Rappers Picking Up Girls

Rappers Picking Up Girls

why do you only follow five people I don't like to see a lot of Internet's though is weird well thank you you're very handsome in person dude what's your favorite feature about yourself you're handsome online as well but like this is my first time seeing you you wanted me take you on a date do you want to take me on a date yeah you can take me on a date how old how old are you 22 really though how old are you are you really 22 I'm 18 I have a feeling we can go wherever we want to go even with you being 18 but soon all right well I'll hold you to it but you seem like a sex texture would you like a person that sounds like sexy text messages I might say but I know Mike I'm like I might send a little something by rather you know if I McGee this takeover do you know I'm not that guy I'm not gonna say you know pictures but I'm not afraid to I come to the door naked and stuff no I say why for you I walk down the street I want to be the most Besant walking down the street like you know I mean that's just me as a person I'm very passionate everything I do down to the little things so sometimes some shit hurts me I got fellas so long the human being you know walking down the street just so you know I think you – all right well – really thank you so much for joining us and we really enjoyed watching your show and we're looking forward to seeing a lot more from you because we're a big Tory Lanez fan so I'm gonna leave it all right then that's a net big picture I'm just saying you could get the whole package in real life we gotta send the pictures you know last time I interviewed you tried to give me Jaeger do you member that oh that was you I remember that at the Woody's yeah you nutcase why did you say that got a present for you I like present I hope that you like this present Oh Mel I know that you like change I actually um saw you perhaps wearing someone else's rolling so I thought I'd give you this well I thought if we were gonna do it we do it big same name please that means don't forget me come back and see don't forget to turn me on and a little mold on it wait Wow girl you turn me off you know I was gonna like you right second big juicy red lips you knew these people you brought them lips in here knowing what they was gonna do right that's what she was doing look at that I caught it I got you a kiss girl you rock maybe we could do it's good this is good yeah I've been there too Chanel Jiwon she Thanks I remember you now ain't she beautiful very beautiful I think that y'all could be a date right now hello I'm sad just we all finished B's that's just supposed to be I put in jail for 11 months Avenue you got to man you get a look like I'm not uncomfortable around strong women he's a hair on our head you might wanna fix that boy oh yeah that's so play that's a player move see you don't say like you know you helping me up yo rap game John Stark and I'll give the assist are you married what are you married he a hubby she lying tell me Mike it's incredible yeah would you like to see you later oh my god well maybe he knows I was just trying to you know gauge whether it's like a – sorry I mean we could be real romantic and you know enjoy the two star we all think about sex or more younger and you experience you know those feelings and you imagine being with another person and then when you're actually with another person it all happens so fast and then before you know you're just cleaning up a big man I thought and I thought those things would stop and talk Amy and I started as couching to this happening didn't it's happening I know it's a different experience it happens in different levels you're very very cute you know this right all right like I deserve you maybe you do deserve me maybe you do I feel like you might deserve me for a couple of minutes hold on I'm getting red I can't imagine anybody ever having trouble with you you seem so sweet and you have that nice sweet smile like tea that's because you have those pretty eyes in front of me and you just make it be bubbly this is the softer side of you yeah it's like the softer side of Sears but more expensive I swear to God I will fuck you I will fuck you because you're all talk honey I know your type you'll need crying too many times you literally run to the police crying you want to know something you know you usually the police come looking for me man you know just for murder you know cuz I cares the pussy I love that you're wearing the colors of the UAE as well on your rounds oh yeah did after you baby congratulations on Forbes being you know 30 under 30 yeah just a little bit too all right now thank you thank you I appreciate that yeah that wasn't that was a big deal I was very tell you that how do they deliver the news center my email sent you a tweet how do you find out yeah they sent me a text hey this is Forbes 30 under 30 on a set mall we got a handshake you go one one two you told it up then you come back like this then you go like this okay put your knee down like this no your knee down with this it's really just this what does G easy one for Christmas for Christmas yeah yeah to put you on the spot like that I'll just you know I'm a straight shooter Oh well thank you very much but no you can't wrap me up but I heard you had a girlfriend the album is doing really well last question before I get you out of here what would you say will I marry you yes bring up what would you say is a pivotal moment in your career where you're like that was the right move and that's what helped me take off to where I am right now besides this interview right here I would say he's such a flirt I'll say the album I really I don't know if I'm ever have kids getting married why unless you my trick and change the subject when you get put on the hot seat did you guys have a few questions that you wanted to actually easy on them what a cop-out excuse me let's refocus this here this week and it's on the verge of making history we're gonna try to see if we can talk to her of course 50 cent here Danica Patrick good to see you what are you doing here I'm enjoying myself I'm sure all the festivities while we roll we're gonna go see Danica saying you bit of a ladies man been handsome since birth I know you must give us some help I mean what's the sexiest thing about a woman attitude man I love individuality so a woman that's willing a dress like an individual act like an individual I see you I see I really like it here I enjoy it I enjoy Nando's there's one round the back yeah I do enjoy Nando's out there so what what do you want to go on a date hide laughs again can I say got to dinner we can go to Nando's I think my boyfriend's 50 cents will it come on right after face value there's another show that I'm on you must not heard about me see my thing is it's all about the mills and Cougars for me giving I'm saying yeah you

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  1. I own a clip of Eazy E trying to pick up my sister, its on VHS and nobody has ever seen it before except for family members should I upload it u guys think? its fuzzy kinda this was around 94 I believe.

  2. That 50 cent with his fake gangster stories..he was.never shot in real life…tupac was never in jail he was an actor went to acting school

  3. This just proves that even good women will drop the self righteous purity act when they find a man attractive. It's all a GAME and you dont need to waste time trying to WIN one. Just be true to yourself and not care what others think and someone will want to be with you if you act like a MAN. 😉

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