34 thoughts on “SHAZAM! Trailer (2019)

  1. Hes a fan of Marvel and he’s mother too but when he audition for the lead rule of guardians of the galaxy He felt shattered because Chris Pratt got the rule.

    And now, tadaaaaa..👍🏻 u belong in DC

  2. Actually a thought this would have been another failed attempt of a movie from DC Universe but I have to give to credit DC they did a wonderful job with this movie I actually enjoyed it and can wait for Shazam 2
    p.s: it was better than Aquaman and Wonder Woman..

  3. Watch this last night on showbox and actually liked it might watch it again..Its kid friendly and actually has a deeper meaning behind it if you really think bout it from the aspect that 1. Theres a super hero in all of us even if you dont have powers theres still a super hero in us 2. Has bullying in the movies and it takes just one person to stand up to that bully and that actually circles back to number 1 (Theres a hero in us even with out powers) and 3. it showed you can do w.e. if you put your mind to it!!
    #Happy #Watching

  4. This movie have a big mistake.. a 14 year old batson act very mature.. and 39 year old shazam acting like a 5 year old. It’s like they are different person but should be one. Writer and director fault.

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