[SUB: ENG/IND] Weekly Idol EP.407 (EXID)

[SUB: ENG/IND] Weekly Idol EP.407 (EXID)

We’ll steal your hearts C! K! N! Trio Welcome Before we start filming Weekly Idol, I always check with the staff
on who we’re having as guests. They said, “You don’t
need to worry about that.” “They’re much better
than you, anyways.” “So just go ahead and do it.” You won’t have to wait any longer.
I’ll take care to bring them here. – Good.
– Good. They’re the ones who made the term,
“Climbing back up the charts.” – Right.
– That’s what I think. – Their talents are unmatched.
– Right. Today’s guest is… – EXID!
– EXID! (Here comes EXID!
Roll out the red carpet.) (They’re coming out.) – Welcome!
– Welcome! There’s LE. And Hyelin.
Long time no see. – Welcome.
– Hello. Whoz That Girl?
Hi, we’re EXID! It’s a pleasure. (Hani) (Jeonghwa) (LE) (Hyelin) (Solji) (Let’s go, EXID!
We’ll always be there for you.) We at Weekly Idol had been
dying to meet EXID. You’ve come back
after a long time. Did you like our wagon? – The Welcome Wagon.
– The Welcome Wagon. It felt like
I was in a wedding… because of the flowers. (What is she saying?) – A wedding with me?
– What? You be the groom,
and I’ll be the bride. – Sure.
– That’s what I felt. She’s been wanting to
get married lately. She’s been talking about
weddings a lot. (Laughing) I felt like
I was being treated well. I think it’s going to be
a great episode today. Why don’t you
introduce your new song? Our new song, “ME&YOU”… is a moombahtone style. It’s about a woman
who holds a grudge. She’s not nervous at all,
since she has experience. – It was so easy for her.
– She was giving us a lecture. (The lecturer found it funny.) Will you guys show us
the performance of your new song? – Yes.
– Sure. – Great.
– Very good. – Show us.
– Let’s go! (Premiere of “ME&YOU” by EXID) (Satisfied) (Their energy is unparalleled.) Only they can… show us this much energy. – You’re right.
– It was amazing. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– As I was watching, I kept moving my feet. – It was natural.
– Yes. (The genius songwriter LE
is happy with the comments.) – We watched their performance,
– Yes. and now let’s move on to discover
their charms on a deeper level. (Let’s go find
more charms of EXID.) (Weekly Idol) It’s time to check out latest news
on idols through the search engine. – Search Chang Hee!
– Search Chang Hee! (Let’s go!) – First off, Solji.
– Yes. Let’s look at her profile. It says, “Heonalog.” Heonalog?
What does it mean? – My full name is Heo Solji.
– Yes. – And “analog” was added to it.
– Yes. That’s Heonalog. Does it mean that
you like old-school stuff? Yes, I like it, and I’m also not good with machines. I have to ask them
about how to use social media a lot. Recently, I’ve seen her
making phone calls… instead of using online banking. – Telephone banking?
– Yes. Telephone banking? She has to look at
her security card. That’s pretty old. I was a bit surprised. I heard that Solji… – is weak in another area.
– What is it? – What is it?
– It takes… her a really long time
to write a comment. Right. I can explain. We once had a “comment party.” – A comment party?
– Yes. (Laughing) – That sounds funny.
– It’s called a comment party. – Isn’t it?
– A comment party. On Twitter, it’s called
a “mention party.” She said “comment party.” It’s a mention party. They’re in the same category. – So…
– They’re similar. we had a comment party. They went up so fast
when I was trying to write it. So I couldn’t reply to the comments. You couldn’t keep up. I had to hold on to it
like this. (He’s totally agreeing.) I had to hold on to it. You know what I’m saying? – You need to hold on.
– Yes. I had to write the comments
that way. – That’s why we prepared this.
– Yes. Beat the eagle,
the nostalgic typing game! (The Nostalgic Typing Game) We had to surprise her with this. Do you all remember
this typing game? (Do you all remember this?) We used to play this a lot… – when we were little.
– Right. Kids secretly played it
in computer classes. – Right.
– Right. The monitors were also thick,
they weren’t thin like this. – Right, it was huge.
– It was very long at the back. – It was huge.
– It was white, too. We don’t want to
look too old, guys. How fast can you type? How fast can I type? It’s been a while
since I heard that. – That was hilarious.
– Who knows… how fast you type these days? I heard LE’s score was 900. 900? – You were that fast?
– You typed 900? – She’s like Mozart.
– That’s beyond human. 900 is so fast. When we were
moving the computer earlier, Solji was excited talking about it,
but she’s not saying anything. She’s pretending
she knows nothing about it. – She said she used Pentium.
– I’ve never played this game. You said you used
Windows 95 earlier! – You also mentioned 486.
– Why are you pretending? Things like that didn’t exist
when I was young. You said you listened to music
with MyMy. (Explain yourself, Solji.) (Laughing) Right, you had to play the tape. And burn CDs. They were all
in the same generation. An MP3 player was
a new technology. Let’s start the game.
Level 1 is pretty easy. We’ll start at level 4. Start at level 8. Start at level 10. (Let’s start at level 8,
the highest difficulty.) I actually attended
a computer academy. – A computer academy?
– You did? – Solji.
– You’re going to hurt your pride. I can be good at this, right? Relax, and show us what you got. Okay. – You’ll see the real Heonalog.
– Let’s go! We’ll see. Should I double-click this? “Double-click!” (It’s been a long time
since we heard the exact term.) She’s like a teacher! Press enter. I’m so nervous. – Let’s go!
– Press enter? It started. – There it is.
– Let’s see. – What is it?
– What are you doing? – The words are coming down.
– They’re coming down. – She’s pretty fast.
– We can’t see. Why don’t we
move closer and watch? Is that a glass of beer? I think so. – What is it?
– I think it’s beer. It’s an eraser. I thought it was beer. Me, too. You see what you like. Hyelin. (Laughing) (You guys talk.) (I’ll practice typing.) – Hyelin.
– She’s quite good. – Right?
– What are you typing? – “Union.”
– Solji, you’re good! “Immediately.” They’re coming down fast. – Wait.
– Hurry up! – I’m nervous.
– Those are fast. You have too many errors. She’s a netizen. Hurry up! Netizen? What is this? – She’s a netizen?
– Let me go! “Restriction”,
“Spout”, – “Kidney”,
– She’s a netizen for sure. – She has too many errors.
– “Hangul Proclamation Day”, – “Bare head”, “Fortis”,
– She survived the rush. “Frown”, “Exchange”, “Right”, “Corrode”, “Junior.” She finished it! Right, the yellow words
get the game to pause. They give you a break. Can we see how fast she was? This one doesn’t tell you that.
That’s “A Night of Counting Stars.” Right. “A Night of Counting Stars”! LE, how old are you? – We did that in elementary school.
– Even I can’t remember it. – And…
– I think I did fine. her score is 5699,
but apart from that, she did pretty well
for someone not good with machines. (Let’s go, Heonalog!) We should change her nickname
from Heonalog… to Heogital. (Laughing) Hi, I’m Heogital, Solji of EXID, everyone. It’s not that I’m bad at typing.
I’m just not familiar with machines. I’ll try to learn more… so I can communicate better
with our fans. – Thank you.
– Great. (Welcome to the digital world.) That has been for Solji. – Now,
– Who’s next? we move on to Hani’s profile. – I’m seeing “Brother Ahn.”
– “Brother Ahn”? Yes. Is there a reason
you’re called a “brother”? I have no idea. – What are you talking about?
– She knows very well. She became popular
with selfie videos. And there’s one in particular
that people like. Right, I’ve seen the video myself. It’s a video of her
taking care of… other groups. And it was very heartwarming
to watch. She cared for other groups. Moments like that are called
the Brother Ahn Moments… that make their fans
fall in love with her. For those who haven’t
fallen in love with her yet, we’ve prepared something. It’s called,
“Is your heart racing?” (He spoiled the mood.) I’ll give you some… Why are you so ashamed? Hani, how would you
salvage a moment like this? – A moment like this?
– Yes. You can’t salvage it. (I’m sorry, but you can’t.) – You just have to…
– You just move on. pause for a moment, and move on with saying, “Now.” Now, I’ll give you… – some scenarios.
– Yes. And Hani can just be yourself. React to them
as you would normally do. – Yes.
– Okay. – First scenario.
– Yes. – Was it “A Moment to Remember”?
– Yes. It was the best scene
in that movie. You’re inside a street stall, lift a glass of soju and say,
“Drink this, you go out with me.” – It is the best scene.
– But… Hani has to do it
in her way. Will you say the line
while looking at the camera? – For their fans.
– Right. I want to try it, too. (She’s pouring Hani water.) It’s just water, everyone. Hyelin’s bottle
might not be water. (Hyelin’s bottle
might not be water.) (Sniffing) – LE, you can’t say that.
– It’s water! (Weekly Idol complies with
broadcasting regulations.) – Let’s see.
– Let’s see. Drink this, and you go out with me. (Winking) Stop hating it so much! That was awesome. – It was so cool.
– She usually does… something like this
to us often. When our eyes meet,
she winks, and does this. I hate it so much. – But your fans must love it.
– Right. She’s pretty cool. Her eyes and the timing
she said the line… – was just perfect.
– Yes. Second scenario,
a thrilling moment… in her everyday life. For instance, Chang Hee is doing the interview. – He’s the interviewer?
– Yes. And Hani blocks this ball
for Chang Hee. Hani, your new song
“ME&YOU” just came out. Will you introduce your new song? – Our song is…
– I hate him so much! (She missed the ball.) (It was a total failure.) (Laughing) I apologize. That was Brother Ahn for you. You didn’t block it! That’s hilarious. Sae Ho, you try. – Let’s do it one more time.
– You’re weird. Begin. Today… What? Why did you turn around? Today, we’re here with Hani. (Sae Ho flinched,
and Hani is cracking up.) (It’s the skittish Hani.) This is the real Brother Ahn!
The Brother Ahn moment. Right?
She did great! – You made me nervous!
– Here we go. – We’ll do it right.
– You have to block it for me. My chin won’t last. – It’s going to break.
– All right. Today, I’m at this studio… to meet Hani from EXID. Hani looks amazing
as she’s getting ready. We’ll begin the interview
with Hani. (She finally blocked it.) What are you doing? It’s our Kwang Hee. I did it! (Why is he getting the reward
when she made it happen?) Her last comment was touching. She said, “Our Kwang Hee.” Right. (Her charms make
everyone fall in love with her.) – Good.
– I mean, I understand
why she’s so attractive. She’s filled with charms. – Thank you.
– Give me that. Now, it’s time for Hyelin’s profile. Let’s see. One thing stands out the most. She’s the “new expert of teasing.” I saw a video clip. Ho Dong is pretty intimidating, but she wasn’t
intimidated at all… when she was next to him. She said everything
she wanted to say. I found it amazing… that she made it so funny. I’d like to see you… tease Sae Ho a little bit. – He’s the King of childishness.
– No, I’m not. – “King of childishness”?
– “King of childishness”? – King of childishness.
– He really is. – That’s not true at all.
– It sounds cute. Will you please tease him
a little bit? Sae Ho, please step up front.
This area is too small… for me to properly tease you. (He’s the new child in town.) – Yes!
– Let’s go! Get angry with me. – About anything.
– Anything? Why are you late? I know, I know. – Yes, I’m late. What shall I do?
– What time is it now? Oops, I haven’t got a watch. We were supposed to meet at… (Hyelin is making
a mischievous face.) He got annoyed already
that he’s lost for words. – Finished!
– No, wait! – One more time.
– Hyelin. – Hyelin, you are doing so well.
– I was being serious. I am very serious as well. – Seriously.
– That’s not what I am saying. You, EXID, are late. Was it my fault?
You may blame everyone for that. Am I the only EXID?
There are five of us. – Sae Ho lost.
– Cut it. You are driving me crazy. – Hey, Hyelin.
– He got really annoyed. She is really good at it. – It was far more than we expected.
– Right. She did a good job. That was annoying. What makes her good at it is that,
despite all that, I can’t hate her. – You are right.
– She is still lovely. – That irresistible cute look…
– Yes, that’s so true. – is her charm. And, actually,
– Yes, she is cute. her face is still hovering
before me eyes. (Hyelin’s mischievous face
haunting Sae Ho) Hyelin, don’t you want someone… to tease you,
as you do to others? Yes, I do. How can someone dare to tease her… – when she is so good at it?
– Today, we have prepared… something special for you,
Hyelin. – Like what?
– You have been able to… annoy others thus far, but
haven’t got annoyed by others. So we invited someone special… who can annoy you, as a gift. – Please.
– Give our guest a big hand. – It was not easy to invite him.
– It is so beautiful. – Really?
– Wow. I can say that he is the best
at annoying people. – This is going to be fun.
– Unbelievable. I want to eat it now. – Wow.
– I can’t believe this. He is from our brother nation. Turkish ice cream! – Turkey!
– Hi. – Hello.
– Hello. Welcome. Turkey. Turkey. (Being playful) What is your name? – It’s Kaan.
– Ga? Kaan! Before Mr. Kaan begins, let’s show him
what Hyelin’s got first. – After that…
– Hyelin, please tease him first. Hyelin, you go first. Please come closer and do it again. – Please come here.
– I am so shy. Try asking for ice cream
in an annoying way. (Didn’t you just say you are shy?) – That was good.
– Okay. What flavor do you want? – Gosh!
– He is so kind. Ask for all the flavors. Do you want all three flavors? I want to have
strawberry and vanilla. That looks so delicious. – Wow.
– I got it! (Sad) – Where did the ice cream go?
– Did it fall on the ground? – How could you drop it, Hyelin?
– I’ll give you one more scoop. They are now having
a war of nerves. The tension is so high now. – He makes her crave it even more.
– Here you go. (She thought that she had it.) Wow. Didn’t see that coming. No, Hyelin. I bet he hasn’t met
anyone like her before. – It must be his first time.
– He looks flustered a little bit. I knew that Hyelin
won’t be easy on him. Here you go again. You got three cones! How did you… I saw that. No way. – That’s two cones!
– Okay. I’ll really give you one this time. – For real.
– For sure. (For real this time?) (Screaming) Enjoy! She is so mad now! (How dare you deceived me,
ice cream?) – Go, Turkish ice cream!
– Indeed, he got a rise out of her. Hyelin, are you losing it? – It’s the last. Hold your temper.
– Yes, you have to hold it. – Calm down.
– Catch this. (Snatch!) Don’t you want more ice cream on it? He says he will give you more. – A little more.
– Get it. – A little more.
– Be careful. (He took it again.) I knew it was not finished yet. I knew it. – He was giving it away so easily.
– Is it that sticky? There are two cones again! (I won’t fall for your trick twice!) (Yum!) We have successfully
got Hyelin annoyed. All of you may get what you want. (Mischievous Hyelin) Say “please.” Please! – Say it in a pretty way.
– Please. – In a cute way.
– Please. – In a lovely way.
– Please. Please. Do I have to do that? (Is she going to make me do that?) – I don’t want to eat it.
– I won’t have it. You have this. – Thank you.
– Thank you. What about you, Hani? Hani, didn’t you learn
how to greet in Turkish? (Thank you.) Thank you. – She wants vanilla.
– Do you speak Turkish? – Do you know a Turkish song?
– I want vanilla! Vanilla. (Hani’s special performance) Is this Turkish song? (I love it.) – Thank you.
– Thank you. (Sweet Hyelin’s ending) Now, it’s time for the rapper,
the treasure of EXID. Let’s take a look at LE’s profile. (The LE Times begins now.) As you know, every member of EXID
has been on “The Masked Singer.” I was shocked when LE appeared… – on “The Masked Singer.”
– Me, too. I also watched it. I know what you mean.
She is a rapper. Does she like singing? She turns into a ballad singer
whenever we go to singing rooms. – A ballad singer?
– She doesn’t rap there. Normally you rap when you go to
singing rooms with vocalists, but I want to try something else
when I go there. If you don’t mind,
can we spontaneously ask you to… It is not spontaneous at all.
I’m prepared for this. (I am ready.) You introduced her very well. – But it should look spontaneous.
– It’s because… – we already have the music ready.
– You shouldn’t lie! But still, let’s make it look
spontaneous. It’s spontaneous,
but I got the music ready. What is the song you want to sing?
We might have it. – I have my solo song.
– Oh, what is it? It’s only on YouTube. Then it may not be easy
to find the music. It must be difficult to find it. Do you think you can have it ready? The title is “Cream.” “Cream”?
We have it. (We have “Cream.”) – Weekly Idol has it?
– Yes, we do. – Weekly Idol is the best.
– I am so surprised. (Weekly Idol has everything.) This is so funny. You have to sing this song. Have you released a ballad album
as a solo, LE? We have a song titled “Cream”
in one of our albums. – I just sang the original version.
– It’s LE’s version. (You can enjoy LE’s version today.) – It sounds cool.
– Let’s have LE on the stage… – and enjoy her performance.
– Go, LE! (“Cream” by LE) ♪ I just want to talk
to you but nobody ♪ ♪ I just want nobody but you,
let’s just cross the line together ♪ ♪ I’ll just lean on you ♪ ♪ And just talk about your work ♪ ♪ I haven’t even thought about
what to do next ♪ ♪ We can do whatever we want ♪ ♪ Please look at me ♪ ♪ And call my name ♪ ♪ And hold my hand ♪ ♪ Baby, baby, do me right ♪ ♪ Just kiss me
and hold me so tight ♪ ♪ Just take me there ♪ ♪ Cream, cream, cream
all over my body ♪ ♪ All over my body ♪ (LE, how can you
rap and sing so well?) (Everyone must listen to
the voice of the EXID’s rapper.) (LE’s voice as sweet as cream) (LE’s got a sweet voice like cream.) (LE is the best!) Gosh! She is incredible. She is one of a kind. She is great! Teacher Solji,
How was her voice? It was perfect! – It was flawless.
– Wow. – Perfect!
– Let’s give her a big hand. – Her voice is really beautiful.
– You did a great job. – She is a great artist.
– She is really good. By the way, what do you mean by
“Critic of All”? We have a peculiar word here. Oh, that’s my favorite nickname. – Can Jeonghwa explain this?
– Jeonghwa. She attacks others well. (She is critical.) – She attacks others?
– She attacks everyone. – She is right.
– She attacks every single person. – Everyone?
– Every single person? – Attack with what?
– You have to explain further. Please explain more. I am sorry.
I am sorry. For example, you don’t have to say
that I look like a proboscis monkey. I get to agree to her words… – but I feel bad.
– I know what that means. She points out something
you don’t want others to notice. – That’s right.
– I can say those things… because they know that I am
only kidding to make them laugh. Today, we asked every member
to write their own profiles. LE was so honest and wrote
so well about all her members. We have prepared 30 words
on the board here. There are words that tell you
how LE thinks about each one of you. Let’s find it out.
“What does LE think of me?” – Hyelin!
– Hyelin, you may get it at once. What word
best describes Hyelin, everyone? – “Crazy.”
– “Unbearable.” – “Bulldozer.”
– Bulldozer? That is not true.
“Bulldozer” isn’t for me. “Drunk”! (Gotcha.) – “Drunk”?
– That’s right. “Drunk.” – “Drunk” is for her.
– I agree. – Wait a second.
– Wait? I’ll reveal all your secrets, too. (You’d better be careful.) – You do have something to hide?
– I am sorry. You must have something
you can’t tell. – Hyelin, please choose one.
– I’ll choose “Crazy.” – “Crazy.”
– I think it’s “Drunk” for her. Why did you choose “Crazy”? Because, it’s my signature image. – Signature image?
– Are you sure? – Signature?
– What is that? – Signature. She is correct. Yes! There is no need for
any explanation, right? You should know by now. (If you don’t know why,
watch Weekly Idol on EXID again.) Lastly, it’s time for Jeonghwa. – For me…
– “What does LE think of me?” I see several words for myself. – I have to guess what LE wrote?
– Yes. First, tell us
what you think of yourself. I am a “Homebody”, “Bright future”, “Ethics”, and I can also say “Ideal type.” – What about “Eardrum destroyer”?
– “Eardrum destroyer”, it is. Oh, I didn’t see that. – What is that?
– What is “Eardrum destroyer”? When I utter even one word, LE oftentimes covers her ears. – She has a loud voice.
– Her voice is loud. So Jeonghwa’s answer is? I don’t want to pick that. – Pick “Eardrum destroyer.”
– “Eardrum destroyer”, it is. Okay, you chose “Eardrum destroyer.” The one you are reluctant
to choose could be the answer. You are right. Let’s see. – The answer is!
– LE, what is the answer? She is correct! See? I got this. I don’t like the fact that
I am “Eardrum destroyer.” – She got it but feels bad.
– I also don’t feel good. (Three victims of LE’s criticism) Why?
Why is she an eardrum destroyer? Jeonghwa has a very thin voice… which hurts your eardrum. – When you hear her voice?
– Especially in a closed space. When you suddenly hear her voice,
it deafens your ears. – It makes me go “Ouch!”
– Does it give you tinnitus? – Yes, a little. It feels like it.
– I see. I don’t get what you mean.
Can you show us? Jeonghwa, could you yell behind him? There is another commercial
after this. Hey brothers! Oh my! You guys shouldn’t be sitting down
like this. Stand up! – Wow.
– Cheer up! Cheer up, everybody! (Eardrums being destroyed) She really startled me! I do have a high pitched voice,
but mine doesn’t hurt eardrums. – Jeonghwa’s voice is stronger.
– Kwang Hee is also loud. – Can you try yelling, Kwang Hee?
– I will try. (Laughs) I think he will be really loud. – I think so, too.
– He does have a very loud voice. – Aren’t you tired today?
– Ouch! What time is it now? Hey! Hani! Aren’t you tired today? Jeonghwa, Hyelin! It’s awesome! Isn’t it so tiring, Jeonghwa? Isn’t it so tiring? – Isn’t it so tiring?
– This is how I sounded like… – I am sorry. Chang Hee, Let’s ask
a sentimental question. That’s right. Let me ask you
the final question. What does EXID mean for LE? Out of the blue? – Talk about EXID out of the blue?
– Yes, out of the blue. Hmm. (Thinking hard) We are… like I always say, we are like somewhere between
friends and families. We talk about stuff that
we wouldn’t share with our family. We even talk about stuff
that we can’t talk to our friends. We are like a family
and sometimes like friends. – It’s somewhere between those two.
– I see. – Oh.
– As expected! (A sincere answer) – Only experienced people know this.
– That’s right. To be honest, we say LE criticizes everybody… – but LE actually embraces everyone.
– That’s right. – She actually cares for people.
– You’ve got a rhyme there. I put it in an elegant way. LE is such an awesome person! That has been LE! (World’s coolest sister, LE) Next is the team’s main dancer, Jeonghwa! (It’s Jeonghwa turn now.) – She is the youngest member.
– Yes, she is the youngest and… also the main dancer. That’s why… a lot of people
love Jeonghwa’s dance! – That’s right.
– What do the other members think? – Oh.
– She is a dancing machine. – Is she a dancing machine?
– A dancing machine! – That’s right.
– A dancing machine! There is this song from EXID, which goes like
“L.I.E L.I.E L.I.E… eh eh!” Jeonghwa does a break-dance
for the song’s performance. – That’s right.
– I saw her dance. Many male fans like that. Let’s check out that dance video! (They are watching.) – That is it!
– Wow. (EXID feeling nostalgic) That is a long time ago. (L.I.E, L.I.E, L.I.E) – Her hair was long.
– You are right. Oh my! (Even her hair helps
with her dance.) That’s right. That was a long time ago.
It reminds me of those days. Yes! (That was then.) (They find it so funny.) But then… can you show us those dance moves? – Yes, of course!
– Yes! (Jeonghwa of 2016
to be beat by Jeonghwa of 2019) Jeonghwa! (Show us!) (“L.I.E” by EXID) – Here it comes.
– Yes! Oh! Here it comes! (Here comes the dance machine,
Jeonghwa.) Wow! (L.I.E, L.I.E, L.I.E) ♪ Eh Eh ♪ (Amazed) (Falling for Jeonghwa) (Dancing machine
with great facial expressions) (A confident dancing machine) (Heart!) That was perfect! Just perfect! – That was so good!
– Perfect! – Dancing machine!
– Just like what I saw in the video! That was so sexy. – Right.
– Your long arms and legs… make your dance stand out even more! We have just seen Jeonghwa dance. What does “Electric Jeonghwa” mean? – Electric Jeonghwa?
– Oh, that! There was a meme
famous among our fans. Oh, my! (It’s me, Electric Jeonghwa.) It was when we were
at a concert abroad. The air was really dry on the stage. – That’s awesome.
– That’s why my hair… started to get static but
I had to perform in that state. – It was even on V LIVE!
– Yes. Many fans captured that moment. You have that legend meme,
thanks to the static. Speaking of which, shall we make
an upgraded version of that? Yes, sure. We can’t talk about
a million voltage without this guy! What is that? (Oh, that guy!) Pikachu! – Pika, Pikachu!
– That’s a cute one. – You are doing something cute!
– We are not creating static… but just wanted
to see a cute Pikachu! (An eye candy, Jeonghwa) Can you say “Pikachu”
in a cute voice? – You mean in a cute way?
– Yes. I can’t do cute stuff.
I am the worst in my team. – She can’t do cute stuff.
– Even though I am the youngest. Pika… Pika… Why do you keep clearing
your throat? She can’t really
pull off cute stuff. That’s why… we have prepared something
because you can’t do cute stuff. – What is it?
– Oh! The song to verify your cuteness
here on Weekly Idol, – the “Yamyam Song”!
– Wow! – Are you confident?
– I will try with my best. You have to play it cute
to have the music on. – I have to act cute?
– Of course. From start? (You can do this… Jeonghwa!) (Hmm) Drop the beat! So cute! (EXID’s cutest member Solji
is satisfied.) ♪ They say I look pretty
when I eat, yam yam! ♪ She is cute. ♪ And also say ♪ ♪ I am the cutest ♪ (So satisfied with her cuteness) ♪ My chubby tummy ♪ ♪ My chubby tummy ♪ (Sighs) (Sighs) ♪ It’s all yours from now on ♪ – Yes!
– That was really cute! Even though she was shy doing it, – it was really cute.
– It was really cute, Jeonghwa! I mean, really! – Those Pikachu ears really helped.
– Thank you. It was really cute. I think she might have felt
that static energy! – That’s right.
– That’s why… we will give you this spray
to prevent the static. Thank you! – It will make the static go away.
– I see! – Thank you.
– Use it at concerts abroad. – Can I spray it on my hair?
– Yes, you can. – Is that really static?
– Yes, it is. It prevents the static. – Yes.
– Thank you. Yes, That’s good! We have seen EXID’S charms
through the searched engine! We will move on to the next segment,
which is… Do you know this? (Do you know this?) (Weekly Idol) It’s the “I want to be
the princess.” by EXID. She is wearing the sports socks. (What will be the result
of this game full of screams?) They are merciless! (Full of laughter as well as flour) (It’s driving me crazy!) (I am going to win!) (Let’s win!) (EXID’S challenge
to become princesses) – They have a good song, which is…
– That’s right. “Every Night.” (You make me watch
Weekly Idol again.) (Stay tuned,
we are getting started!) We will continue on to
“Do you know this?” (Do you know this?) We heard the kind of fan meet-ups
that Solji wants to try was… – that of the princess concept.
– Oh. For the fan meet-ups, it’s just between
us and our fans, so I wanted to do it
with the princess concept. “I want to be the princess” by EXID,
starts now! (I want to be the princess.) As you all are familiar with,
here we have… princess costumes
from animation movies. We have prepared the costumes! – Yes.
– Why are there only four costumes? There are five members in EXID. That’s right. Through a game, you have to win each costume. The first costume is going to be… – that of Cinderella!
– Oh! Cinderella. (The soundtrack from Cinderella) Those who can throw a glass shoe
into the bucket… – will win the Cinderella costume!
– That’s correct! – I have a question.
– Yes, what is the question? I have injured my leg. Is there anyone willing to do
this game for me? – As a volunteer?
– Well, there are three of us. I have played soccer for five years. – Oh.
– It was his brother. (He is caught red-handed.) – His brother played soccer.
– Why would you say that? It’s nothing different
than me doing it. Then… (Has to choose one person) I would like to choose… – Chang Hee.
– Okay! Nice choice! We will start the game
with Cinderella dress as the prize! One, two, three! (Throws the glass shoe) (Failed to measure the distance) – I am sorry!
– That was really close! I think Hani will do it well,
since she has sports socks on. Oh, my! (What?) (Touched the bucket
for the first time) (That was really close.) – You could do it in a single shot!
– That’s awesome. It was so close! – That was really close.
– It was! I thought you were Godzilla
when you were screaming. (LE starting to criticize) (Hani turned into a Godzilla.) (Hyelin does not hesitate.) Oh no. That was really high. – You got the right direction.
– Okay, I got it. Chang Hee, you can do it. LE, you can do it! Don’t you dare! (He threw the shoe.) Oh! (Did the shoe go into the bucket?) This one worked! – It did go in!
– It is a success! Because it has a rounded bottom, – it won’t stay still.
– It’s not fixed on the ground. – It was almost a success.
– Let him try one more time then. What do you mean, “one more time”? (Reviewing the video) (It was definitely in the bucket.) Success! (LE won!) (Dispirited four) Great Job, LE! – Is it Cinderella?
– Cinderella. (LE wins the Cinderella costume.) Now, we have the princess
from the first round. LE is the princess Cinderella! – Please make your entrance!
– Come in! (LE-rella steps out.) ♪ I am Cinderella, ilella ♪ ♪ This is what I wish,
don’t come at me ♪ ♪ You’ll be in trouble ♪ (Suddenly blushing) – Cinderella looks upset.
– As if this is a penalty. No, it’s not! Now, princess can take her seat… and observe the games comfortably. Please take your seat gracefully. (Graceful) Next, it’s the princess living
under the sea! The Princess Mermaid! (The Princess Mermaid) Since she needs to swim every day,
she must have… an outstanding lung capacity. So, we’ve prepared the Flour Game! You’ll be blowing at each end
of the pipe. And the more you blow flour
to your opponent’s face, – you win.
– We’re in trouble! Who suggested this? For your information,
this game was suggested by… an anonymous from EXID. (An anonymous member flops down.) We didn’t come up with this. Why is she enforcing her wish on us? This is not what I meant! I… I think… we’re doing all these games
because of one person. You can just name it “Solji’s wish.” Five people are suffering
because of that one person. You’re right. Am I right, Solji? I’m so happy. (I am so happy.) First, – it’s Hani and Jeonghwa!
– Hani and Jeonghwa! (Just blow it like this, girls.) You’ll lose if you take
your mouth off first. Blow with a funny face
to make your opponent give up. This princess here is so graceless! Look how she’s taken off her shoes! It’s so indecent! She must be
Cinderella’s step sister. Maybe. – Get ready!
– Wow, how thoughtful! I’m here to help you right away. – For you guys.
– How thoughtful! – It’s a princess mirror!
– It is. As you wished. Get ready! Go! (Flour fluttering around
right out of the gate) Hani can’t do it! Hani lost! Let’s check the faces! Let’s see! Although it’s on both,
Hani has more. Jeonghwa wins! (Although it’s on both,
Jeonghwa wins!) It’s on your face. – It looks funny on Hani.
– Like a runny nose. Look at the mirror. – Is it on my face?
– Yes. It’s obviously on your face. Now, next! Solji and Hyelin!
Please step forward. It’s the semi-final. They’re both vocalists,
so they… – should have a good lung capacity.
– This is exciting. Get ready! Go! (Shaking) Blow! They’re serious! Aww! (Overfed with flour) (Hyelin loses with
flour-filled stomach.) – Let me see!
– So, It’s funny! Solji wins! (The winner is Solji.) We have a winner! – Now, it’s…
– It’s our turn. – the play-off!
– The final! Between Solji and Jeonghwa.
Jeonghwa and… Solji. The match of the century! Get ready! Go! (Blowing hard) (Laugh bursting out) – Sounds like a steam train.
– Smoke’s coming out… from Jeonghwa’s side. On Jeonghwa’s side… (Give up) I lose. I lose. Jeonghwa wins! (Jeonghwa is the winner.) Sister Jeonghwa! Congrats! Congratulations! (Jeonghwa is the Princess Mermaid.) Now, we have… another princess. With an awesome lung capacity! ♪ Under the sea ♪ Congratulations, Princess Jeonghwa!
Please step out! ♪ Under the sea ♪ (Even if the Princess Mermaid
is brought back to life, ) (Jeonghwa will be
more beautiful than her.) Hi, everyone. – Wow!
– Yeah! – Here’s our Princess Mermaid.
– She looks so pretty! She’s taking her seat gracefully. Next princess is… ♪ Let it go ♪ ♪ Let it go ♪ It’s Elsa! It’s Princess Elsa! – Wow.
– Elsa. Since she is Princess Ice
living in an ice castle, she has a lot of ice. So, we’re hoping to have
some ice too. That’s right. We have prepared
an ice grinder. The one who grinds the ice most… in 30 seconds… – will be the winner.
– Okay. Get ready! Go! (The lid flies off.) – Oh no!
– What am I going to do? (Speed of an auto grinder) We should refill the ice. The ice is coming out! Now, Solji, Solji is in the lead! Wow, look at that! More ice, please! Oh, it’s coming out! Now, four! – A bit more!
– Three! Two! One! Stop! – It’s not working!
– This is difficult! Solji’s grinder might have
a motor in it! We should check! There! She wanted to be Elsa. Obviously! Obviously, Solji wins! Let it go! (Why can’t I grind it like her?) Let it go! Let it go! ♪ Let it go ♪ (Solji wins the Elsa costume.) Congratulations! Princess Solji Elsa,
please make your entrance! Sing for us! ♪ Let it go ♪ (Real blonde Elsa is
100 percent in sync.) Hello! – Her wish came true!
– Elsa! It looks great on you! Princess Elsa, please take your seat. It’s the last round! We’ll introduce you the game. Take a seat. Yes, sister. The fourth round to find… Princess Snow White. Okay. As you can see, – here’s a poisoned apple.
– A poisoned apple! It’s full of poison! – Then we should get rid of it!
– That’s right. The two members… will use the basket… to transfer
one poisoned apple at a time… to the other side… as many as they can. Take your position. Wow, they look serious! Be careful with your skirt. This princess costume game… was suggested by Solji… – from EXID.
– That’s right. – She wanted this.
– I’m loving this. – That’s right.
– Now, wrap this around your waist. (Hyelin’s heart races.) – Is there a blanket?
– Let us check. We’ll get a blanket for you. That was “Brother Ahn moment.” She took her jacket off. Wow! Brother Ahn! How can you be so sweet? (Wincing instead of answering) (Silly) You have 30 seconds! Get ready! (Go!) Go, Hyelin! Go, Hyelin! Go, Hani! Go, Hani! Let’s do this! Wow, her hands… are really fast! – Now,
– Now, Transfer the apples! Hani attacks first! (First attack) (Rolling) Great job! – Wow!
– Go, Hyelin! Go, Hyelin! Hyelin! Hyelin! – Wow!
– Now, we have… ten more seconds!
Move fast! You have to move that! – Pour it! Pour it!
– Four! Three! – Two! One!
– Two! One! (Hani pours it out.) That’s it! – Please don’t move!
– Now! They’re really serious. Everyone, stop! Now, we’ll count them one by one. – It’s a close game.
– One! – One!
– It’s like a hacky sack. – Two!
– Two! (No one knows who’s winning.) (Who was able to avoid
a poisoned apple?) 14! – 14!
– 14! 15! – 15!
– 15! – Last!
– 16! Yeah! – The winner is Hani!
– Hani won! Hani won! (Hani is the Princess Snow White.) Now, Princess Hani Snow White,
please make your entrance! (Princess Hani Snow White,
please make your entrance.) (Lovely) You look great! – You should bite into an apple!
– What’s this? That’s right! Princesses, please step forward. Please. Here they are. Princess Mermaid? I’m the Princess Mermaid. Cinderella? – Okay.
– Elsa? – Elsa!
– Snow White? Here are the princesses. Everyone is… Is everyone satisfied? I’m happy! (I am happy!) But one person… might feel sad. She did her best. Don’t be sad! We have prepared another princess! The best princess in our country! Princess Chungnam! Wow! Princess Chungnam! Oh, Princess Chungnam. It’s still a princess! It’s the most beautiful place
in Korea. It’s a good thing! – It is!
– Looks pretty! – Looks great!
– Princess Chungnam looks the best. – Oh!
– It’s Princess Chungnam’s… chestnut rice wine. And Chungnam… chestnut bread. It looks delicious! – Wow!
– No! You can’t! Don’t! I said no! – So,
– Princess Chungnam, please advertise for Chungnam. Visit Chungnam to enjoy chestnuts! (Visit Chungnam to enjoy chestnuts!) Now, princesses, we have a place to go. – Where is it?
– It’s… The King of Dance – Back to the… – Debut!
– Debut! (The King of Dance
– Back to the Debut) The King of Dance
– Back to the Debut, you’re with EXID now! (Back to the Debut) We should travel back
to that moment. Where are we traveling back to? Well, we can go with your choice! Then, my favorite song! “Every night.” – Oh!
– “Every night”? Great choice! – Good choice.
– I was going to choose that too! (Was just about to choose
“Every night”) – What a coincidence!
– Is it ready? Yes, it is. “Every night”… is always mentioned… when one talks about… a hidden masterpiece… among idol songs. Then, let’s take a look… at the video. Stay confident! – Be confident!
– Let’s watch! Out of nowhere? When was that? When was that? It’s when we went out of Seoul. It’s Yeongam, Yeongam. The outfit made me realize. (EXID from seven years ago) What a unique hairstyle. What’s wrong with me! You guys look different then. They all look so different. I can’t watch myself any more. You’re up next. We had black bean noodles that day. – I remember.
– Yes, we did! – Who’s that?
– Hani. (It’s 21-year-old Hani.) Your hairstyles were different. – And your make up, too.
– So true. We used to wear make up heavily. (Jeonghwa is lost in thoughts.) The song’s really good. This song is great. ♪ When you call me ♪ ♪ I always get weak ♪ That’s so true. (The memories come
to mind little by little.) Why do I look older than now
when I was younger? It’s amazing. (Their old performance footage
remind them of old memories.) The song is still
captivating and refined. That’s right. It has it in
to climb back up the charts. How is it? Watching yourselves from the past? Well… it was moving. – That’s relatable.
– I see tears in her eyes. You know, just… Okay. I understand that day was… like the first step of EXID. It reminds me of the past. (Patting) – Don’t cry.
– That song is… – very special to us.
– I see. Those times were… – Okay.
– kind of like… – bittersweet memory for us.
– For you? Yes, for all of us. Many of you… – look deeply moved.
– I know. Right at this very moment! The 2019 version of
EXID’s “Every Night.” Please go ahead! (It’s going to be released now!) (The 2019 version of
EXID’s “Every Night”) (Dancing with the same feeling
as it were in the past) (Their debut performance
in a long time) (Somehow, today was very
emotional and sentimental.) (Every now and then
like family, like friends…) (EXID was able to get stronger.) (It’s already been
eight years together, ) (unforgettable and precious
memories were made.) (The days we’ll spend together) (The days we’ll spend
laughing together) (We’re going to be
together for long.) (Inexplicable) (We think fondly of each other and
every one of us is irreplaceable.) (We are ‘us’. We are EXID.) (It’s all good!) When you listen to a good song, – you can feel its different class.
– That’s right. – It might climb back up the charts!
– Again? – It’s possible.
– “Every Night” climbs again! It was a little bit sad, though. LE also wanted to
do the performance together, but due to her ankle injury, she was not able to… – dance together.
– Right. Watching them out of the stage, how did you like their performance? Well… you know, the song was released
during our toughest times. Performing it now
in our thriving days… It’s all sad suddenly. – My tears won’t come out.
– I’ve got so emotional. made me have mixed emotions. How did you guys feel? – Are you crying?
– No, I’m not. But really, it was pleasant wearing
these and performing. – It brings memories.
– It’s because of this outfit. You guys were amazing. Thank you very much. So for this week,
Weekly Idol invited EXID. – That’s right.
– So… how was it today, guys? It was very special for us today. We were able to make
happy memories here. And we should also be able to… share this memory with LEGGO, so it was very pleasant
and fun today. I hope you also had a good time. Thank you! (EXID is LEGGO’s pride!) LE, if you have something
to say, please go ahead. Our new album is called “WE.” We hope you like it. We’ve filled it with great songs. We would appreciate
your love for B-side tracks, too! We will try working hard as well. One of B-side tracks is… – written by all of us.
– Is that so? Please listen to that too. – That’s so meaningful.
– I see. So EXID was our
Weekly Idol’s guest today. Like their song title “ME&YOU”, – me and you…
– Okay. and all of the people will… have no choice but
to love EXID someday. All right! That’ll be all for today. This has been… – EXID!
– EXID! Thank you! Rooting for EXID! – Way to go!
– Way to go! (It’s all good
if you had a good time!) (Weekly Idol) (Sketching Weekly Idol
for the next week) Two, three! – Salut! Hello, this is AB6IX.
– Salut! Hello, this is AB6IX. Nice to meet you. Let’s pick two as representatives. I really thought
this was the best of all time. Guess who am I drawing. (Glancing) – That was too obvious!
– Okay. It could be himself,
Woong or Woojin with the earring. But Yeongmin has
some drawing skills. – What’s up with the body?
– That’s wrong. It’s like a newborn baby! – It’s getting messy.
– No, it’s not. Woong can also draw well. Is that right? That’s Daehwi. Am I a Yoda? – What’s on the head?
– I’ll redo it. (They got it immediately!) I’m not that handsome. I can’t tell who that is. (Woong neatly draws the detail.) (What is the meaning of
the two people in the drawing?) Sketching Weekly Idol… for the next week! If you’re curious
about this painting! On May 22nd, at 5 pm! We will see you on Weekly Idol! Bye!

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