Rick Borgia's Actor Reel

Rick Borgia's Actor Reel

was a typical morning I did just a moment type stuff seeing Casey go off to work and I blow came to kiss and say Jojo see you later and she blow kiss back give Casey a big dog and all the dry say just that was the last day as occasion came together my kid I'll play that game with me got to be kidding me right the only thing you have to say after all this time to ask miss that not just your opinion you got no fucking clue killas that's right so you thought you'd come and try the oldest forgiven now let's chat bullshit get lost once you had a time I mean tonight understand what you work the gentleman you thought you were gonna get rid of me along with everyone else I'm thinking what you have got to say about the money this was personal

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  1. I very much like the diversity in the first character. Great look! See…you'll be working till your 100! Ha! Not sure if my playback was off, but it seemed the audio didn't sync with video? Just a heads-up. Great running into you today. Remember, they do exist! Ha!

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