Tana Mongeau “Fights” & Kisses Jake Paul’s New GF!

Tana Mongeau “Fights” & Kisses Jake Paul’s New GF!

Jake Paul has found love for the first time since his split from ex-wife Tana Mongeau and according to reports, it’s for real this time. What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News we all were along for the crazy ride of 2019 that was Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s relationship. They went from dating, to engaged, to married in a matter of months, but it all came to an end just about a month ago. They shared the news of their breakup on January 3rd. They each posted to Instagram sharing the news that they were taking a break. Both Tana and Jake shared pics and wrote long emotional captions, but it seemed like the split was for the best for both of them. But if you were a true Jana fan, this news wasn’t exactly shocking. Mostly because of the video Tana put out a few days before titled, “the truth about everything.” She admitted some heartbreaking things about her relationship with Jake. Tana also admitted that their marriage wasn’t what it looked like on social media, she wasn’t truly happy. So it wasn’t shocking that these two split up, but it seems like it was for the best for both of them. But what is more surprising to us, is that Jake has already moved on and seems to be serious with a new woman. According to Page Six he’s dating another social media star by the name of, Julia Rose. Jake also confirmed the news by posting a kissing pic of the two of them on Thursday night. So it looks like they are officially official. And just in case you haven’t heard of Julia, she’s a 26 year old model who is a former reality star and has almost 4 million IG followers. She’s also known for posting some VERY scandalous pics. We won’t be showing any of them here for obvious reasons, but you can go to her Instagram on your own time if you wanna see what we’re talking about. Julia was previously dating her ‘Are You The One’ co-star Stephen McHugh, who she still works with on a digital magazine. According to reports the two of them likely separated without saying much about it. Anyway, Jake and Julia have clearly both moved on from their past relationships to each other. They were spotted together in Miami for his boxing match against British YouTuber AnEsonGib on January 30, where Jake in a first-round knockout win. According to a source, Julia supported her new boyfriend all week before the competition and the new couple even hung out and partied with Jake’s ex Tana. And at the afterparty Julia and Tana even staged a fight, which ended with a kiss, to prank Jake Paul. Julia later posted a friendly pic of her and Tana on IG writing quote, “so this happened @tanamongeau” And as for Jake and Tana? Well, according to the source, Jake and Tana are quote “in a great place as friends and she is supportive of Jake’s new relationship.” Tana told Page Six that she’s adjusting to her “break” with Jake and won’t be dating anyone new for now. She said quote, “I’m just really focusing on loving myself, doing good things for myself. Trying to really focus on my mental health and physical health and help my followers do the same and see where life takes me.” And Tana continued on and said quote, “I don’t want to really force anything or rush anything or be with anyone right now.” But Tana apparently is keeping the door open and is open to a possible future reconciliation with Jake. She said quote, “If you love someone so much sometimes you have to let them go. I feel like if we’re both meant to be, we’ll come back together. And if not, I’ll always have a love for him and an experience shared with him that I have for no one else and I will be a supportive friend.” And while Tana has been supportive of Jake, fans have plenty to say about his new relationship on Twitter. One person wrote quote, “Julia Rose is with Jake Paul now??? 2020 is off to a horrible start already man, damn.” Another said quote, “Julia Rose and Jake Paul are PERFECT for each other …the two biggest airheads online.” But another fan tried to support them and wrote quote, “If she can make him a better man then I’m here for it. I will try to ignore the fact that she is another IG thot that likes to think that she is not an IG thot, but stays for women rights LMAO but if she can help Jake and hes happy. Thats all that matters @jakepaul @JuliaRose_33” But I want to know what you guys think about all of this. Do you ship Jake and his new boo Julia? Do you think these two could actually last? And do you think Tana is actually as ok with all of this as she says she is? Let me know down in the comments below. After that, why don’t you dive into more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and have a great day.

100 thoughts on “Tana Mongeau “Fights” & Kisses Jake Paul’s New GF!

  1. What the hell is wrong with some of these people..like why get into a relationship or marriage and know y’all not ready or aren’t truly happy with who your’re with😑..

  2. I'm sorry but it's pretty clear the Paul's are gettin STD's, they can't keep a relationship, they be problematic, honestly it would be surprising if they didn't get STD's, PERIODT😯😂

  3. Why does tana continue to let jake make her look bad, like why would she show up to the fight if he’s with a new girl it’s like she’s trying too hard and following him around

  4. Above all…. I just find it completely GROSS that his pedo dad is of course there getting as much as he can in the middle of it all!!!

  5. Why did they get married in the first place. It's gonna take awhile for Tana to be a wife worthy woman and Jake is a guy meant to be single forever lol

  6. They were never together it was all for clout it wasn’t real people..But Tana caught real feelings.. That’s on her I felt bad but we all knew it wasn’t real..

  7. Everything about this whole story is fake … Jake is all fake by himself… dont waste time in this channel to talk about his clickbaits

  8. Tana is also hanging out with Alissa violet to… she’s besties with all jakes ex’s lol. Probably because their relationship wasn’t real in the first place

  9. I think tana needs to take a long long break with no internet. I think she’s a sweet girl but really losing herself in all this shit.

  10. Nah Tana’s putting up a front to keep Jake in her life lol that’s why she posted those half naked photos with her makeup all fucked hp from crying.

  11. CAN WE PLEASE STOP GETTING INTO RELATIONSHIPS THINKING WE CAN FIX PEOPLE!!? Stop dating damaged goods ladies and gentleman

  12. am i the only one who forgot about julia rose? and as soon as he said ,"are you the one" , and was like oh shittttt that bitchhhhh😭😅

  13. Still can't believe girls are STILL going after him. Do they know what happened with Alissa, Erika and now Tana? Are they actually that stupid. Jake can't even keep a relationship.

  14. Jake is soooo hideous. Him and his brother are so ugly. only reason he even gets his tiny noodle wet its cuz of his followers. I dislike tana as much but I gotta give it to her for what happened with jake and being honest about it being fake and falling for him and trying to stay single.

  15. has found “love”. AHAHHAHAH. yeah right💀.

    “it’s real this time”. he says that everytime🥱. hahahahhaha.

  16. I think Jake Paul is all about himself and uses woman and ppl for clout it's all about him getting as far as he can get too be as famous as he can get that's my opinion

  17. It has literally been like 5 minutes since they broke up and he already has a new gf. And its been 17 years and im still single fml.

  18. annnnnnd…… wasnt julia mikes loooong time Internet Crush… pretty sure they went on a date and im sure fucked? is there nobody else in LA?

  19. I don't understand how Jake has gotten "married" 3 times and he's still in his 20s. Doesn't make any sense, in fact it's sad.

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