Secret Tool Hollywood Uses To Make Actors Look Younger, Better REVEALED

Secret Tool Hollywood Uses To Make Actors Look Younger, Better REVEALED

the not-so-secret Hollywood procedure that makes everybody look better so according to this is how they described it first of all it's called beauty work okay and they describe it as a digital procedure of sorts in which a handful of skilled artists use highly specialized software and the final stages of post-production to slim D age and enhance actors faces and bodies so for instance think of a Brad Pitt's character and Benjamin Button right at the very end in the movie when he was 25 years old in the movie but he was really wet in his 40s as an actor and how great he looked that's what we're talking about here and apparently a lot of actors use it but more so the a-list celebrities because it's really really expensive and there are the ones with the clout that can demand it so for example it costs $500 to $2,500 per shot frame-by-frame $2,500 so you can imagine a whole movie how much money is being spent on this also where the article was they said here's some hints if at the end of the movie you want to read the credits and you see either lola method or hydraulics those are the three companies that are retouching these actors thoughts fibers or less special effects are nothing new foot-binding should make a comeback this is all natural baby nice Fame by frame okay so first of all were you guys surprised that this exists no my friend my neighbor did it Oh put this in your contract oh yeah I do chest shot get them to digitally and you know met and inherit and yurina everyday do you hear of stuff like this yeah I hope you know what back in the 90s you know it was so interesting because I you know hear stories of you know movies like Waterworld for example and that they had digitally put in strands of hair to one of the leading actors in that movie really and that sound that's so crazy back then because we didn't have this digital technology right so you can imagine how much more expensive it was back then right but that was when I first heard of it yeah obviously now is a lot easier to do it but still it cost you over 200 per shot which is insane which ends up being hundreds of thousand dollars but of course we we weren't surprised because we always talked about on the show photoshopping and of course with all the photoshopping that's you know prevalent now why wouldn't that transfer in a film what is up your sleeves is why did that really this burlesque yeah in the movie burlap there was a job someone to make her face thinner and that took a lot of time in a movie like it was her face it was her whole body there just making mostly her face because a lot of the shots were tight but just to make her face thinner like that's a thing and it's the same technology that put the faces on the winklevosses in the face in the social network okay to make one Winklevoss into two winklevosses winkle vie but that's a job and and what's crazy is how the software is so advanced that it's no longer i having to photoshop or you know paint in frame-by-frame what they do is they just map your face and the celebrities go in and get mapped show up and then they scan them and using that scan and some people are actually banking their face scan early so like let's say i would eventually want to be maybe hopefully a huge ælis actor and i'm you know young like you know 21 like i am now hahahahaha and then they bake it so that later they can reapply the same filters no server lee it's interesting because you recently posted the most incredible but scary app on instagram that and i tried it it immediately like makes you flawless like you don't even have to do anything to it you just click it it scans your face and then flawless yeah so jus what do you think about this in film or do you think there's a right way to do it a wrong way to do it i think it depends on the type of project you're making because for the most part everything you see in movies is already fake to begin with so why should this be any different i think for certain characters and special effects of course you need stuff like that and this isn't a new thing like they've been lighting women differently in film forever like they would put stockings over the lenses and like the strobe really that's interesting to just stop it so like you'll see a movie and you'll see the dude and it's just like this sharp image and then it'll cut to the chick and it's just like oh and the men on Apple boxes and then having the doorframes a lot shorter to make them appear larger than life yeah like if you if you have a character that's just like this super rugged I don't know III can't see a reason why you would apply these effects but this this is like really important for like commercials and not just for people but for products they do they like beautify like cheeseburgers like in in commercials those aren't the real oh yeah no those are their dress photoshopped burgers that are like dripping with like glycerin this seat yeah this is more about society though because I feel for a lot of your co-stars in these movies you know they if they're you know pushing a certain age they feel like that they aren't going to be cast in in the same starring roles they feel you know that that they can't age and so I feel like this is more on us and what in Hollywood on what how women should be perceived how men should be perceived HD is very unforgiving okay let me step in front of the high-def camera let's see what that looks like no no I guess yeah because we shot Marco Polo in 4k which is the most that is high def oh you see everything everything so I mean we have hair and makeup people just waiting by the the you know by the TV monitor looking for any kind of flaws and it is so unforgiving so I mean when you whenever you do something like that or even shooting on IMAX which I did on the dark night as well you know you know you gotta have a lot of self-confidence you know I'm you know or be delusional like myself I guess you just have to know that everything you see on TV and movies is fake yeah so Islam don't have that high standard to feel like that you have to be this like unrealistic ideal what do you guys think of Beauty work please share your thoughts in the comment section below don't forget to subscribe also make sure that you follow us on Twitter and like us on facebook at PopSugar see you

33 thoughts on “Secret Tool Hollywood Uses To Make Actors Look Younger, Better REVEALED

  1. It's a bit pathetic to be honest. Humans are imperfect and no way of hiding it. Hollywood needs to grow up, besides imperfections look cool and easier to relate to

  2. I know one A list actor in his late 40's who had to do a shirtless scene… he is actually a little bit pudgy around the mid section , but in the film, he looks much trimmer than in reality. They didn't make him skinny… no one would buy that, but in post production, it's pretty obvious they digitally took a couple inches off his midsection for the short undressing segment. The scene was important to the film as [fake] wounds were revealed to another character. 

  3. I told my daughters as they were growing up, the models on the cover of magazines and the people in the movies don't actually look like that in person! they are touched up!

  4. Jonny Depp was in a movie that was filmed an hour away from my house, and they were using the local cops there as background actors. My dad was going to be one, but he was too tall. They weren't having an extra oner 5 10 to make Depp appear taller/ averge.

  5. Lmao you can't photoshop a hamburger. The ones they use in commercials are probably actual hamburgers. I bet they bought it from a restaurant (who actually makes their food) or made it themselves.

  6. I know Keira Knightley requested that they edit the first Pirates of the Caribbean to give her great skin because she had a lot of teen acne. She was only 17! 

  7. an actor/actress in a movie gets this done to look younger on screen and paids thousands of dollars… then in the real world actor/actress are in photos taken by people… so if u are middle fifties and in reality look good for your age don't sweat it in movies to look that young… i say keep it real is your acting abilities or who u know that makes the person.. not some type of photo shopping….next thing u know porn will be doing the same not only on the face…where is the penis enlargement photos lolol… peace….

  8. You guys should talk about the sony hackers and especially the controversy around The Interview and the threat of a 9/11 like attack to coincide with the release of the film. I think this would make an interesting thoughtful segment.

  9. Its called suspension of disbelief its what makes people decide to watch a film instead of looking outside of their window all day, if you want real go outside. 

  10. of course older actors won't be casted for some roles. why would you get a 50 yo actor to play a college student? so in that regard i think this technology is stupid (not that i'm surprised). of course, movie series where it's best to keep the same actors (even after years and years have passed) is a completely different story. or in special circumstances like benjamin button

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