The Rapture Actress Mimi Rogers’ family

The Rapture Actress Mimi Rogers’ family

A future worldwide known actress Mimi Rogers
was born in Florida in 1956. Before pursuing acting career, she had been
working as a social worker and substance abuse counselor. After six years of work in a hospital, she
decided to try something new and that’s how she first appeared on TV in 1982. Her breakthrough role was in a movie Someone
To Watch Over Me after which Rogers was recognized as a talented actress all over the world. Apart from being a famous movie star, she
followed in the steps of her parents and became a member of a Church of Scientology. However, later she left it and got interested
in poker and even took part in big international tournaments. Mimi’s mother, Kathy has always been supportive
of a daughter. Perhaps, Mimi has inherited acting skills
from her, as she is good at drama acting and dancing. The father, Phil, was a civil engineer as
well as a mission holder in the Church of Scientology. He divorced Kathy and married Julie Spickler. Mimi might have 2 siblings. According to Gettyimages Paul Abbott is Mimi’s
brother. Still we don’t know is it true. Randy Spickler can be Mimi’s step-brother
or half-brother from Phil relationship with Julie. The actress first tied the knot in 1976 with
Jim Rogers who was a scientologist counselor. Together they opened the Scientology Enhancement
Center and worked there. Their marriage lasted only four years. After that Rogers walked down the aisle with
Tom Cruise in 1987. It was she who introduced the Hollywood actor
into the world of scientology, but it didn’t help them to save the marriage and they divorced
three years later. A well-known producer, Christopher Ciaffa
became Mimi’s third spouse who she married in 2003. Despite the fact that they got officially
married in 2003, they were living together the same year, Mimi divorced Cruise. In 1995 the happy couple welcomed their first
child, Lucy into this world. Another wonderful addiction came into their
family in 2001 when a son, Charlie was born.

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  1. It would be great if the narrators could speak proper English. No one says "twenty oh one". Hello! She'd do better narrating ice-eating videos!

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