Star Tours Final Flight full ride-through at Disney D23 event, Hollywood Studios

Star Tours Final Flight full ride-through at Disney D23 event, Hollywood Studios

have a great time over the attraction mr. Bachchan hope to virtue to the Star Tours is now offering convenient daily departures to the exciting moon of Endor comes mid-afternoon or the entire day with a lovely walks in their charming tribal villages it's a fun feel fitter that you and your family will remember forever just as putting in torrox price available hallway from Star Tours that stop fighting every few minutes so don't delay visit endured today Andres lien system must be cleared by pest control proof of ownership is required for all droid passengers to say sit with us then we check sector two all right yeah Oh Oh do it tourism sister enjoy expression passengers should be on board at the front welcome aboard the stock speeder 3,000 these make sure your safety restraints are securely fastened at the time folks have a great trip to the forest moon of Endor I may the force be with you and should all star tours passengers it is time for our final flight to the moon of Endor all clear for departure may the force be with you welcome to the wrecks from the I know this is probably your first slide and it's mine too well it looks like we're going to have a smooth flight to Endor so I'll go ahead and open the cockpit shield I see they're loading our navigator r2d2 and then we'll be on our way so sit back relax and enjoy but I think I'll be watching Roger control all status departure control part 1 2 0 one more copy 1 Hey I meant to do that little shark well you can relax now everything's under control and that's the other way to the end our home without any further delay tracker Oh sir before returning Hey I'm going in like Farnum range jumper light speed like me hey sorry go cheers about neckties one leopard five I'm still getting is my program will come back soon now please remain seated until the captain has sympathy exit doors you may then unless your safety restraints by pressing the release button on your left oh and to make sure you have your personal belongings thank you Detroit over there production stages another one next year your uncle go

42 thoughts on “Star Tours Final Flight full ride-through at Disney D23 event, Hollywood Studios

  1. I still have the Star Wars X-Wing mug from that gift shop at the end that I had when I was about 12.. I'm 37 now

  2. I will miss the original Star tours ride & captain Rex! But it was great having stormtroopers at the Disney d23 event the ride got closed on this exact day today, which is sep 7 2018, & actual ride closure at Disney world Orlando Florida which is sep 7 2010! R.I.P. Original Star Tours (1989-2010) then the ride reopened in summer 2011 this time in 3d!!!!!!!

  3. The original Star tours ride gone wrong cuz of captain Rex gone Mad!!! In amazing memory of captain Rex aka RX-24 (1989-2010, in Florida) (1986-2010, in California)

  4. seems they missed something…..I seem to recall after getting to Endor you hear radio comunication asking what Star Tours was doing here at Endor or near the Death Star.

  5. I mean.. the new ride is not completely bad.
    But replacing cute actress Stephanie Taylor from the boarding video with an animated droid on wheels is really not a good idea.

  6. They should have kept 3 of the 6 simulators as Endor and the other 3 as updated so you could chose which one you want to ride. Or however many simulators they have split it up evenly so you can chose which ride you wanna ride (only in a perfect world I know)

  7. Star Tours was always my favorite ride at MGM. I loved the inside layout/atmosphere and the sound effects that lead to the actual ride. I never knew they changed it up recently because the last time I went to Disney World was in 2008 so this is nostalgic for me. I've been to Disney World four times but I do miss it.

  8. In the memory of Captain Rex aka (RX-24) he's a such a great pilot. But now he's fired. Today he's such a bad driver. He's sure was a good pilot. But now he's not a pilot anymore from 1987-2010.

  9. How come they closed down and then redesign the ride? To expand the popularity of Star Wars with Disneyland?

  10. why universal dont do like disney with the back to the future ride?i think universal its not more clever than disney

  11. Even though the new ride features multiple settings, I'm always going to prefer this one due to a numbers of things. Apart from nostalgia, the old ride had raw graphics that aren't gimmicky and heavily computer processed like the new one. I enjoy the true Lucas look of the 70's. Also, the 3D aspect turns me off. I hate having to wear glasses to feel immersed in the situation. Kind of brings the magic away from it all. It's too bad you didn't get a shot of all of the posters in the exit lunge after leaving the ride. Do they still have those in the new one?

  12. Thank you so much for posting this. My favorite ride anywhere. The new one doesn't hold a candle to this original.

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