Sundance Film Festival 2019.  Dionysus Blockchain for Hollywood.  Dean Anastos, fund movies.

Sundance Film Festival 2019. Dionysus Blockchain for Hollywood. Dean Anastos, fund movies.

good morning Here I am and the mountains of sundance mountain resort it's really really you can see it's absolutely beautiful these mountains up here are a lot sharper than what we have back home in New York where I grew up we have Hills here these are a lot sharper I love mountains that are taller and peak so you get that over here and as you can see this is a beautiful path this is all little this is known as the River Run cabins it's a it's a ski resort I didn't actually stay in the heart of separate Park City I because I had no idea where was I supposed to stay so I ended up just getting something in the mountains and actually I I really liked it a lot it's better than being in a in a town anyway today's a big day I'm gonna speak at Sundance about Dionysus let them know about our platform the platform that's coming that's gonna change the world a platform that's gonna crowd source content globally a platform that's gonna allow people to raise money for their project their movie project the TV project their short whatever and the platform itself will be a means to keep track of everyone's investment through the blockchain through smart contracts and we will also provide partial funding for projects for projects that we internally improve projects that we think we can get distribution on so for projects that we feel are really strong we would get involved as a platform using our bollywood hollywood hollywood hollywood indoor would access and get those projects you know iid lis into theaters for VOD using our global network our platform has 20 actual partners and hundreds of advisers globally so we're very much entrenched into Hollywood now and we can produce anything globally we just secured ten million dollars in financing we're going to finance we're securing an additional 150 million coming in from Japan that's gonna be essentially a fund that's just dedicated making movies this first tranche of money that we're getting now is to essentially build out the platform and paper a couple of slates that we currently have a couple of films that we have on our slate so anyway thank you and just keep an eye out for Dionysus because we are going to change the world thank you

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