The Last Ride Ever on Backlot Tram Tour at Disneys Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World For TPR

The Last Ride Ever on Backlot Tram Tour at Disneys Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World For TPR

control responsible responsible is not MARY POPPINS is not welcome to the studio backlot tour for a safe drift please remain seated with your hands arms feet and legs inside the tram and be sure what your children thank you bienvenidos para convenience a guru this mannequin centavos con las manos Brazos PSP piernas dentro del tren EB even a los ninos gracias you're clear good or everyone wants to the second studio back door so whether you join us as you leave this area the other localities from latest movies blockbuster hello everyone my name is Don and welcome aboard we're heading into the back lot of Disney's Hollywood Studios this production area was built in 1988 as a Florida counterpart to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank California we included sound stages recording studios high-tech editing rooms all the tools needed to create movies TV shows and radio broadcast we've even got our very own water tower – he's up ahead on the left side of our shuttle we call it the earful tower it's inspired by the water tower Walt Disney and bill for his Burbank studio in 1939 our Florida tower stands a lucky 13 stories high and we added our own creative touch a giant set of Mickey Mouse ears if you wanted to wear those ears you'd have to have a hat size up 342 and 3/8 of a head after the next bend in the road you'll have a perfect opportunity to take a picture of this famous icon in the world of entertainment every project starts with a screenplay and a lot of creative ideas a production studio is where the ideas of writers producers and directors are transformed into an on-screen reality within these huge spaces filmmakers can literally create their own world our Florida sound stages are soundproof weatherproof and most importantly air-conditioned all vitally important for the cast crew and equipment many of the crass visas for filmmaking located right here on the lot on the Left we have our own greetings department he grows flowers trees shrubs and topiaries a few well-placed plants can cover up empty spots in the set and add a touch of natural beauty to a sea on the right our two vintage World War two aircraft but these p40 replicas were created specifically for the big screen even though they look as if they can join the action at any moment you might say these high flyers are real characters Oh keep your camera's focused with the right we're coming off of that perfect angle of the earful tower I told you about it's a true masterpiece we're entering one of our most glamorous and colorful departments creative costuming every star has to have just the right wardrobe and it all begins here with a designer sketch our team of designers seamstresses and tailors can turn 1/2 million yards of fabric into over 25,000 costumes every year many of these costumes will become heartless shows and attractions of the Walt Disney World Resort in fact here in Florida we have the largest working wardrobe department in the world when Mickey Mouse alone at over a hundred and seventy five different outfits issues from while Minnie Mouse keeps more than 200 unique costumes in a wardrobe on the leopard costume for my love starts and recent studio production you'll probably recognize some of those costumes from the big screen every story needs a setting our designs that can create just about any place a script calls for from an urban city street to a remote desert canyon on the left is our city shop where large-scale sets and props built our team of seven scientists carbonate artists and engineers has created caves and caverns game show sets even replicas on the US Supreme Court and NASA's Mission Control all on our sound stages the shop also provides sets and props for our shows and parades here at Walt Disney World the same skill and craftsmanship goes into a movie set can also use to create magic for our parks either way is all about making dreams come true now we're entering the zone we call the boneyard it's an outdoor storage area for oversized props and vehicles cars trucks boats planes we often save these props in case we need them for future productions in this backlot collection you may find real working vehicles non-working mock-ups and even large-scale miniatures used in special effects shots large scale models create a more convincing illusion on camera we're now passing by the sets for our lights motors action extreme stunt show on the left you may catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean fishing village that sets the stage for this thrilling attraction we'll get a closer look at it soon but for now we're approaching one of the largest standing sets on our back lot it's over on the right it may not look like much from this angle but it's pretty spectacular on the other side this is great folks the production crew has just given us clearance to in the studios I see your shadow heading toward Arcadia instead I've given your drunken permission to come in take a look around I'm up here with our effects crew we're getting ready to shoot a test sequence so on the way you're gonna be crossing a wooden bridge and things may get a little bumpy so please hold onto your belongings especially hats candy bars and glasses and keep an eye out any small children in your party and of course please for copy production district call for a tanker truck we found this in our backyard but it's a drive into place so it's great is it down here or a audiogram black marks and I see our director has arrived as soon as the inside showers really just we bring out a series of waffles just above your Tramp the watch break crisscross we recycle all of the top with your kids for a dynamic effect those your hands are powerful now to shoot a basketball I scream thank you all for me action figures or okay well thanks for giving us access to the set hi everybody I'm Bob's Ganaway director of the new DisneyToon studios animated feature planes Fire and Rescue looks like the historic aircraft on the right is getting into the spirit of our new film it would fit right in with dusty crophopper dipper and all their high-flying friends from piston peak National Park you know that plane was known at airports across the country as November two three four Mickey Mouse or the mouse for short back in the early 1960s Walt Disney himself used this plane to scout locations for what he referred to as the Florida Project his team purchased many acres of land here in Central Florida but they kept the Disney Connection a well-guarded secret eventually the secret was out and the Walt Disney World Resort became a reality enjoy the rest of your tour and I hope you enjoy claims Fire and Rescue on our right we once again sweep past the Magnificent Mediterranean village of our lights motors action extreme stunt show this high-octane attraction is based on the hits shelf in the Walt Disney Studios park in France in this action-packed production you'll feel like you're right there on the set during the filming of a spy thriller complete with custom-built cars motorcycles even jet skis you will experience the split-second timing coordinated driving and fiery special effects that make action movies a real blast the staging area to our right is known as the acceleration alley here the custom-built stunt show vehicles rev their engines up to 70 miles an hour before making their high-speed entrances onto the stage for our lights motors action extreme stunt show of course these are professional stunt drivers we hope you'll enjoy their daring driving skills but please don't try them yourself on the left we've reached our second boneyard with more historic props and vehicles when we reuse older props in the new production they're often refitted with custom parts and given a whole new color scheme you might not even recognize them the next time you see them on screen for instance coming up is our friend Herbie the lovebug he went through a special demolition derby makeover those dents and dings were added on purpose but he can be polished up as good as new for his next drawing role far right we now have a very different view of the fishing village set from this point of view you can see that there is no inside of the buildings they are just false fronts or facades in the movie business set builders only create what the camera has to see it's an old movie trick dating all the way back to silent era to add to the sense of realism and avoid the cost of settling many of today's television shows and movies film on location cities and towns across the US but out in the real world you've got to contend with noise traffic crowds and various visual elements that may or may not belong in your film here on the backlog we can avoid these problems because we created our very own flexible urban environment our streets of America facades can stand in for a small town or a giant metropolis as we come around the last corner on our route you will see the skyline of New York City in the distance it's really a series of painted flats expertly designed to fool the eye and the camera we can dress and decorate these streets to look like anything we want from Chicago to San Francisco depending on the choice of vehicles props and costumes we can even turn back the clock and set our story in a different time and what's more these stats are built with Florida weather and month to make a twist an hundred mile an hour winds you're welcome to visit our streets of America anytime during your visit today and get an up-close look at the skills of our set designers and builders you just know everyone we reach the end of the studio back button or a way out and great God's sake all so much for being with us today it looks like everyone survived catastrophe can we do have a few shelters of lights motor action there 124 and 30 you want to get a good seat get there about 30 minutes prior show beautiful is emotion still need everyone please repeat bless this beautiful please doctor to be opening up these doors please nobody's deck underneath those doors Walter and ocean right through those doors couple please stop once they do cuz you can play stop you can be the vehicle to give the injury to the right and unit it'll guide you back now to Disney Hollywood studios you

36 thoughts on “The Last Ride Ever on Backlot Tram Tour at Disneys Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World For TPR

  1. I miss the tram tour and was amazed when they got rid of it rather than upgrading it. I think that the land they are using for Star Wars should have been the expanded backlot tour expansion. But Disney seems to know what they are doing. It's just that the whole premise of the park is that its a studio so just like Epcot it is off message.

  2. I'm so sad that this got closed, but at least I got to be on that boat thing once! It was so fun, I got to do it with my dad and my sister. The first time we ever went to Disney World we went on this. It's a shame they shut it down. They had added a costume room and everything. I thought it was cool to see all the movie props and even get to hear about actual facts of the movies.

  3. I forget what they put in the area what used to be the Ninja Turtles stage show. Oh BTW I don't like the new name. They should have kept it MGM Studios

  4. I remember going through the 5:00. I see/hear they changed the truck horn from what it was in 1990 lol. It used to be the old Vancouver Canucks goal horn they used to have in 90s

  5. K, i love disney a lot, but this ride is boring. The only part i saw that was fun was the canyon part. Also, this wouldnt fit in anymore since Hollywood studios isnt themed like it use to be.

  6. I remember being the person in that thing getting the water dumped on me, it was my honeymoon. 2000.

  7. Thank god this ride closed its doors. I remembered riding this a few times in the late 2000's and early 2010's. I even remembered seeing the Invincible (2006) poster along the way. In a Tower of Terror 10k marathon, I ran past the costume department and recalled seeing the Saving Mr. Banks costumes.

  8. I was on this ride I remember it this is sad it closed because it was educational. What replaced this ride? I was here recently with my friends and forgot to ask.

  9. Did any filming ever take place @ MGM/DHS? I know USO was at one point a working movie studio, but Idk about DHS

  10. 0:16 My college friend and I got called up to participate in some kind of demonstration in the water tank. From what i remember it didn't look like this at the time. I was on some kind of boat bridge wearing a rain suit and the tank of water sprayed me and then I got to push a button and spray my friend on the battleship.

  11. I loved this ride and when I went back in December of 2014 I was devastated it was gone.
    Now I'm only 5% excited about the new lands. That 5% being toy story land but I don't really care for Star Wars.

  12. Wow they took this out too… really, I loved this ride especially since it had that awesome pre-ride Pearl Harbor Show that I always loved. Please Disney, don't turn into Universal Studios who do more Replacing and less just adding a new ride to a park without taking one down. I know some rides are really outdated but why cant they just update them at least (like Test Track at Epcot even though I don't like the updated version) its still better to do that.

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