The Best Moments from ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

The Best Moments from ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

I want to thank everyone
who’s texted and tweeted about the first two nights of
my Greatest Night of Giveaways. I am so proud of that show. We got messages from
all over the world. People have said that they
laughed and they cried, and they laughed and
they cried, and then they laughed about
how much they cried, and all kinds of
crying and laughing. And if you don’t know
what I’m talking about, here’s a look at the fun we’ve
had the last couple of nights. Hi, everybody. You’re here to see my
one-woman show, Me, Myself and Hey, Where’d Everybody Go? And it’s silly really, because
you’re here for my Greatest Night of Giveaways. [MUSIC – SIA, “CANDY CANE LANE”]
Take a trip down candy cane lane with me. It’s the cutest thing I
swear you’ll ever see. It’s the best. Tonight we’re going to
change people’s lives. My next gift to this
sweet family is $150,000. Oh, my God. [MUSIC – SIA, “CANDY CANE LANE”]
–you and the colors of the rainbow. Of course, when some
of my celebrity friends heard what we were doing,
they wanted to be in on it, too, because they’re always
riding on my coattails. I have a gift. Oh [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, no! No! No! Look over there. Shut the front door. [MUSIC – SIA, “CANDY CANE LANE”]
–orange and purple and blue. I happen to know that
that washer and dryer is too big for your apartment. No. We checked the square footage. So we bought you a
house to put them in. [MUSIC – SIA, “CANDY CANE LANE”]
–you. Red and yellow and pink
and green, orange– Hi. Obama! Hi. No! It’s nice to meet you. Ellen heard about all
the wonderful things you all are doing and we
wanted to surprise you with a little something– Oh, wow. –that we have here. Lift it up. [SCREAMS] [MUSIC – SIA, “CANDY CANE LANE”]
–candycanes, oh, Candy Cane Lane, bring
a friend this holiday. Bring a friend
who likes to play. I see a room full of
future doctors and teachers and engineers and
presidents, and I want to make sure that you have
the tools you need right now. So we’re giving
the school enough iPads for every single
one of you students. I’m so happy, because I love my
school and I love my teachers. Hi, Ellen. I wrote because
I had to tell you about my friend Jennifer
and her incredible family. Jennifer battled breast
cancer for four years and then, unfortunately, she
passed away six months ago. Her husband Mario
lost his soulmate, and two young girls
lost their mother. [MUSIC – FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS,
“ALL THE FEELS”] I want to feel just a little. Oh, we’re here. Just a gentle– [REVS ENGINE] Oh my goodness. Hi, I’m Melissa. How are you? There’s something about
walking into certain houses and you feel how
much love is there. And you walk into
here, and you feel it. Every day is a new challenge,
but there’s always a blessing. And I know she’s around. She’s everywhere. Do you want to see
what’s in the box? Yes. Yeah. It’s your mortgage. It’s $300,000, and
what I want to do with that is just tear that up. Let’s just get rid of that. [MUSIC – FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS,
“ALL THE FEELS”] –some more, some more. I want to feel just a little– I spin signs all over the city. Sometimes it’s like two hours
30 minutes away one way, and then two hours
30 minutes back. That’s five hours. All right, this is the deal. OK. This is Ellen’s Greatest
Night of Giveaways. Wow. And she wants you to
have any car on this lot. No. You’re joking. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. She wants you to have
any car on this lot. Yah! Oh, my gosh! I don’t think you’re ever
gonna ride the bus again, bro. That’s what belief
gets you, man. I think you brought
this into being. And it up, uh– Hey! Mine does something that’s
different than yours. What? [MUSIC – FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS,
“ALL THE FEELS”] to feel just a little, just a
little, just a little, with my heart in the middle,
in the middle, in the middle. Want to live just a little,
want to feel just a little, just a little. Give me– Oh, what? What’s in there? Yay! [MUSIC – FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS,
“ALL THE FEELS”] little bit more. Ellen’s Greatest
Night of Giveaways is made possible by our
friends at Green Dot Bank. I can’t tell you or thank
Green Dot Bank enough, because they made it
all possible for us. What an incredible bank that is. Green Dot Bank, thank you. You’ll have one more chance
to see it tonight on NBC. Don’t miss it. We’ll be back.

100 thoughts on “The Best Moments from ‘Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways’

  1. My goodness Ellen im crying like a baby here while im on my break. I love you so much Ellen. Watching here in Qatar. I hope u surprise me one day to send me back home to my country Philippines ???????? God bless this show ???

  2. Ellen ur very special person for all human kind.. and u have so much kindness to spread kind for all.. we all love u so much.. and I'm from India.. I also wish that even India need like u Ellen ♥️

  3. I wish i was there to share those special moment n share their happiness with them..god bless u Ellen n ur team for doing such a wonderful job in this whole world….may god shower with lotttttttsssss of happiness to u nd ur team..with lottss of love from me…

  4. Ellen is just AMAZING, just and FYI don’t watch this while you are work. I’m fighting back the tears while sitting at my desk.

  5. I love you Ellen for putting smiles on the faces of many people. I love you for doing what you do. Greetings from Dubai to everyone in the Ellen show

  6. This is what you do.
    .you make someone's else life just.a little better if and when you can..God Blesd those who give to the least. Of. These…

  7. Oh my God!!! Ellen the tree e has been non other like you. May God continue to let your cup runneth over..u deserve so much happiness because you give so freely..much love and respect..Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!


  9. Ellen, you are not from this earth. You are a God sent to the earth to touch lives. God bless your beautiful heart. God reward you abundantly.

  10. Dear Ellen, I watch clips of your shows on my phone here and there (I live in Israel) and you are such an amazing human being with a very special soul that is always giving and giving! G-d bless you and all your staff! Happy holidays from Jerusalem, Israel! ❤

  11. I love you ellen God bless you for everything what you did for people God give you long life l don't have a word to how much l love you l can't speak English so good mebi one day l am going to see you if God says end l love you so so so so much God give more en more everything that you ask for ?????????????????????????

  12. If I'd a chance in this world to meet one of my favorite persons, I'd use it to meet Ellen. You (Ellen) got everything ma'am, the sense of humor, your laughter, the way you give a guest time to talk without interruption with patience and a lot and a lot. You're one of your kind and gifted one too. God bless you.

  13. All I can do is cry tears ? of joy when I watch her body of work. It gives me hope to know that good things are still happening to and for people. She is a blessed person. We thank you Ellen ??

  14. Ellen’s greatest gift is to give without it being just a random giving . This is stuff they need and money to help them get through . That’s true giving when it’s needed and caused for. ❤️??

  15. Hi Ellen, just be you!! How i wish to just meet you in person and shake your hand!! Thank you for being kind to this world. Well done!!

  16. It really made me cry Ellen is a life changer, I watched her video since I new you exist, shes amazing, I wanna be just like her, my dream is to have my own bakery, and at least one day a week bake for the homeless ?I want to change people's lives ❤

  17. Great job, thanks for doing for the folks during the holiday season, great heartwarming and certainly so deserving; keep on doing good by everyone!

  18. GOD Bless Every Giver of a Random Act of Kindness and Most Definitely GOD Bless Ellen, and Each One Who Help Her to Bless Others nJn?? Amen?? ????

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