The List Of People Who Can’t Stand Gordon Ramsay

The List Of People Who Can’t Stand Gordon Ramsay

There’s no doubt that Gordon Ramsay is one
of the biggest names in the restaurant industry. He’s an international sensation whose multiple-Michelin-starred
cooking chops have made him a household name. He’s starred on several TV shows, and has
restaurants all over the globe. He enjoys considerable success, but fame has
a way of bringing on the haters — and Ramsay’s got a lot of them. What is it about Ramsay that makes him so
reviled? In some cases, his many feuds can probably
be chalked up to professional jealousy, but it definitely goes further than that. Many people simply can’t stand his personality,
while others have found themselves as the target of one of Ramsay’s cruel comments. Here are some of the people who can’t stand
Gordon Ramsay. “You’re not even helping yourself, not talking
to me.” “If I eat any more, I’ll be crapping for the
next one hundred and five years.” “Bon appetit.” Mario Batali Mario Batali’s brash personality clashes with
Ramsay’s, probably because the two celeb chefs are so much alike. And the feud between them has been going on
for years. After Batali said that Ramsay’s cooking was,
quote, “dull and outdated”, Ramsay shot back, mocking Batali’s orange shorts. Batali told The Guardian in 2009, “Now he goes about town calling me Fanta Pants.” Batali escalated the feud even further by
banning his rival from all of his restaurants, saying, “Ramsay’s people call trying to book tables
and I say no. I won’t have him in there.” But Batali did say that he’d be happy to lay
the feud to rest, claiming, “If he called me himself and said, ‘Let’s
sit down for a drink’, I’m sure it would be fine. We’d be cool. But right now it’s not cool.” While the two still aren’t exactly friends,
Batali has guessed that Ramsay is “just playing a role,” telling Eric Ripert on his show,
On the Table, “He’s a TV guy. He’s like playing the bad guy in Macbeth. That’s just the role he’s got. I don’t think he’s like that honestly.” Marcus Samuelsson If Marcus Samuelsson’s memoir, Yes, Chef,
is to be believed, he has a better reason than some to hate Ramsay. He said he first noticed Ramsay’s less-than-stellar
personality when cooking with him at a promotional event, recalling, “There were a handful of chefs there […] and
Gordon was rude and obnoxious to all of them.” A couple years later, when he landed a job
at The Lanesborough, in London, Samuelsson was asked which British chefs he admired — and
Ramsay didn’t make the list. Samuelsson wrote, “I thought the best way to handle it was to
say nothing about him at all. Nothing good, nothing bad. I guess he was offended at being left out.” Ramsay allegedly called Samuelsson, saying, “How the f— can you come to my f—ing city
and think you are going to be able to cook without even f—ing referring to me?” Samuelsson said that the tirade went on for
several minutes, and ended with Ramsay saying, “I’m going to make sure you have a f—ing
miserable time here. This is my city, you hear? Good luck, you f—ing black bastard.” Jamie Oliver Ramsay has so many haters that you could sort
them into categories of those who casually dislike him, and those who take their feuds
with him very seriously. Chef Jamie Oliver falls into the second category,
and has had an ongoing feud with Ramsay for years. The fight began in the 2000s when Oliver publicly
bashed Ramsay for mocking the appearance of Australian TV personality, Tracy Grimshaw
after a difficult interview. “Is that a wart you’ve got?” “Stop! It’s a little mole, I’ve had it since I was
a little kid.” “Oh, really? It’s like your little sister on your lips.” “A WART?!” “I’m glad I kissed the cheek!” Ramsay retaliated by calling Oliver a “one
pot wonder” and their feud was born. “I’ve been hard on you this week, Jamie. I’ve called you fat, I’ve criticized your
restaurants, I called you fat.” Oliver has even brought Ramsay’s wife, Tana,
into the battle, saying that she’s a better cook than her more-famous husband. The breaking point came in 2017, after Oliver
talked about having one more child than the Ramsays. In reality, Tana had suffered a miscarriage
earlier that year, and Ramsay said he would never speak to Oliver again unless the chef
apologized. Ramsay told Radio Times, “Boys will always fight and butt heads but
Tana was mortified, I mean really mortified.” AA Gill Part of the reason Gordon Ramsay alienates
people is because he has a tendency to take things personally. In the 1990s, Ramsay’s restaurant, Aubergine,
received good reviews from critics, but failed to win over the late AA Gill. The critic gave Aubergine a negative review
in the Sunday Times. Ramsay retaliated against Gill years later
by kicking him out of another one of his restaurants. Ramsay wrote in The Independent that he doesn’t
have a problem with constructive criticism, but said, “If it becomes personal I’ll close my doors
to that.” He said he kicked Gill out because he doesn’t
“respect him as a food critic,” writing, “Personal attacks and insulting my staff is
something I’m not putting up with. […] I don’t have to stand there and cook
for him.” Gill responded by saying that, while he respects
Ramsay’s cooking skills, he is, “Just a really second-rate human being.” Danny Lavy Ramsay’s former business partner, Danny Lavy,
ended up on Ramsay’s hit list after ending their partnership because Ramsay wasn’t pulling
his weight. Their venture, Laurier Gordon Ramsay, lasted
only six months before Lavy terminated Ramsay’s consulting contract. Lavy told the National Post in February of
2012, “We wish Gordon all the best, but he’s a big
star and too busy to come to the restaurant. He didn’t have the time to manage it. He hasn’t been here since August.” Ramsay’s name was removed from the restaurant,
and new owners changed the name to Laurier 1936. Restaurant critic Marie-Claude Lortie told
The Globe and Mail that, “Ramsay created a buzz [and] gave [the restaurant]
a jolt.” But she said ultimately his influence didn’t
make much of a difference in the restaurant. In response, Ramsay took Lavy to court for
the $2.72 million he says he lost in the deal. Laurier 1936 has since closed. Marco Pierre White Marco Pierre White was Gordon Ramsay’s mentor
for a time, but things ended badly. “I mean, the man was the first ever Brit to
win three Michelin stars, an absolute legend of his time… but y’know, I suppose when
you hit the late 40s, early 50s, it’s time to hang up the apron strings.” White bragged in his autobiography that he
had made Ramsay cry when he was in his early 20s after yelling at him. While it’s understandable that Ramsay hates
his former boss, White also detests Ramsay for the things he has done to retaliate against
the harsh treatment. “Mister Ramsay. I’ve never had an argument with him.” “You don’t speak to him anymore.” “Yes, I chose to cut and to sever.” White told The Telegraph, “I will never speak to him again. I gave him his first break in the business
and I believe strongly in being loyal to people who have helped you.” White claimed that Ramsay betrayed him in
several ways, including turning up at his wedding without permission — with a film
crew — and airing footage of it on TV. “But for Gordon Ramsay, it’s all in a day’s
work.” In 1998, Ramsay paid someone to steal his
own restaurant’s reservation book. He then claimed that White was behind the
theft and was trying to sabotage his business. Ramsay admitted to The Guardian nearly a decade
after the incident, “I blamed Marco. Because I knew that would f–k him.” Eric Ripert One of the things other chefs really hate
about Ramsay is his temper toward other people on TV. “Are you stupid?” Chef Eric Ripert, who is a practicing Buddhist,
would like to see Ramsay be a little more Zen. Ripert tweeted, “Nothing personal against Gordon Ramsay but
he is a poor inspiration for professional chefs in his shows.” Ripert’s kitchen philosophy is a sharp contrast
from Ramsay’s. “Buddhism has been very, very transformative
for me.” “I meditate every day.” Ripert believes that a chef should lead their
kitchen team “by sharing, teaching, [and] inspiring with respect,” instead of what he
says Ramsay does, which is: “Insulting, abusing, [and] humiliating [the]
team.” “You’ve got a palate like a cow’s backside.” In an interview with ABC News, Ripert went
even further, saying that shows where chefs yell at their team shouldn’t even be on TV. “We shouldn’t be proud of chefs who are screaming
in the kitchen.” Jacques Pepin Jacques Pepin is another chef who thinks that
Gordon Ramsay’s on-screen persona leaves a lot to be desired. “You calling me an a——? I am. You stuck-up, precious little bitch.” In a scathing piece for The Daily Meal, Pepin
described how reality TV shows portray the industry “in a chaotic and negative light.” He wrote, “The so-called ‘reality’ cooking shows are,
if anything, totally unreal. A real, well-run professional kitchen has
dignity and order.” He called out Hell’s Kitchen, saying “The cruel rivalry and conflict depicted in
Hell’s Kitchen may be good for ratings, but it is unjust to dedicated cooks and unfair
to the trade.” It appears as if he’s calling out Ramsay in
the piece, but Pepin later wrote on Facebook that he didn’t mean to insult Ramsay.Instead,
he blamed the television industry for the pressure it puts on its celeb chefs to “create
excitement.” “This is my livelihood, and my palette’s insured
for millions.” “Right. Well you just ate bull’s penis covered in
hot sauce, so you might wanna call your lawyer.” Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “The List Of People Who Can’t Stand Gordon Ramsay

  1. I am not a chef, nor a cook, and never met this man, except I have watched him a couple of times here in YouTube, but I cannot stand him. I agree with all the rest of chefs. His ego is very tiny. He definitely needs help!

  2. Ramsey's abusive persona may have been seen as necessary for TV but it may have gone on for so long that it is now an unfortunate and permanent personality trait that he can no longer turn off.

  3. First off,hes a fuckin' liar. He's been saying for years that he used to play for Glasgow Rangers
    B U L L S H I T ! !
    He was put in originally as a kind of culinary Simon Cowell but then actually started to believe his contrived persona was his real self. Bullying is frowned upon everywhere in the world apart from his TV shows. He is a cunt.

  4. why care if a chef didn't mention you as one of their favourites if you know your worth? not to mention aggressively calling them a black bastard.. why bring a racial remark in to it? hopefully it's false news because that's surprising to hear. Ramsay has called people many things, but that would be surprising

  5. I’m watching this to find out who is a total douche. Anyone who doesn’t like Ramsay is a douche. Notice that all the haters here look and act like douche bags.

    This video just makes me like Ramsay more.

  6. still, getting famous by punching down isn't really what i would call as a role model. and ramsay punches down like no one else.

  7. Fuck me. Gordon's face is like a constantly tightening and loosening French bulldogs face. Stop with the plastic surgery!

  8. Gordon yells at people because it helps them work better in high stress situations proficiently. Not just to be an ass. Drill sergeants do the same thing to recruits. It’s not personal. It’s to break them down individually and build them up as a team. A well oiled machine.

  9. Oh come on guys, we all know why Gordon Ramsay shout at the cooks. He run a 3000000 dollars business and if you are not tough enough, do you expect him to carry the faith of his restaurant in shit cooker palm of hand. He shout at the cooker because he wanted them to get better not to ruin their life and some cooker just can’t stand it. If you are as rich as him, you probably won’t have faith for shit cooker to carry your millions of dollars right?

  10. That bit where he allegedly said and allow me to summarize “black bastard” is clearly loads of rubbish. He wouldn’t have had the success he has today if it were otherwise, that and Ramsay has a code of respect for people around him, so this really seems completely out of character

  11. I’m new to the culinary world, but I think Mr. Ramsey is lovable douchebag. Kinda like a certain President.

  12. i alays thought he had an anger problem…im not sure how close he is to his persona off camera,but he strikes me as somone whos own fame has gone to their head.

  13. Gordon Ramsay is a douchebag. The evidence I have to support that is none of those other chefs have to act like assholes to put out good food

  14. okay that number 2 was a little racist by Ramsay. But Jamie Oliver was a bigger bitch by saying that and not apologizing. Sure it sounds like a childish insult but when the family was hit with a miscarriage? uncool man

  15. Ramsay portrays himself as a dick…he wants to be one. He likely is one. He is inconsistent, childish and full of shit. He just makes it all about him.

  16. Ripert is 100% correct. If I were still in the business and I cared about Michelin stars, I would try to become one of their reviewers just to tear his horrible skills, terrible personality, and likely unfounded everything to shreds. He only has what he has because he makes everything about him. His stupid scripted TV shows that lie about vermin are seriously disgusting, raw, bland, and disrespectful.

  17. Well am Not Surprised!! He is an egoistic trash mouth jerk!! He thinks he’s all that chef who knows better than Everyone!!!! He is a moron jerk who got famous by media ONLY and the show master chef Otherwise He Has Absolutely No Talent!!
    Oh Really???? 🙄🙄 he cant take people insulting his staff 🙄🙄👎 so ONLY he can verbally Abuse his staff??? JERK!!!!🙄😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎🙄

  18. got friends who worked for him. he's one of the few people who can back up his mouth. on TV he told a girl she was wasted at a restaurant and the owner was a twat. when the restaurant goes bust, give me a call and ill organise all your stuff to move to London and you can train with me. He is a man of his word.

  19. Is entertainment the man has his own style and personality and it works for him bottom line and creating more and more controversy just puts boatloads more money in his pockets

  20. Obnoxious pigs in the kitchen are outdated these days. Ramsey is just for the meat heads who switch between road rage, bare knuckle boxing then back to kitchen nightmares.

  21. yes Ramsay is a rude prick. yes i love it. it's great entertainment. where i draw the line is racial slurs. the second he starts calling people by racial slurs is the second i would shove my entire arm all the way up his ass and flap him around like a puppet.

  22. How they can pass off a Brit as a "top chef" shows that conspiracies do exist. When you have THOUSANDS of real top chefs all over the world – Italy, France, Japan, Hong Kong, etc…. I guess speaking English and being an a-hole is one of the top qualifications, since they certainly cannot be claiming that he is part of some illustrious history of fine dining brought to you by England. Why not put him up against real chefs? This can only happen in the US– the rest of the world just sits and watches in amusement. It also confirms that they promote and make famous low level mediocrity while blatantly discriminating against the best. Otherwise, you certainly would not see a Brit being promoted and pushed as some sort of top chef.

  23. What I watched from Gordon Ramsay's TV series it was like so unfortunately he insults people he talked them down I mean I found that it was little bit kind of denigrating people like when you have people who obey you so much that whatever you tell them they would just take it like in a positive way I felt like he was kind of ignorant on that side that he didn't realize it, like even watching it is terrifying like how he talks to people when he literally trashes them, they just like yes chef yes chef it just breaks my heart, he doesn't realize as a human you have feeling even though they want to learn from you and you're their boss it's very unfortunate.
    I will say that.

  24. Haters only hate. Thats all they do. Hating won’t get them to hundreds of millions of dollars that Gordon’s worth though 🤪 if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen then don’t work there. Simple as that. And those people who joined hell’s kitchen KNEW what they were signing up for. It’s literally stated in the name 🤪
    People always trying to only look at his bad side yet forget that he is a respectful chef who gives credit where it is deserved and very critical to chefs who do mistakes. Thats all lol

  25. I knew comment was going to be made about a black men or a woman with that mouth. All of England do not like him truth be told. Just seen that Indian restaurant kick off. when chef said I love coming to Gordon Ramsay‘s three star dining and then they lost 🤣 maybe I’m the only person how picked it up on it okay whatever….The Indian guy was basically saying our restaurant rates higher than yours. so even though their food I felt was better he wasn’t going to give it to them just because of that comment. because I believe he goes and looks back at the tape before making a decision. not just on his shows but personal life as well. Which is smart by the way.

  26. The only problem Ramsey has is the fact he is a superior chef and he knows it. He backs up his mouth and other chefs hate to be out classed by someone so straight forward.

  27. The screams and curses are only for the act.

    He cares, being soft with the one he's helping would not result in any good matter knowing most of them are unreasonable, prideful, or just literally dumb. You can't help everyone by being a nice ass, sometimes being an asshole helps a lot

  28. Ramsey is the only chef to go from 3 stars to 1 star. The first restaurant in history he lost 2 stars in one year. He takes this personally and will go down in history. I quite like his food but it’s better when I cook it. £150 for a meal is not what I want to pay to eat out too often.

  29. Ranseys stole his wife (Tana) when she was 18 & ALREADY SHACKING UP w one if his chef friends… They've NEVER been a moral couple. He's a vicious ass.

  30. So, this loser hothead "has a tendency to take things personally" but in the same breath actively advocates having thick skin? Gordon Ramsay is a hypocritical, attention craving wuss.

  31. That's actually sad what happened between Marco and Gordon. Shame the master and apprentice couldn't patch things up.

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