This Wheel Of Fortune Player Was Acting Strangely With Her Letter Picks  Then People Realized Why

This Wheel Of Fortune Player Was Acting Strangely With Her Letter Picks Then People Realized Why

this Wheel of Fortune player was acting strangely with her letter picks then people realized why when it comes to quiz shows competitiveness is everything and charity is often left at home so when this Wheel of Fortune contestant made peculiar plays in the final speed round many were stumped by her strange behavior it was only later that fans guessed the heartwarming truth behind her unusual behavior as part of Veterans Week 2015 wheel of Fortune's producers decided to do something special in honor of the contribution made by American servicemen and women the show would have a military theme in addition the week's episodes would only feature current and former combatants as guests following a smooth sailing episode on Monday audiences sat down expecting more of the same on the following day indeed the November 10th 2015 episode started much like any other host Pat Sajak introduced veteran Steve Troy and neuro as the game proceeded as normal within a few rounds it became clear who was going to win the game in fact by the episodes penultimate round nura had swept the board and secured 13 thousand nine hundred seventy dollars in the bank in contrast Troy had bagged just four thousand three hundred dollars and for Steve hadn't managed to win anything at all as the episode entered its last speed round nura was the definite fan favorite after Troy correctly guessed T in the two-letter clue word audiences turned their attention to neuro expecting another sensible play however what she said next left them a little more than confused with complete assuredness she uttered the least likely possible letter Z naturally audience members and fellow contestants alike were baffled for example Steve's smiling for the cameras just a minute earlier furrowed his brow and stared at nura in utter disbelief Sajak also couldn't believe his ears say that again for me he requested however rather than realize her apparent mistake Nura again repeated her original answer did you say Z the host asked once again nonetheless the contestant remained completely unfazed as in Zulu she said firmly Z you did say Z okay still visibly shocked Sajak turned the face to the board which took nobody surprised failed the lineup brushing off this answer is a momentary lapse of reason the host turned to Steve who rightly guessed the letter R following this Troy correctly called s before it was nourish'd turn again this turned out to be another disaster as well although she didn't suggest a bizarre letter again neuro simply declined to answer at all however she was at least able to come up with a letter in the next round as a bemused Sajak turned to face her nura decided upon another bewildering choice q the contestant cried out by noun arose antics had started to catch on with the viewers and the Twittersphere was full of fans expressing their disbelief is there a drunk wondered my cage meanwhile after the contestant made another weird choice a confused Brianna suitor asked why is this lady guessing Z accent q for the puzzle however the best quotes of all were reserved for host Sajak who responded to nourish strange guesses with barely constrained frustration indeed before the guests penultimate round the exasperated host muttered I wonder what letter neuro will call however she certainly disappoint axe she answered as with her previous guesses nourish subsequently failed to see a single letter light up this time around what's more her final turn yielded nothing either as she stood awkwardly in silence waiting for the timer to run out all in all it was a curious performance from someone who had been playing so well just minutes earlier in the end it was Steve who walked away the rounds Victor having correctly guessed the phrase following footprints he claimed his first win of the night as well as $6,400 to take home however while Steve may have been the eventual winner of the round it was nura who gained the biggest reaction following the eventful segment Sajak grilled his guests about her intriguing picks perhaps inevitably her reply was cryptic that's what I saw however the host was clearly unconvinced by her explanation stating that was an unsatisfactory answer but she's not under oath but although she lost the round nura still had done well enough in the early parts of the game to proceed to the final furthermore her poor performance allowed Steve to leave the show with some sort of consolation prize suddenly fans began to wonder if she'd been playing a different game entirely well she didn't confirm anybody suspicions nura knowing she had already won seemed to be playing tactically indeed very much in the spirit of Veterans week she appeared to be sharing the spoils between her fellow combatants by stepping back from the round she had led another contestant go home with money in his pocket almost immediately those who'd been following the show expressed their admiration via social media just saw the classiest move on wheel of fortune tweeted Jeremy pond Neurath through the final puzzle to let a fellow military person win it much respect as a result the episode had turned into a particularly memorable installment in fact for many viewers this was the first time that they'd witnessed such a charitable act on a game show way to go Nura wrote retro rager never saw someone throw around so everybody could win some money moreover despite her sketchy performance of the preceding segment Nura was back to her best when it came time for the last round however even with her full attention the veteran was unable to guess the final puzzle by appointment consequently she lost out on the 33,000 dollar grand prize however the star player was happy with her near $14,000 she'd already won clapping and smiling at the end of the show Nura exclaimed I'm going to Belize as the episode reached its end Sajak congratulated his guests before telling her you made us all happy thanks to ngerous unselfish actions his words couldn't have been more 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48 thoughts on “This Wheel Of Fortune Player Was Acting Strangely With Her Letter Picks Then People Realized Why

  1. To me, throwing a game is the same as cheating. That's what I was taught. But, today, with the "participation trophy" mentality, I guess it isn't cheating anymore.

  2. So appreciated this HEARTWARMING vid.
    After wasting my Sat
    afternoon watching dubious BIG FOOT sightings and scary YOU'LL NEVER EAT THESE FOODS AGAIN videos FINALLY a vid which warmed my ❤.
    Thank you from a Wheel of Fortune fan. XOXOX

  3. WOW….an unbelievably gracious act of unselfishness!!! A beautiful human being purposely LOSING, so that OTHERS (of a different ethnicity, to boot) would NOT have to walk away empty-handed?!! Sadly, unlikely to occur in the current climate of our nation today……..But, a nice "remember when" these things could happen. Gives me a much needed boost of hope. Thank you, Nura, here's wishing Karma is real (and, not solely in the after-life).

  4. You are the longest winded, most boring, so full of shit story teller. I couldn't take it any longer and stopped watching. I didn't even fast forward to the end…You are just that annoying…Get punched in the face much ?…Couldn't hit the dislike button fast enough…

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