The Adult Actress Tier List *Stream Highlight*

The Adult Actress Tier List *Stream Highlight*

you'll feel that that testosterone feeling in your body oh I love morning sex I feel like that's what if it's like a I don't know what my female viewers like I don't know if they're watching this or even if I have like a lot of female viewers but I feel like that's what it would look like was good shabooey rising thought I'd throw a quick stream highlight for those who missed the tearless that we don't stream usually I delete their streams but I thought this one was pretty funny so we'll keep it if you guys want me to do more these stream highlights just like subscribe and enjoy the video brothers James Charles not have me dead that James Charles I have me dead like not gives us really mad at him I was just really mad at James Charles I was just like damn that's crazy I've been losing millions of subs that shit like that is tough I'm proud never have to make an apology video babe the dad got making apology videos the damned quitting YouTube that's gonna age so well if I actually make one of the cups or goes-o occasions up let's get back into it let's get back into it we have the tier list that needs to be done I already made the website tier list and before we get into before we get into to this tier list just talking about H anime TV no it's not all right it's nice don't get me wrong it's nice but hence I hate will always be king is no cab there was a bunch of web there was a bunch of like websites that I didn't put in because I was like I made it look I made a video in 30 minutes so I didn't like I didn't really try with it took me like 30 minutes so like make an edit I didn't put black down there but black this is definitely I think I might make a part two so I don't want to get too in detail but I saw a lot of niggas showing my even my own friends were like well I can't take this X and xx slander accidenti sex is garbage is it garbage to your website you can't change my mind like there's no changing my mind about X and X X black their browsers what's better okay that's a hard because I like black of course well I think I like black has great storyline an excellent story under filming everything is just quality but then if they be having these one scenes I just it'd be taking me out of the immersion cuz I'd be watching actually like a day this crazy the story like it's amazing but then every time but without every time it's like it's going down and he takes the girl's head and shove it in his eyes I'm like oh and it lasts like two three minutes this make a whole her whole head in a new house oh my bro come on okay I gotta skip that part fuck if I skip that part it's like yo black does top tier alright as you can see we have Mia Khalifa this is I think this is a ballad danger Alexis Texas like I remember her name everybody knows her what's this girl's name what's her name can y'all help me Angela why there we go yeah I knew I were to a a Piper Piper Perry Holly Michaels August Eames Kendra Sutherland I forget her name I forget her name but she's on everything Kelsey Monroe's right here Kelsey Monroe Janice Griffith Riley read Tina trunk I feel like a wild-card in there for some reason Lena the plug I don't know Kimmy Lisa and me and mal Cova Elsa sorry these are like this is this is this is the tearless right now Oh a Dropbox I'm throwing her in right now you you got me right there that's someone I completely forgot this is what we have and I think we're gonna start from the top down like we did from the last starting off Mia Khalifa Oh Mia Khalifa no cap no cap thank you for to dog super chat average so average I don't know why she's I don't know why she's like so hyped up she's not the best Mia Khalifa it oh my god like her base whatever these fake ass tits I'm I'm not even like a fake ass to like I don't like that and you know what I gotta give her and she has some awkward videos like some very awkward videos Mia Khalifa you and the beach here for me straight into the deeds here of Bella danger Oh Bella danger saying they say an S ya'll say an asset I feel a lotta Hayes I see she is a top-tier this is what I can really want you good job cuz y'all feel me you know she's not at that s tier for me she's not at the s tier for me but a Bella didn't do have that quality that very high quality even has it's a Bella dangerous that one scene who knows what I'm talking about she has it with um with Orser it wasn't named August Ames and they be under the table that's a a that's a eight here right there she I can proudly say that's a a – Alexis Texas I'm gonna get flack for this I know i'ma get flack for this Alexis Texas is not it is not a night I know I know everyone's gonna be like oh y'all doin C's F's oh so y'all agree she's not it it's because what I what I'm watching right like her like look at her face bro I'm not trying to shame her but just think about it like this cuz people are gonna give me I'm gonna get flack for this I'm gonna get flack for this look like you don't like her fazer she's an actress alright and she shows off like it's like you have to review you know it's like the scenes that acting the body to face and for me I'm a big base person right and she just don't be looked like she got she got some different assets for her face like her her body it on on a point but her face is not on point they're acting be garbage I'm gonna have to throw I'm gonna have to throw her into the de quatre that's a D for me right there meekly it's not like complete garbage but I would rather go something else Angela white is pretty quality no cap no y'all already I'm not good job right yall already know and to the white pre quality but not completely up there she she has some good scenes don't get me wrong and she I don't see someone I can I can go back to I can definitely go back to and I could be like that was a nice view I'm proud of it I'm proud of watching that line I'm I have to go with Abby I'm gonna have to go to be poor Angela why you're pretty good there's some things she could gonna you can improve on but it still gets pretty quality it's pretty nice I guess I take myself very serious by some of y'all be dirty mop buckets and just be just be beating me tiny no I take pride in watching us if if something's off oh yeah oh not that acting garbage get that out of here until until garbage of it pitch fat camp this is a real man's list a real man's list okay Piper Piper with Piper Perry fishing yeah she garbage boat she asked this is not she's not it you make it if you know vote this is whatever game she has the thing is with the chat it seems like it's very mixed some niggas are saying a some niggas the same f she be doing a collab I appreciate what she doing you know for the african-american community in the black lives matter the black lives matter but for me I can't mess with this she'd like she she looked like a child I'm a half that I'm not gonna give her a F imma throw her in the Academy you know that's the e for me by doing so might owe my parents y'all I'm gonna be a youtuber and this is the I'm doing it's crazy but fuckin holly rockin Michaels Oh Holly my book is excellent airy X unique is the same you hardly Michael's to me has me very quality seen very quality she has I seen when miles hey and she her face is like average but it's like I don't know what she's me work like she'd be working man she'd be really putting in that work for me Holly Michaels is nice I'm having thrown to the B category III like Holly Michaels she's not up there but she up there you throw me all right August Ames August Ames can we get a quick moment can we get a quick moment of silence can we get a quick F and a chat and not because she's a FK we gotta f4 to pay respects because August Ames Oh quality super quality like oh my gosh amazing I loved August Ames she gave us so much enjoyment and when I found out that she died I was hurt I was very hurt upon reviewing hurt her of her content you know her movies they could have been better they could have been better but she still had some quality stuff so I'm a half the thrower instead of B category into the B category r.i.p you feel that you filled many of us with enjoyment some laughter sadness all right Kendra Sutherland Kendra Sutherland it's amazing no one can tell me otherwise you cannot tell you that well well can you suddenly it's not lit a lot I seen a lot of aids I'm seeing a lot of haze and as there we go there we go for me oh and I just watched one of her scenes like a couple of couple days ago and it it was amazing and you can even see vixen she's a model for a bit she sponsored by vixen and you already know vixen is the best hunter Sutherland as I do it up pretentious Sutherland tender selling got got it all she got it all there's no that's that's excellent that's that's excellent riley reid one of the most overhyped women in the adult industry in my opinion Riley read oh oh I'm seeing what am I seeing I'm seeing her I'm seeing everything here I'm seeing everything here Riley is overrated but then again she does have some quality scene there's only one problem I have this ho doesn't shave anyone you put her in that s you put her in that s one sucks thanks for too long super you put her in a s I'm sorry but she don't even she nasty bro she stop it some of her videos I'd be like oh you doing man no cap if I got enough clout I bet Riley read with not me like that's just like she and she'd be on Twitter Wilin and then Riley but you need it chill imma throw her in the seats here because she's not trash but she not like the best she's not better than these imma throw her into the C category Kelsie Monroe and my fucking Janice Griffith are damn near the same person look at that you guys can't tell me that that's not the same person but Kelsey Monroe this is the thing Janice Griffith got better scenes they're acting but Kelsey Monroe just got she got in my opinion Kelsey Monroe is just a tad bit better than Janice Griffith but they both pretty excellent yeah this is gonna be a hard one because I I want to put I want to put I want to put Kelsey marijuana a but I have to put her in be I have to put her in BM song I'm sorry as much as I want to I have to put her in beat and same a Janice Griffin I got a call both in Beach okay this bitch everybody I don't even know her name but everybody knows her every brandy love yeah brandy love brandy love is not it yes y'all are y'all are giving her a high tier – I'm seeing some apps coming now CAS B's a brandy love isn't it granny love his best mil from no she's not she look like she's 50 she's old she old but I she gonna break a hip taking that big you feel me she gonna be like ah that shit ass brandy love to me is f I can't watch if it's a solo see brandy love ID mine him mad Tina Trump or Tiana truck whatever her fucking name is see how I talking for me personally I don't really be I'll really be liking her that much she all right she alright but she's not eight overrated probably over she's like she just whatever for me I have to be like and I have to be in some sort of mood to be watching Tiana Tina Trump videos you fell me I'm gonna have to throw her to the C category she be doing her thing don't get me wrong this seems I should be doing she be doing her thing but she's not she's not that height for me after land of the plug in here just because I don't know she's like a youtuber she like deta and Adam 22 and I was like she knew to think I was on it I was on the out on the hot stars list like the top and she was like number like 30 or something so I'll the outdoor in there but to be honest she needs some work she needs some work she's like she's she's not even with all these and she gives that homemade because she just see that she does her own shit you know she gets that homemade vibe you know but she she she has the tools she is needs to you know reach her maximum potential she has potential I'm not gonna throw her into the e-cat you know she just needs to work on it a little bit her Anna Adam being work out a little bit and you know maybe maybe something oh maybe maybe she'll come up you know there's always room for improvement I have Kimmy Kimmy pretty late no cap can be pretty fucking late I'm seeing a lot of people fuck with Kimmy that s is a nays is rolling out she has the good she has she has the good acting she has the good scenes she got the good quality and niggas is gonna be like yo what some niggas like that big old pussy shit now she like skinny as shit I might have to put Kim Yuna s to you but I'm a happy Kimmy as I asked here for me another old-ass lady another old-ass lady ass I've seen so many apps forgot her but Lisa and that's her name Lisa and she's so over height and niggas lovely saying and I can't stick my niggas in love Lisa and they be at Lisa ankle and bro I love Lisa I'm like bro she gon die taking that be telling you I'm not trying to I'm not trying to watch that much her shape but like there's milfs ever there's much herb and that's mature and I'm not trying watch Tamara I'm not trying to take don't I try see granny takes vinculum yeah F hey sorry about that that's a F very much garbage son into the garbage can you go aedra hogs I love you son a drop box it defines lit fire she got it all as I said before she got it all but what I put her in s you know you know we have a lot of essence but she going to ask a baby let's fucking go you'll feel that that testosterone feeling in your fucking body oh I love sex I feel like that's what if it's like a I don't know what my female viewers like I don't know if they're watching this review if I have like a lot of female viewers but I feel like that's what it would look like like this stream and everyone's like put your ass that's what that's what this stream looks like Dillon rock in dillion harper both not this Beach I sort of got it nah I said that's not it that's not it billion hard guys get into the garbage can y'all ass ass that's an F – boy uh-uh incident garbage can I swear to God and last but not least Mia Malcolm the tears rips think mommy Malcolm amazing I love me some uncle Ted D now you captain now you Cap'n if you think me about Koba isn't anything below my ass because me on October is an F G a SS see a triple s she's the goat she's the best I love me Samia more like ah consistently and she not only like somebody some of these females they just pop up and they disobey me on Malcolm it consistently amazing solid ass solid ass I'll even give her a quadruple ass but I don't have that on here and I have a little a little special for y'all bell Delphine oh my god y'all it's only called it I'm telling you and people know that but she don't even make Jimmy make not brother she don't need to she don't need to she got a premium snap that's a ass that's is bell dolphine that'sa fuckin ass that's a dub you guys have more fucking ass right there yo cap and if you think Belle Duffy ain't nothing below ass right there that's what I like to see someone in it so we need to introduce me to her son and he get on a FaceTime call Belle Duffy you know talk talk about life or some lesser buta tearless now boys all right let's review s and the S tier we have Kendra Sutherland Kimmie Granger some aedra fox mia mal Cova and we gotta bail delphi's in the aids here the only one person in the 18 we have a belly danger and the beats here we have Angela white holly Michaels August Ames Janice Griffith Kelsey Monroe in our seats here we have riley reid and tina trunk now onto the deeds here we have Mia Khalifa and alexis texas and the eaves here Piper Perry and Lana the plug and last but not least and the FT R we have the milfs Brandi love Lisa and there we go Lisa Ann and Dylan Harper dillion harper whatever fame is we gotta be more shit on stream like this anyways anyways mission boy yo okay Gucci Bell run my damn waste purply dirty grape damn man damn man that 30 giving nigga face tan young savage nigga I might pull out what the stick she was in my pants so I made

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  1. No offense bro but imma need to slide you for the last one 😂 like what is you doing exactly nah you do you

  2. I have so many problems with this list what is going on… Riley is at least A tier, Dillion is at least B, and how dare you leave out Fae Raegan? This is blasphemy

  3. Horizon I would like to personally thank you for introducing me to Kendra Sunderland, I just watched one of her videos and it was truly an experience. I've never seen an adult film with such great acting.
    Thank you.
    – a lonely white boy no one knows

  4. Ya'll niggas can thank me for getting Belle delphine on that mother fuckin list

    If you watched the uncut stream at around 10:29 i asked in the chat
    "where is Belle Delphine" but horizon mentioned it and said to wait till the end of the stream


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