15 thoughts on “Substitute Teacher Assaults Student!?

  1. What happened? You cant show this story w/o details?!? And yes…the teacher was dead wrong but why was she hired, what if anything set her off….REALLY hard to watch

  2. 15 year old is not a kid. Special needs? Don't look like so. Just a thug – student probably started it, both are in the wrong. By the way, you noticed swollen Strok's face? He has alcoholism issues.

  3. Half of these kids in public schools are born drug babies, adhd, bipolar , emotional and behavioral disorders and a lot more.
    You have children in classrooms beating up teachers and parents who do the same. Substitute teachers are known to be abused in schools.
    Many years ago I was a substitute teacher and I enjoyed my students but I was at the primary grade schools. I could not imagine being a substitute teacher at any grade now. I would not teach students below college level.
    Teacher now teach at your own risk unless you teach online classes, teach in a small city or private school.
    It's sad what our society has become. The teacher was wrong to react that way. If she felt like she was in danger then she should have pushed the panic button or at the very least walked out of the classroom to get help.

  4. Let's just send her to monitor do nothing members of Congress. You know, to keep them in line and actually working.

  5. A violent waste should never ever been a sub at all.What this fat sub teacher did should be classified as an attempted murder.Sue this ff teacher and put this fat blob in Riker's, & let this toilet waste be beat to an inch of ff blob's life.Let the most violent prisoner's beat and have their way with this fat f toilet waste

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