may sound weird a Mazzara okay Tony what am I supposed to do create this wings man every time I need to change state no what I’m saying is you must learn to develop what I call power moves what a power move is to me is finding a certain type of gesture or a couple of them that no matter how bad I was feeling or frustrated or tired or whatever the case may be that I can make this movement and instantly instantly I feel strong instantly I feel resourceful instantly I feel like I could turn things around you need to develop what those are and you already have them because you have times in your life and you felt great how are you moving at that time that’s the first clue in fact what I often do with people’s give them a stand up and walk around the room and notice how would they walk that they felt totally successful I mean unstoppable try it right now oh you’re going while I’m in the car great you’re in the car and you can try this later on but if you’re actually listening me and you’re not in the car stand up right now and try something come on come on don’t no don’t just listen to me stand up come on come on come on I’m watching you I’m there you can know this I want to like to do is stand up and walk around the room and what I want you to do is first of all walk the way you normally walk just you know walk around in a circle or walk straight back and forth notice how that feels come on you can do it there you go now what I’m going to do now is make a state change and I want you to if you would imagine that you feel absolutely strong and unstoppable I mean in your power what I want you to do is just walk around the room as if you felt unstoppable and powerful and move your body the way you would be if you were unstoppable and powerful go ahead and try it right now go ahead walk around the room and actually strut the way you would strut if you felt unstoppable and powerful make a gesture to the way you would if you felt unstoppable and then try go back the opposite again go to feeling not confident not sure and walk around I’m not sure about whether you succeed making gestures like you’re not sure feel the difference in your body I want you to get an example of that then back to confident again make it strong they say what if I’m listening in the car I’ll be listening in the car all the way do a sit right now or even if you’re sitting down come back with me right now sit down what I want you to do is just notice how you can change your state from being bored and tired of feeling energized just by changing your body so try this first of all sit the way you be sitting right now if you have five times more energy than any other time you can remember come on go for it don’t just listen if you’re just gonna listen this tape and not follow through turn it off but if you’re gonna go for it make changes then play with me okay sit up in your chair right now come on sit up the way you’ll be sitting if you have five times more energy than any other time breathe right now the way you be breathing a few puffs strong and excited and energized put a facial expression on your face right now I can have a few felt totally passionate and excited no it doesn’t look like this come on but a big grin on your face or a big feeling of energy there you go good and make sure you gesture that way notice how this feels now if you don’t feel any change it’s because you’ve not made a radical enough body change that has changed your body really major create more tension more excitement whatever it takes now go from this state to being in a state of boredom okay sit the way you’re sitting if you’re bored and tired hatsan just notice how that feels go ahead really bored and tired you know then you’re sitting there bored and tired I got a question for you did you change your body to do it you bet you did what did you change to get bored and tired well did you notice anything happened to your head did it go down on did you relaxing the muscles what happened to your breathing did it change about your facial expression does your muscles go slumping or slack now try this get back to energized as fast you can oh come on play with me what I want you to do just for a moment is practice snapping yourself from being a state of being bored and tired into a state of energy it’s gonna be very valuable for you let’s try it back to my energized state come on it’s energized you can get come on sit up in your chair bring with some energy feeling strong come on even more energizing before now go to bored and tired back to energized come on as fast as you can’t snap yourself I know this looks weird if you’re driving in your car and somebody’s looking at the window but hey it’ll make their day you’ll change their state come on somebody else in the family is watching they don’t have to know what’s going on just go for it here we go total energy lots of energy and excitement feeling your body move your body sit the way you’re sitting event even more energy born and tired energized is faster you can come on snap back in that state more than time energized faster again come on even more even more anymore bored and tired energized back in that state again feel and just stay there stay in the energized state now you might so this sounds weird finish your question how valuable is it for you to be able to go in life in business and your job and your personal relationships for being bored and tired and wiped out to being in a peak State how important would that be to increasing the quality of your life say on a scale from zero to ten I’ll tell you I think it’s a level 9 or 10 or above I think you’d probably will too so developing new ways new habits of moving your body is the single most powerful way to change state here’s another quick way change your breathing as I said earlier one of the reasons people smoke cigarettes is because in order to smoke a cigarette you change your breathing pattern rather radically when people eat food oftentimes they feel better afterwards because they feel their stomach up and it changes the way they feel and the way they breathe without that food in there things slow down they feel less stressed almost every yogic practice that I’ve ever studied or noticed teach us some kind of breathing pattern as part of how to change your emotions and the way you can grow spiritually if you will so changing your breath try different breaths breathing faster breathing slower and discover what breathing patterns work best for you to create the changes that you want thirdly learn to manipulate your face I teach people in seminars how to do what I call facial aerobics what that means is is doing many different expressions as you possibly can in a short period of time so that what happens is you really have access to different emotional states do you know you have over 80 different muscles in your face and a slight change in your facial muscle instantly changes the way you think in the way you feel there was a study done at the University of California at San Francisco when they took manic depressives and all they did was change their facial expressions made them smile an ongoing basis these were people who were manic-depressives maramon people normally need drugs that change the way they feel not one of those persons while they were able to keep smiling was able to feel depressed in fact some of them began to manage themselves by smiling for 20 minutes at a time for no reason and pretty soon they began to feel great and they began to develop a new habit do you have habitual facial expressions of grimacing or frustration will you crinkle up your nose or your eyelids or your forehead or something else that you do in line going basis I’m here to tell you that those habits create those negative emotions in your body on the regular basis you need to develop some new habits of using your face and finally one of the ways you can manage your state best is to control your diet and I’m not going to teach you a health seminar here although I do those across the United States I do want to say this to you that most of us in life do not pay attention to what we’re putting in our body and what you’re putting in affects deeply how you feel emotionally blood sugar for example alone makes a radical shift in how you feel emotionally so if you aren’t paying attention to how you’re eating and you’re throwing anything you possibly can in that body without looking at the consequences you’re going to pay an emotional price many times hyperactive children or people that are having major ups and downs in our life it just comes from some basic simple dietary approaches if they made a few simple changes they’d live a much more balanced emotional life so my challenge to you is to study health to find out not how to throw your pendulum and go off on the deep end on some bizarre diet but how can you make sure that the way you’re breathing the way you’re moving in the way you’re things is giving you as much as possible to your life and not taking away not throwing your life into a pendulum make sure that you have that physical energy and drive it comes from having an asleep and eating well for now though I’m going to have you focus on one emotional state because I’d like you to be able to trigger a state change anytime you want and that emotion is the one I noticed passion as you may have picked up I’m a fairly passionate person and I talked about that the end of each tape because I think out of a state of passion you can create almost anything you want in your life I think most people life want passion they want that drive that attraction to life they want that juice in their relationships in their business and their ability to learn but most people aren’t barely making it through the day you know I mean hey you got to watch TV fight the traffic home get a bite to eat go to bed so you can get up tomorrow and start the same vicious circle all over again I mean after all guys gotta work gotta make your way and stuff after all I work hard for living can’t expect me to be passionate end of the day easy for you but come on I work for a living let me just tell you something I used to believe that kind of stuff and I used to feel that way too am I saying you can’t talk slowly and be passionate absolutely not I can talk quietly and still have passion coming through my voice and the way I’m speaking to you and the way I feel inside but that’s passion this is not fashion if you want passion you got to talk like you’re passionate you can’t talk like you’re bored and feel passionate it won’t work your body will lead your mind take care of it how can we use this knowledge simple answer I want you to do it by doing the following in a moment at the end of this tape your only exercise today is to do this I want you to absolutely whip yourself into a passionate state and if there’s somebody there I want you to talk to somebody about something and I want you to do it two different ways talk to them about something you believe in something you’re really usually pretty excited about but do it in a dis passionate way in other words talked to a friend and by the way let me just say this if you’re in your car or there’s nobody there talk to the wall okay talk to the road it doesn’t matter if you’re talking yourself and people driving by they’ll again be entertained so this is very useful now here’s what I want you to do if while you’re doing this I want you to talk about something and you can just talk out loud to no one or talk to someone after their talk about something you’re normally inspired about but talk and a non inspired way a dispassionate way what’s like you really don’t believe what you’re saying that you’re just trying to convince somebody is something so you say gosh you know what’s really important to me in life is learning to change people’s conditioning and help them to succeed and I really think that if you were to study it it would really change your life too and I want you to notice what you do when you’re dispassionate notice for example how you’re standing are you wavering back and forth are you standing still are you back on your heels how do you gesture or do you even gesture when you’re dispassionate how to use your voice what’s the volume what’s the tempo what’s the tone of your voice what do you do with your facial expressions when you’re passionate versus dispassionate pay close attention and then what I want you to do is and really go for it for two or three minutes be totally dispassionate notice how it feels to be dispassionate and doubt if you like it too terribly much then what I want you to do is change your state completely and I want you to go the other extreme I want you to talk to yourself or the wall or your radio or the crowd or the traffic or your friend in a totally passionate way where you’re more inspired more excited more passionate you can ever remember being an entire life I mean I want you to go forward a thousand percent and while you’re talking it to whatever it is I mean go for a hundred cent don’t go on this is stupid no I’ll try it halfway do it all the way or don’t do it at all maybe I can do it at all give this caper gun to somebody who will follow through but if you’re one of those people then go for it okay be outrageous push yourself and then notice how are you moving differently what are some of the specific gestures that you give when you’re passionate and where are they now what’s the difference of the quality of them what’s the difference in how you use your voice what’s your volume like what’s your tempo what’s your facial expressions like again notice the difference when you’re done here’s your assignment your assignments pull out your success journal and record the difference in other words what I want you to do is leave this session today having knowledge of the buttons in your brain in other words if I notice that if I take my right hand and I actually snap it out in front of me very very fast that when I’m passionate I tend to do that making a point and when I’m dispassionate my hands are below my waist we’re just kind of hanging out there then the next time I want to be passionate even if I’m not feeling passionate I’m gonna snap my hand out there and immediately it’s there if I notice that when I’m dispassionate I talk kind of quiet and tired and stuff but when I’m passionate I speak a little more rapidly than if I want to get passionate I just start speaking more rapidly immediately and pretty soon I merely feel passionate as well if I noticed that when I’m dispassionate I’m back on my heels or leaning away from somebody but when I’m passionate I’m leaning into them talking and gesturing then I start leaning into somebody in order to feel passionate towards them in other words find out how your brain works you are different than me or anyone else you’re going to meet find exactly what triggers passion within you in terms of movements and experiment what will be a kind of move you could make that immediately would make you feel strong even if you are afraid a few moments ago so let me be clear here’s your exercise one talk to something or someone in a dispassionate way about something you’re normally inspired about dispassionate or you don’t really believe in a feeling to change your state and get absolutely passionate will you feel more excited more energized more passionate ever before three dissecting your mind the difference and how you moved how you breathe I use your face and I use your voice and record that in your success journal and finally today experiment at some point in the day you don’t feel very inspired or you don’t feel anything in particular snap yourself into a powerful state or ask yourself where I’m on a scale from zero to ten if you find you at level four or five or six to me that’s a pretty boring way to live life maybe you want to amp yourself up crank yourself up to level eight or nine just by changing your movement or maybe you want to be able to go from being totally excited to relaxed just by changing your or your tempo or your gestures because being able to relax quickly and easily sometimes and oftentimes as important as your ability get yourself excited the only reason I push in the other direction is I think most people have the ability get in this state they may not have the ability given the other one whatever you’re already good at make it better whatever state you’re not good at getting in practice getting into it until you can absolutely make the change you want as fast as you can think it remember any emotion you’re feeling is based on how you’re moving little movements like breathing in big movements like gestures and facial expressions take control today and experiment and explore how the adventure of discovering how you can use your body to immediately direct your mind and your emotions [Music]

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