That Certain Encounter l British Romantic Movie l Romance, Drama l Hollywood Talkies l

That Certain Encounter l British Romantic Movie l Romance, Drama l Hollywood Talkies l

[Applause] okay where is it over there give me the keys I'll Drive oh come on I'm gonna get you to an actor you're gonna be okay [Applause] we'll have it out before you boo device and a baby well let's go that's really a beaut Gary you don't spill blood on the rug of course a fortunate queen here drink this hello yeah he's alright nothing serious what about it it's in the garage sure you just had a misson to it yeah and not only that but you had a grill a bystander that was his fault sook oh that son of a bitch was just let that filthy rotten bastard get away with all he knows about us it's my own fault depending on a couple of shit you like yeah we might have been out of my mind it was lucky he won't be that lucky next time boss you could fetch your bottom dollar get outta here kid they say the Mafia's in Sicily but for me Milan is getting more dangerous than Palermo would you say so mr. cappuccino on video sure yeah oh wait what you have faster no no no it's my turn to pay remember well – a cappuccino a brioche and a big did you forget something isn't your change right so what about my kiss I've got to pay money you're not my cup of tea – put it soup um what do you mean have you got a telephone yes in the room money change I want a coffee – one copy okay you wanna work did you use this Thank You J plus your money sorry see you tomorrow good night real beauty I got a home there evening yeah I'm shot for the cigarette machine hey wait don't rush off I gotta pay her back I'll be ready in just a minute your hundred lira does that usually happen requires a little bit of help offer your ride somewhere no thanks I'm glad to go there stretch my legs with you cigarette yeah this is great sometime everything flows uptight is it always like this seriously what do you doing after work the others I don't know then I go to bed alone I didn't mean to be well forward a fresh eye I knew here good night I have two beautiful not only there you haven't had quality first time I looked at you I knew you were special you want to break out but you afraid to a little nudge in the right direction my name is guido you it's ten o'clock and you're still not in a sack yes you're quite right Oh me I'll remedy that now that's right live till tomorrow I'll be waiting tonight at 9:00 there's no point in your waiting ready looks like tomorrow gone a fine well I am I thought it was Australia the way you said and I know it's getting more savages in Australia Henry it sure was nice knowing me it sort of worked here too whatever permits me to have this car and other kinds of pleasures listen I'm expecting a phone call keep me company for half our way I want a reprieve they don't need me for a while then you're not gonna be leaving tomorrow no not tomorrow anyway what are anything in the bar No then come on angry no Suzie don't tell me they've exiled you to the provinces pussy no more than you we can a how do you do and Danny I will you have a drink yeah Albina wants to know tell not to worry it's a cake yeah well I'm not sure how he'll take it he's afraid you're going to blow your cover here and there them oh no very good city with a fish hmm those guys who are they a usual mr. papa she's way prettier than most brunettes and she sure hates me come on Ana I want you to meet a friend of mine get him it's up to you if you want to be with me but if you do don't ever walk out on me again you've got me right out of my mind I don't know anymore you're hot you take before you are I'm sorry but you tell me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's late you know you're trying to get rid of me are you nice you you shouldn't have come there waited about the house you should have figured I was busy should you use the head Anna that Guido come on and it's a living I mean you can do a lot of business around a card table trust me I love you tonight I'm going to Milan you coming with me nah don't like that congratulations you should ma'am this one on your lap all right that's it I'll see you later all right but not too late John I get bored in the house a lot why don't you go and do more shopping yeah money was invented to be spent go buy Milan if you seal it all right why don't you go inspect that this is better than to say hmm you have clearance right all you got to do is pick up this stiff you just Swiss citizen miss your pillow right here's your permit to get in and out of Switzerland be sure you pick up the right body oh my gosh once yes hey sir do you have any preferences in coffins when you exciting that young feed good evening sir we're here how do you say incognito tonight I want a good table in a corner if you can find it this way she's teeny she you she was a strange thing this chain stinks I don't be the brand Mikado so yeah right it hey how about you join us I want to talk to you why don't you come in the office don't worry I'll only give him five minutes and I won't leave you sitting alone Lisa this is Lisa green Avadh the only light screams of diamonds fine what sign are you sign yeah oh yes Sagittarius ah I'm busy the Virgin Esther logically ready agree to this girl interpreter you could say that we're practically the same stable oh don't take notice of what I say I'm always pissed ain't feeling no pain come on have one of these and you won't feel anything either with no pain okay Hey what is it something wrong let's go find out okay in the Bono's the Lord's a nurse they're all ready and waiting in castle itsuko paid you to hustle us it won't work so God as a mafioso he don't rain but Yuri Karl you rate less hmm that's big talk for a guy with a 5 in the future you know why should i fret to the police if they hardly pay me don't forget I was in for 10% then you figure figure I'd throw away 10% of 300 million you don't figure man you've got me all wrong why don't you prove it oh we go into the trap in time the hearse is safe and sound but the goods have to be delivered you take them oh yeah the police they don't know me huh sent somebody to trust that girl for example Anna yeah she'll look like a fool the problem is just there okay Anna Seiler us anyway and throw customs are well ina goes over with the drugs yeah the me is the right plan petunia is kicking the balls to get your brains working I may just have to try it out on you one of these days yes you know it's not for sale not yet better tell me what you're up to and fast oh it's you preparing to go to bed thank you and that suitcase in there what's that all about I was going to leave you so I packed anytime you're free to go I'm here all the same aren't I good night I'm go to bed don't worry it's easy just act natural you look about as relaxed as a convict about to be hang come on don't look like that just show your pretty legs I'll be so busy trying to look further up it won't last nothing hey there's my bus see us whistle good I use Eclair mints no tell me what do they expect to find in that hurts of course miss what helps alright what's going on you forgot this Elmo it is I know Jan here yeah it's out I'll bite on that tell him you're dead same as you're gonna get Zuko he's stopping a lot of bullets come on get in the car but imagine if later no foolin please stop with a small-town mentality herbs have changed that much I don't believe it anyway it's a hell of a small sacrifice considering the reward you're a bastard yeah but if you refuse then that then I'll have to answer for it personally you try to frighten me we got no choice two facts II just a fact all sentiments aside much you know about sentiment I know a lot but we got other things to think about this customer has a check and it's up to you to get that check we know the pimp you better watch that dirty language in the u.s. from Alma his name's Rossi we're on 32 this check I've got to this how do I get just use your assets see you tonight don't worry I'm not gonna hurt you like a drink no thanks you know I bet you're a masochist yeah masochist I bet you like it here's the check-in question I'm the sort of man who enjoys your kind the sort of man you like come on undress not too fast there's no hurry this is my favorite part [Applause] here's your check take it read the name on it it's not mine oh so yeah exactly he's the big one here in the previous Union this is ovarian to be at play she Wow and say Josh man really Susan lishus oh sure [Applause] what scuse me I do you mean it's happened to you before yes when last week been to see a doctor oh I guess I know what it is what are you gonna do now just a minute I want to go to bed I'm tired all right or is that also forbidden where'd you hide the dough what don't greet oh the scratch the pile that you hit that you steal every day a little more you think I'm stupid you think you still catch urine and that stink a little corner bar and in peanuts flipping the price of a coffee you better get it straight at an our organization the books add up or else how do you want to give me the scratch you took or do I take the matter up with Ricardo I didn't take any money you want your ass kicked fine keep lying I'll do it I need that money it's not yours it's mine I need it need it do you what the hell for I'm pregnant we don't mean that do you that's right we don't really and who's the baby's father my son needs just his mother you'll get an abortion you like money huh just like the rest of them you faked it good but you're just like the others you've got it all wrong you're the one who use me you said they're impaired Gummo waiting for a sucker and you're in up your neck now you're part of this organization you try to get out and they'll kill you you and your bastard two are gone Fred I'm afraid I shall have to go in after it what are you waiting for well yeah you know Vinaya at my office hey get dressed [Applause] now what the hell is it I'm not going we got no time to play around now come on follow me we agreed rossabi what's this all about come on what have I done now there's a warrant out for your arrest Interpol what's going on they've arrested Widow I don't know why look at the money it's not very much all I could scrape together thanks where will you go a girlfriend in Rome ciao ciao and thanks again you mustn't disturb his Highness they're pretty but you show don't be silly come on I have a terrible feeling this mama has already begun spoiling her tongue I agree Senora now he has to return to the nursery though oh so soon you know you also need to rest any other news that's him isn't it his lawyer called six years severe but really I wish he got in the hundred please let me alone [Applause] I've got a proposition for you just one all right let's hear it you retire I mean I travel all the way here to hear this take it or leave it if you take it I'll let me get a South American I got friends down they will take care of you but say you don't want to take it what happens huh that's your business cut up the friends you got left then give me an answer here's my answer so yani pulling a brain wild Raff's no mo you're gonna kill you go ahead shoot or else get out of my way so on faster there's no one on duty here hell no I'll try the polyclinic please hurry up driver please go faster yes but I've got a sick child very bad can't help you here accident on the moment on the doctors are all busy right now there's a pre theater number two he's only got broken bones about to do a tracheotomy an operation you stay here you have to operate immediately what I mean is it really really necessary you're wasting time Harrison you're a hippo to the doctor there I mean he's confident I suppose here Senora I'm breaking house balloons but you can stay here till morning Thanks still under the anesthesia but it all went well he's out of danger now but he'll have to stay for a couple of days Your Honor I'm only a doctor it's thanks to you that Paulo is still living no if I hadn't been there to be somebody else it's always like that doctor yes I'm coming for your hair right are you afraid no I'm not but it's hard at this speed the place got hot hey I don't even ask you to slow up not to stop altogether funny now we can get back to shore Oh what because I'm afraid we're out of cats yeah not a drop left in there Oh what are you looking at there goes what are you doing you're an expert at medicine but as a sailor you're a bust there's only one way that I can see to get to shore are you mad don't tell me you can't swim either run away so much Robinette how do we get back to Rome sorry a few a nice afternoon this in little cold water it was a lot of fun well they're going huh see those dunes friend of mine lives just beyond you'll be able to be able to help your inter please right yes it's me what is it I still have your scarf here I meant to give it back if you'll be there I'll bring it tomorrow to the clinic Lorenza speak louder with the storm I can't hear you [Applause] you'll regret this we don't know anything about talk we want you to know [Applause] doing to make one seven two until make far your mother will pick you up tonight all right go on you're coming too yeah I'll be there after I'm finished with work run along now [Applause] I like you're gonna Renta I made enough also can you tell me if this one is the latest edition singing yes that's right it just came right good morning folks international [Applause] how do I look like a nun trapped animal I'll take it as a compliment that amnesty wasn't granted any too soon it's beginning to look at net surprised to see me an unpleasant surprise how'd you guess yes still a sexy broad I'll bet you could get all your clients back no I couldn't that's finished this family life is ruining you Anna your bastard owes her vasilek must cost an arm and a leg yeah the scratch should be enough to take care of his board meals now get moving there's board what for I'm dating a man with me well it couldn't make me go they create an awful I'm not going to Milan I should have told you I'm engaged to a goodness yeah a good doctor does he know that you used to sell your cute little ass Anna wonder how he'd take it find out shall we and I thought I'd never see you again I was sure that you'd listen to reason now then Ricardo's expecting me tonight in Milan so get your ass and don't try anything funny like calling the cops because I can guarantee you sure wish you hadn't I promise you you'll pay double and your little boy will be doing as well friendly advice don't worry Senora we'll take good care of it ah there is wait right here I'll go and call hello look who's here and mama [Applause] are you right darling Mama's good boy are you happy here with the sisters yes but not nearly as happy as when you and I mother promise me you'll be like a little soldier I mean you're really brave aren't you hmm mommy has to go away for a while I'm on business until I return you be real good and I won't be gone long I promise [Applause] okay all right now [Applause] can I ask you one more thing sister of course Senora please mail this letter as quickly as possible certainly it's very important don't worry I'll do it Senora come on stop bawling well yeah I just think I'm glad they're gonna be to see you in Milan you see that he went out and he bought me or like me he knew all my sizes it's a very nice way I mean the man wants to show me his gratitude I must say I'm only deserving Ricardo knows my worth you deserve each other you too hey Dutchess who do you think yeah just because while I was away rotting in prison you started banging a doctor you think you're any better than before the important thing is you're here you know like it it's just too bad you give any trouble I'll beat the crap out of here you can also kill me if you want what come on what's this shit about you can kill me all those years in jail without seeing a chick don't touch me I prefer even whoring to having you touch me I dreamt of you all those years in prison I hate you I hate this house and I hate all the memories it brings back I'll hate you to the very last moment of my life you bastard all right you hate me hate me all you want but I get your number don't I don't I baby [Applause] this year people play machine go work on the fat feet he's a billionaire the hell is she going I'll bring her back don't make a scene why she's gonna get punished if you know what you want but it may give you cold [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] are you cold there no don't talk the cold is only an effect of the anesthesia it'll pass poor darling and a real Messer there you know and who is poor I'm happy to have found you again you're not being honest now that you know you know all about all about what time about the woman described in the newspapers no I'm the only one who knows the real one tell me what was she like she was afraid to be happy and then she wasn't afraid she was happy and passed from harmless creature you be good now do here what a beautiful boy and mama said it now Yamagata her heart is still a week but more regular there's a chance she made me promise to ask if you'd mind taking the boy for a walk distract him a bit I like know if you could do me a favor of course I'd like to phone you every now and then to find out how the post-operative Jane is affecting her said a doctor

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