100 thoughts on “Shottas The Full Jamaican Movie in HD

  1. Garbage acting and garbage script but my man Teddy Bruckshut deserve a bloodklat Oscar for this performance, and the music score too!!! ??????

  2. 55:16 This is one of my all-time Holy Grails when it comes to Music. I have been searching for years for information about this.

  3. that's how y'all killers should roll at 26:11 when y'all know you in the street.. really niggas got you head back his watching out

  4. For all those who aren't from Jamaica or don't understand Jamaican creole (patwa) or patois… Just read the translations… Its fun to learn a word or two from our country tho…

  5. "Take tha what? && Leave tha what?" ?

    My ? FAVORITE MOVIE.. thank you soooooo much for the upload… You a real 1?.

    ? you Kymani Marley ??

  6. Great fuckin movie Man …Crazy in all Honesty this is my Favorite Gangsta flick and that's over Blood in Blood out and American me , and I'm Hispanic ?…. Real talk tho props 2 the person that Uploaded this Full movie with perfect quality 4 everyone 2 watch … That was so ? of you …. Bad ass Movie

  7. Don't believe that going to jail means your dumb : It doesn't : Believing your smarter than those that Want to trick you like jealouse police; Look I don't steal : Now whites aren't the richest: But They want to rob me: Legally : I just don't happen in a face off: When The law goes home , They cannot steal my Traditional Heart beat ***Not Even my Parolee nitty beat: Do Somethin

  8. I thought about my own hard times at age 10. You can't keep me down ; FranKay……I don't say that since you meant I was silly: I said Sicillian- You said Indian ; Native Pride: Growing long hair ……not to dread but hopes of it one say; Merry Hot Summer Dayz; I know I am hot too! Not Ghetto No more: But can build from Those days If I used to

  9. pardon : " yo, When you quit laughing?!" i can Be me. You can be present where you are : It 's called mind ya bizzness)

  10. Windemere Houses arc Gingerbread houses : DOC took out of crime : Michael Handy ; Buy me two more: That's on me baby……

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