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  1. Tony Robbins is so great! I love listening to these videos. He is so inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable! It helps me strengthen my Life Coaching skills. I also just created a Youtube Channel myself. I hope to integrate above knowledge into my life coaching practice + youtube. THANKS TONY!

  2. That opening line is really compelling. When I first got started online I was pouring many long, exhausting hours into my affiliate business to finally crack the code and work out how people were making so much money online. It hasn't been easy, but it's definitely been worth it and the results have been incredible. I'm documenting what I've learnt along the way as well which has really helped. The bulk of what I do now is just teach all about it and try to inspire others.

  3. Attitude is the fuel for your behaviour engine. It’s the vehicle that drives your success. Refuelling every day and knowing where you’re going is the key!

  4. Can never get enough, i still use tony Robbins coaching , the reason i became one..New to YT could use feedback for my new chan. From my fellow law of attraction/Tony Robbins racing fan base thanks guys!!

  5. For those who think he is a joke: how many times did you decide you want to do this or that but never followed up? Did someone hold you back? Did someone said you can't do that? It's yourself who is the biggest pull down in your life. Certainly not everyone will be rich but because you achieved your goal will make you feel rich. As a foreigner I had to work very hard for what I have. I decided i want to be an ICU nurse guess what, i became an ICU nurse. It was scary but I did it. I decided to get my BSN, the online classes were so intimidating. But I wanted and I did it. I wanted to be the charge nurse on my unit, I worked hard so they can see what I'm capable of and I became a charge nurse. Nothing will fall into our lap without work. I lost 40 lbs because I worked very hard on it. All my achievements depended on me how much I wanted. Yes, we do need these pep talks to remind us that it's up to us where we end up. Have a goal and go for it, or when you look back you will have so much regret. In stead be satisfied with the achievements and be proud of it.

  6. The greatest tip Robbins has ever given is that whatever it is you're trying to accomplish that you should go interview those who are already experts. If you want to be a doctor go and talk to several who are already the best in their field. Auto mechanic? Same thing. You want to be rich? Talk to some people who are very wealthy and ask them how they did it. People love to tell their story. Then you can have a gameplan based on those who have done it already.

  7. I'm Reading your books
    Unlimited Power and Awake the giant within
    Your books is awesome it is giving me vision about life and teaching me how to think positive in every situation
    Thank you sir you are great your books are Wonderful

  8. If I'm in deep debt now and my focus is to pay off the debt can still compel to make money even though I'm in debt.

  9. Oh good. I love it. More generic advice from rich people that don't have my problems. Nice. I appreciate the oversimplification. None of this bullshit factors in The Human Condition.

  10. I finally understand “contentment.” I always thought that’s when you were happy with what you’ve got, and I never could be. The truth is you have to be happy with your progress.

  11. I NOW command my subconscious mind to give me the emotion and whatever it takes to show this person and help this person change there life NOW!

  12. Thank you for the videos and podcasts and conferences that you do. Your message is like a guide that helps me to redefine, rediscover, regain my ground when I feel lost, discouraged or want to give in to settle for less. I Truly appreciate what you do to help others to succeed and achieve their dreams. And Thank you for being you.

  13. too many things to write down lol. i wish i did more with the Personal Power program back when i bought it. but never giving up!
    it sounds just like it.

  14. i like to paint landscapes. i don't do it enough and i rarely finish them. but i love it and learn little things every time.
    now i'll make it a standard to finish them on a consistent basis. i'll break it down to little steps.

  15. I listen to that video every time I clean up my kitchen/ place. It makes me feel a healthy aggression and a a pain that makes me wanna cry while I scrub the floor.

  16. I found this 8 months late, but my new years resolution was Moxi skate daily, where you post a video or picture in skates every day for 365 days, which I found out doing tricks are much easier if I worked hard at advanced ashtanga yoga-which I love.

    Reason? My skating and my flexibility is enough to get someone to investigate that medical profession. They falsely diagnose skin cancer, among other things, because they get money for it, and they want to control people to not go outside. A tan looks good, and the medical profession is going to do everything to go against tanning beds and the sun outside. And I do think eventually the universe will get karma on the medical profession for falsely misrepresenting one of Gods main creation, but I want to see it happen in this lifetime, so If i can help the universe along the way…….so be it,

    I have unreal trouble with the medical profession and the education profession, An example of these medical pro's acting stupid was when a pile of them sat outside of Fresh Market in the River Ranch, (Lafayette Louisiana) they did not want the Fresh Market to sell me the natural preservative free, egg nog, I told the cashier it worked like a pre workout whey protein drink, I take it to the gym and I fly on the weight machines. That day, my boyfriend told me he stopped to get me some of the egg nog I liked but Fresh Market took all brands of all egg nog off the shelf. The Fresh Market manager told me to be there in the morning at 9:00 AM I was there, the manager said it was at the bottom of the crates and they could not get to it, Inside of Fresh Market the nursing home was there, to make sure the managers did not let me buy the egg nog. When I walked out, there was piles of Lady of lourdes medical por's employees sitting at the tables outside waiting for me.

    To shut down that Obamacare law is a good motive for me.

  17. I've been a police officer for 20 years in a bad area of St.louis mo. I'm 47 and working two jobs saving money to start my own business. I know it's a means to a positive end. Wish you all the best at whatever your dream is. You got this! 👍🇺🇸

  18. I’ve known this for years now, and it’s really sad to see how many people around me fall away because they think I don’t work hard enough. What they don’t get is I am allowing myself to be polled to what I truly want. And although to them right now it looks like I’m not working, there’s a lot more going on than they could ever see. Can’t wait for what my future holds and let me tell you when it gets there I’m going to be so fucking prepared

  19. How can you sleep 3 hours a day and progress? Sleep is part of that recovery process, of that healthy plan, mind and body. I just don't get how most business leaders like Elon Musk, Tony Robbins and Vlad Katchur ask you to ignore sleeping and progress at the same time

  20. Hey guys i just made a video about motivation – and why i think it is bullshit – I would love if you would watch it and give a response – it would mean the world to me 🙂

  21. Hey you…. Yes you…. The one reading this… Something great is going to happen in your life….. You can't stop it… I've sent the good vibes already and they are about to reach you… ♥️♥️

  22. First 40 seconds is so true…espicially if you start with zero…..some people start with hundred tho…or a million…stay motivated…you can do it…this man speaks the truth….if you dont understand..you will…lol

  23. Isn't this guy accused by a number of women as being a sexual predator?   He dropped out of sight since then and you can only find podcasts now.  He seems to be hiding his face from the public.

  24. We don't need alot of sleep. We do cause we over eat and dont eat healthy, and rush rush rush. You need to manage your carb and protien energy by taking things slowly. Piccaso spent a long time master sketching before every learning to paint and he did it all day in his studio. He lived in his studio!

  25. People stranded on an island and want off, keep looking to be rescued is not rescueing themselves. They end of starving to death and dieing on the shore checking for boats coming. The person that is making their own boat is saving themselves, the person making their dreams happening on the island, is saving themselves. The people who making their dream come true where they are until they can else where, is saving themselves. I am making my own damn boat, while reaching my dreams on the island

  26. I raise my standards daily!! I say I must do better than yesterday and I must master what anew masters already have, in writing. Because I use must, and said no more thinking I can't reach the next level in writing and now I have yearly success in writing, and I have completed alot of classes in writing. I believe I am a writer that the whole world can learn from. I am an old fashion woman and that is who I am when I write.

  27. I had accepted as a limitation, that creative writing has no value anymore. Since I no longer accept that limitation, I feel free!!

  28. Is he telling the truth here? That means he only had about 6 hours sleep and probably less if you take the time it takes to get to work?

    And I don't think this is necessarily the answer for some at least, if not many… I tried this with my writing and I just became increasingly ill.

    He also speaks about fitness five times a week? Come on Tony, when is someone supposed to fit this in with those hours?

  29. Today I will change my life. No more Complex PTSD and Border line personality disorder to stop me from going. I owe it to myself. No more self hatred. No more self blame. No more giving up. No more making excuses . No more letting my past devouring my future and present. No more suicidal thoughts. No more giving in for nightmares.

    I will start to be happy now. I will take control over my life. I will be who I want to be.

  30. Your suffering has brought you to today and today begins the change. You’ll never be able to change what you tolerate!!!👍🏽 you have the power of discernment, use it and choose that which puts you closer to your vision 👁 you have the power of order, thus you can plan how you will use your time⏱you have the power of imagination; reshape your past and reimagine your future.

    The secret is TO DO IT.❤️ You must embody you daily quotes! Digest your scriptures! Take notes at your conferences. 📝 take notes while listening to Tony….absorb it into your being‼️

    ▶️THEN YOU MUST PRACTICE. Do the work!!!

    ▶️for many there will be mental blocks and vices holding us back from our becoming. For those just starting this work I recommend 🧘‍♀️ mediation. You must transform your mind before you can transform your life. Yes, you want it; however, without new perception you will not receive it. Seeing isn’t believing. Believing is seeing.

    ▶️For more authentic and consistent motivation 🙏🏾 visit my page and give a follow.
    👍🏽law of attraction for the win and I’m looking forward to a better world in the near future👍🏽
    Thanks for reading and come check me out; I need help with helping the world. I’m hoping I can help you.🙏🏾 please Subscribe
    Your support and assistance mean the 🌏 to me.
    Mark Drew
    | Educator | Speaker | Writer | Entrepreneur |

  31. I wanted to drive rail dragsters soooo bad when I was in my later 20's early 30's then life happened and the dream fell apart. The closest I got was to sit in one. It was exzillarating. That was the peak. Then poof it was all gone.

  32. This is a great in site! Tony is an amazing teacher. Nothing changes until you do… 🔴⚫️⭕️NE ‼️

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