Things In Animaniacs You Never Noticed As A Kid

Things In Animaniacs You Never Noticed As A Kid

Starring the Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko,
and Dot, Animaniacs lives on as a reminder of how a cartoon could appeal to children
without talking down to them. With that in mind, here are some things you
probably didn’t notice while watching Animaniacs as a kid. Perhaps the most well-known aspect of Animaniacs
that is clearly meant for adult amusement is the show’s proliferation of suggestive
innuendo. For example, Yakko and Wakko are constantly
howling at an array of busty female characters with their catchphrase. “Hellooo, Nurse!” Dot is usually critical of her brothers’ overenthusiastic
libidos, though she commits her fair share of ogling as well. And these shenanigans go beyond mere catcalls
and whistles. In one episode, Yakko asks Dot to “dust for
prints.” She dutifully does so, and when she calls
for her brother’s attention with legendary musician Prince in her arms, he admonishes
her: “No, no, no. Fingerprints!” “I don’t think so.” And that’s not the only time the show implied
something a little less innocent than a literal definition. In the episode “Wakko’s America,” the Warners
are playing Jeopardy! when Wakko finds the Daily Double. When asked how much of his winnings he’d like
to wager, he fearlessly proclaims: “I’ll blow the wad!” Yakko and Dot look understandably shellshocked
in response to that proclamation, though Wakko doesn’t say anything else too suggestive before
singing about the state capitals. Celebrity cameos are often a surefire way
to give TV viewers the thrill of recognizing some of their favorite entertainers, but there
were a few cameos on Animaniacs that probably went unrecognized by its pint-sized fans. One regular was the show’s executive producer,
Steven Spielberg. As someone who usually works behind the camera,
Spielberg probably wouldn’t be a face that little kids would immediately recognize. But since the show took place on the Warner
Brothers lot, it made sense for such a major filmmaking figure to occasionally appear. In the episode “Chairman of the Bored,” a
scene depicting Hollywood luminaries like Cher and Jack Nicholson seems to take its
cue from the Looney Tunes short “Hollywood Steps Out” from way back in 1941. The chances that kids would know these celebrities
are middling at best, and they surely wouldn’t have picked up on the reference to old Hollywood,
either. Although, to be fair, that would probably
be a stretch for many adults, as well, unless they grew up in the 1940s themselves. Something that really sets Animaniacs apart
from other cartoons is how it’s completely beholden to its Hollywood setting. The Warners were created as studio mascots
of a sort, and then locked in the studio lot’s water tower when they became uncontrollable. Their entire existence revolves around Hollywood. However, it’s a version of Hollywood that’s
now barely recognizable, back when Tinseltown was still subject to the studio system of
contracts and churning out films in just a few months. And the Warners weren’t afraid of mocking
Hollywood, the studio executives, and especially critics and journalists. “In Hollywood, they have a different language
that they speak. It’s spoken by those folks who went to school
for just one week.” With the glut of celebrity cameos and a penchant
for referencing older material, Animaniacs is a cinephile’s dream. And it’s unlikely that any kid watching it,
back in the 90s or today, would know enough about the business of Hollywood to really
get these jokes. Animaniacs was filled with references to beloved
classic films, including the likes of Casablanca and Star Wars. And there was one recurring segment that drew
from a popular film genre that’s not exactly age-appropriate for youngsters. Impressionable kids probably shouldn’t be
subjected to violent mobster movies like Goodfellas or The Godfather. So while those young viewers might not appreciate
how the pigeon trio known as “the Goodfeathers” parody these classic films, they can at least
appreciate that the birds act and sound funny. But parents are likely to understand the birds’
references to the classic films of Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, especially
the raspy mumbling of the Godpigeon, which spoofs Marlon Brando’s whispery tones as Don
Corleone. While the violence exhibited by the Goodfeathers
never goes as far as stuffing a horse’s head in someone’s bed, they still portray the territorial
tendencies typical of organized crime gangs everywhere. Albeit, it’s in a constant hunt for food instead
of making the rounds to collect “insurance.” Classic cinema is not Animaniacs’ only go-to
reference point, as the show’s writers were also clearly excited to instill a love of
literature in their young audience. It’s unlikely that any pre-high school viewer
would be familiar with the works of Shakespeare, outside of perhaps Romeo & Juliet. But that didn’t stop Animaniacs from parodying
the Scotland-set tragedy Macbeth. In this rendition, the three witches are played
by Slappy Squirrel, Dot, and Hello Nurse, with their Shakespearean dialogue “translated”
by Yakko. “Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn
and cauldron bubble.” “Loosely translated, that means, ‘Abracadabra.'” While it’s doubtful that this translation
helps kids really understand the true essence of Macbeth, it does make for some silly gags. And when those kids grow up, they’ll hopefully
be more well-equipped to understand the source material and appreciate the off-color interpretation. In a slightly more heartfelt tribute, “Mighty
Wakko at the Bat” takes the classic poem “Casey at the Bat” and reforms it to narrate the
tribulations of the Warner baseball team. “Little Wakko Warner dragged his bat up to
the plate. He stood there like a tiny fixture, only three
feet tall.” For kids, this is just a fun rhyming short,
but for poetry-loving grown-ups, it’s a nice little gem with a deeper meaning under the
surface. That’s a quality that’s true of most of Animaniacs,
and why it remains beloved by both the young and the young at heart. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. I really missed the 90's Animanics would've canceled by Me Too and Culture Appropriation amust Other Foolishness Nonsense Complaints.

  2. "A version of Hollywood that's now barely recognizable."

    When he says that, is he implying that the Animaniacs' type of Hollywood no longer exists? The one filled with stars, lots where films are being made and other examples

  3. I've been a big fan of Animaniacs since I was in my 20's when it was first on TV. I still have the storyboard from the episode "I'm Cute", an original animation cell from the episode "Star Truck" and a collectors plate of Pinky and the Brain hanging on our wall. My Animaniacs collectors plate was broken a few years ago. My favorite episode is Wally Llama. Thanks for posting.

  4. Anyone else remember that episode where you got to be inside Pinky's brain to understand what he was thinking while Brain was talking about taking over the world? Funniest episode ever!!!

  5. Ms. Flameel: Yakko, can you conjugate?
    Yakko: (gasp) I've never even kissed a girl.
    Ms. Flameel: It's easy, I'll conjugate with you.
    Yakko: (to audience) Good night, everybody.
    Ms. Flameel: I'll show you on the board.
    Yakko: (to audience) Don't look.

  6. Minus the innuendo, I saw most of those references pop up in other cartoons at the time, as well as whenever my parents watched TV Land once we got cable. Looney Toons and Duck Tales in particular covered alot of the old Hollywood and Shakespeare references.

  7. it make me so sad,with all those jokes and adult references it was judged not suitable for kids and tv in the 2000 in france.
    and i was watching it when i was a kid.

  8. The 90s had the best cartoons did everyone enjoy dbz kakarot i did alot cant wait till the dlc comes out now sub questing

  9. I hung with my mates Joe and Dave Smith we were the Warner brothers and the Warner sister Dot. My name is actually Doris the nickname for this one is actually DOT.

  10. My skit was when they ended up in Hades and the devil said this is Hades and one of them went up to Antarctica got a snowball came back sitting on the ground and you could hear it sizzling he goes I didn't stand a chance…..

  11. I watched this show when i was a kid in the 90s. I havent seen the show for nearly ten years. I missed nearly all tbe adult humor in the show while watching with a young mind. Great video.

  12. You're describing the essence of cartoons all the way back to the very beginning. I wasn't, quite, there but the 1st ones were still around for me, as a child, to view and enjoy. And no, I didn't get all the innuendos and musical references then either. Who, as a kid, knew that The Lone Ranger and Silver were dashing across the old west while a 114 piece orchestra was chasing him while playing a bit of "The William Tell Overture". It wasn't IMPORTANT but it was there so, WB's Animaniacs didn't break any new ground just continued a decades old tradition.

  13. I hope you put some extra support on your ribs because.. What are you sayin'? Are you sayin' I'm some petty guido puffball outhere to entertain you.. IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING!?! Squit: No, I mean you're an entertaining kind of foul. Pesto: THAT'S IT!! &%*% LOL!

  14. Animaniacs was waaaaaaaay ahead of its time and for that reason needs to come back with the original cast and art style none of that flash bullshit. Just pure hand drawn animation again!!

  15. I can't stop laughing at the Marlon Brando part. 😂😂 even Vito Corleone impression on that pigeon. I love Animaniacs's movie references in each episode.

  16. I was a little kid when the show aired and while I probably did see clips of the show when I was little (in fact, I very faintly remember seeing a clip of Slappy Squirrel), I didn't really get into Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures and the Pinky and the Brain spin-off series until I was in college. Additionally, listening to the Animanicast podcast has helped me better understand the pop culture and movie references that Animaniacs used.

  17. If you think this show was for kids and not teens, you need to rethink your life. Kind of like Ren & Stimpy wasnt for kids.. Just because its on after school, doesnt mean its a kids show.

  18. If you didn't notice that as a child or an adult you will probably a slow adult making slow children those movie still came on TV especially if you had cable Turner Classic Movies was out then

  19. You're talkin about 80s babies Generation X which is still going down is the smartest generation you hide from your children what the world will exploit them for not knowing

  20. This guy does not know about American people evidently we all grew up on Animaniacs and we knew exactly what was going on

  21. I enjoyed the animated cameos of Hollywood celebrities. With the recent passing of Kirk Douglas, it was nice to see him honored, the Animaniacs way.

  22. People forget how much context kids actually have. When I was young and watching these, I understood most of these references. Things like The Godfather permeated pop culture. I had never seen the movie, but I completely knew those references. Also, to blow one’s wad predominantly means to spend all of one’s money. The more vulgar interpretation came later. I don’t think that one was actually intended to be interpreted as you say.

  23. "The next person that might lead the way, Well it just might be yourself one day…
    then the media will distort everything you say… So jump in a plane, and fly away!"
    – Song: History of Presidents, Animaniacs

  24. The Finger Prints/Prince gag was put in there to be intentionally caught by the network censors to try and get other jokes to pass, they never thought it would get through

  25. The question is why were you watching this as a kid? This was well known to be for adults only when it came out, like all cartoons that don't explicitly say otherwise.

  26. Watching Apocalypse Now as an adult, it was hauntingly familiar. It wasnt until Dennis Hopper showed up in the film that I realized it was an Animaniacs episode.


  28. Apparently, Looper hasn't watched the 1940s cartoons of Bugs Bunny, Popeye the Sailor, and many others. Those cartoons (like Spielberg's "animaniacs"), worked on two levels. One was what appealed to children and the other was at a more adult level.

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