32 thoughts on “Selling Out Your Friends And Family For Fame & Fortune (Blood Sacrifices In Hollywood Exposed)

  1. Beyonce may have put herself down as the sacrifice. I have come to suspect that when these celebrities (false idols) die before they see old age, like Whitney Houston, it may be they were given the option of offering themselves as the blood sacrifice.

  2. Italians are the modern day Chaldeans/Romans/Gentiles. They are not Israelites. In fact the USA is Ephriam-the great ASSEMBLY of people’s and the ASSEMBLY of all the tribes of Israel (originally 13 and now 12.. 13 COLONIES). We have ALL 12 tribes within our gates, but almost nobody knows that we are
    In fact the Lead Northern Tribe of the House of Israel in the latter days, breaking out of our older brother Manasseh=The UK 🇬🇧 to become the most powerful ISRAELI nation to ever exist, but our time of judgement started in 2015 (blood moons for us from Yahweh) for our wickedness as a nation and will continue until another nation (Assyria/Germany rising again and partnering with Central America/Mexico (Esau)-Germany is richest nation in the EU for a reason- they are identified as the IRON TEETH CRUSHING EVERYTHING Hitler’s workers number was 555-he was the prototype for the final beast antichrist) takes us out after Yahweh destroys the hold of the Rothschild’s/Federal Reserve and bankrupts this country to the ground. Pretty sure Hellyweird will be one of the first things burned to the ground for good!

  3. Jay was handsome. How come he looks ugly now? Or he's been replaced? I know people grow but it doesn't look like same person…..

  4. Just a question in all the other blood sacrifices I've heard it's always been someone that the person loved if Damon Dash really didn't love aliyah Satan would know then why would that count as a blood sacrifice if he was really not out anything? Thanks for what you do ✌🏽️

  5. Yash needs to get his facts right. Jermaine Dupri was never married to Janet Jackson and Lenny Kravitz isn't part Italian (mother is Bahamian and father is Urkrainian Jewish). These details are minor to the big picture of his message, but facts are facts.

  6. I really think Benjamin Orr was a sacrifice and I won't name who sacrificed him but I'm sure you'll figure it out. .very very sad and really upsets me ..he was so talented and had natural charisma and a beautiful voice and a beautiful man ..

  7. I gotta tell you, I've been going through all this information for so long is hard to find any new information. Wow dude, you did. You dropped some info and some connections that I had not previously known. Thanks for keeping the truth out there. The world and the people in it aren't what we think. We gotta keep waking people up. God bless.

  8. Aaliyah may not have been "innocent" but she didn't deserve what she got; she never even had a chance but she was still very powerful.

  9. Hi Rashawn, I have been awake for 10 years and into Icke and others, know about satanic sacrifice but had no idea about the clones and chipping control…………I always knew rappers were awake but you showed me a new side, love your channel

  10. You know I respect and like your vids but I am not a racist I have African American in my family, we have Spanish , I just do not like how you insinuate whites are racist, we are one with Christ and nationalities are-nothing , STANDING for Jesus Amen I do not like lil innuendos God bless we are all one in Jesus stop saying what race and nationalities ppl are , God sees no differences 👍✅🙏

  11. A lot of talk but no proof,how you know pimp C was held down and given an injection 😂 how you know suge sacrificed pac yeah he’s going to sit in the same car that’s getting riddled with bullets psssshhh NO PROOF

  12. Just kids channels most recent video was uploaded two years ago? What happened to him? He's putting up some good content exposing a lot and that came to a stop 2 years ago

  13. Greeeeeeeeeeat work brother. Most people have no clue as to who satan really is and what his children will do to get his approval and rewards!

  14. Ariana Grande is gonna die next, she made her two sacrifices and now she isn’t keeping her mouth shut….when she reaches her highest point in fame…it’s over ..sad but true


  16. This is the thing Italians I'm not a pure race the Italian share roots with the Moors the Moors ruled that area for a long time before they were overthrown they reigned over Sicily Mainland Italy and part of Spain so if anything he has more Israelite blood in them than eat in my blood

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