well guys welcome we're so excited ahead you guys here today but today is not all fun and games today you guys gonna be competing against each other in teams of two in a guest vent movie challenge yeah you're going down yeah we are so since you guys are here for universals action-packed new films skyscraper these will all be action movies but since we've got the kids here with us today we're gonna expand the definition of action movies but all the scenes we show you will be scenes with action from those movies you've got this alright so here's how it works start off by playing just one second on the clip if neither team knows the answer we'll play you another second give you another chance to guess you'd only guess once each round of seconds but if you're wrong the other team gets a chance to answer we're gonna keep at this until you've heard 15 seconds of the clip at which point you either guess or you give up and buzz and we think you know the right answer okay sound good alright your first second of your first movie nothing second Jurassic world yeah buddy I feel exactly as I predicted a kid writing a play we're gonna give you guys three seconds here no idea it it is not it Zac Efron that's like a young Zac oh oh it is no I'm kidding Oh did not uh Brokeback Mountain Newsies it is not they look the same all right we're gonna skip a little into ten seconds okay we don't know this movie you can keep trying though no but you might I know what it is I'm just you do not let them you'll no chance watch this guy's [Laughter] oh you got that Avengers no dude the fate of the fries it is not we've made 28 of them guys ah perfect yeah you know you know it you want to say back to future future I wouldn't know don't lose hope great Jeff water [Laughter] Ricky rust you it is not looking off to for billboards [Laughter] [Applause] mudbud Mario not Mario all right here we go this is 15 seconds you guys I'm sorry the whole movie guys we saw this bit already like over it shows the dude coming out there he is Mickey Mouse nice very good right along it is right along love right along well you know rinse frylock cube is my buddy it's with ice cube and Kevin Hart so you had an advantage I had an advantage yes sir yeah because that guy looked at me he's like Batman it is not that many a good guess spider-man I recognize the hair and then I started to question myself and what it was ready go ahead that with the King Kong okay you guys you have one movie left it seems like it might be a runaway bit of a runaway Game four for Dwayne and Noah here but we've one movie left and this is a big one yes and whoever gets this right whoever gets this right should win the game how about that what do with that you guys okay with that all right cool I ask you guys a question [Laughter] but one day McKenna versus Noah rock-paper-scissors do it Rock Paper Scissors shoot nice one no you guys are the winners today how does it feel great it doesn't feels great you know we had a great game plan and we went out I thought we executed properly you know we worked a long time on this and I thought we did great it feels good but you know the dysfunction that you're seeing here is the same that you see in the movie of skyscraper incredibly dysfunctional family and we fight all the time because it takes four heads to recognize ET Thank You FB for making this video thank you so much for doing this for us thank you guys so much and can't wait for you to see skyscraper because I was obviously very lucky man to have these amazing people with me we had an absolute blast meeting the family hope you enjoyed watching

29 thoughts on “THE ROCK REACTS TO GUESS THAT MOVIE CHALLENGE (Ft. Skyscraper Cast)

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  2. I haven't seen skyscraper or any of the previews for it. And I don't follow the rock closely enough to know what his family looks like. So for a minute there I legit thought this was his actual family until they said cast and I went to looked up what his family actually looks like. So A+ on the casting because had me fooled!

  3. I knew minions because of the S it stands for Scarlet and The rock sed light bulb and I was like light bulb (in Gru’s voice) hehehehhe it’s minions

  4. Great format. Dwayne is such a sweetie with his family and good to see fbe as per usual treating their guests, The same by being cute with the kids

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