‘The Bachelor’ Stars in ‘Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders’

‘The Bachelor’ Stars in ‘Ellen’s Booth of Internet Wonders’

Oh my celeb look alike. Let’s see. Let’s see who it is. Yeah. I’m not saying anything first. I’m so scared. Oh, how cool. Let’s do it. Me as the opposite gender. OK, Yeah she looks beautiful. I’d date me. If I was– yeah, that’s weird. I look like Zac Efron. Kind of. I’m giving myself
way too much credit. [LAUGHING] I don’t think I
could date myself. People do tell Colton and I
that we look like siblings. Why does that look
so much like me? She has a very scary
resemblance to my mother, which is kind of weird that I
say I’d date this woman, but she does– she’s got
a little Tardic in her. Oh my God, wow, I’m hot. Look at those cheekbones. And the jaw. I’m beautiful. Yeah, yeah, she could get it. My celeb look alike. Cole Swindell, that’s
a first for me. I was thinking from
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jason Segel, that’s
who I always get. I don’t accept that one. I do not accept. I’ll take it. All I usually see
is Andrew Keegan. I actually one time
pretended I was him at a bar, and I got free drinks. It was great. Sure. Chris Evans? Not going to disagree. Great. Before the bachelor
I used to bartend. If there is a day that went
by that somebody did not think I looked like
Ashton Kutcher, I thought I had an off day. Oh, OK. Yeah, I’ll take it. I love I can agree. Oh, yes. I feel very like
flattered, thank you people that’s so nice. Bachelor head shot. Oh, God. Well, which season. Yeah I knew you were
going to do that one. That’s why I kept
coming on, honestly. I just kept wanting
a better head shot. Look at that cutie. You just do what
you’re going to do, because it’s going to
make you go places. And I would tell that
dude, you have no clue what this year has in store for you. What is that stance? Who stands like that? It’s going to be
really bad at first. But it gets better
as time goes on. Hang in there, you’re
going to find a great one. No matter what happens
on the Bachelorette, it’s going to be OK. You’ll get through this. It’s better on Paradise. Just don’t even talk
to Chad, please. OK? Ah, young and full of collagen. Everyone was saying that my arms
look like a little T-Rex arms. And I got all
self-conscious about that. I would be OK never
seeing this again. [CHUCKLING] Grease ball. Millennial word of the moment. Kind of sounds like
‘sup, but with an S. So I’m going to say
when you’re asking more than one person what’s up. Sexy under sideboob. You a little “soos.” Oh my gosh, my brother
says this word. Pass the sauce. Like maybe it’s a drink. I think Dr. Seuss,
when I think of sus. I’m not with the times anymore. Suck up sucker? I don’t know. Sus. I’m old, I don’t know
any young people. It’s sad I have to call
them young people, too. Sus. Oh, duh, I know what sus is. Suspicious. Because I always be sus. I would say if somebody is
like, yo that’s sus to me, they’re like yo,
that’s suspicious. We’re going to have problems. It’s suspect, right? That’s so suspect. I’m a frickin’
millennial, let’s go. Representing. Millennials.

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  3. When you see a lot of fake Mrbeasts and memes in the comment section and then you come across this one
    Hope whoever’s reading this has a great day

  4. Can we talk about the fact that male Cassie looked exactly like Colton and female Jared looked exactly like Ashley? For real…

  5. “‘Millennial word of the say” more like gen z. All of those people are millennials. That’s definitely not a millennial word.

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