Project DIVA Future Tone – Mouth Animation and Hand Size: Old vs New

Project DIVA Future Tone – Mouth Animation and Hand Size: Old vs New

doushite ima no kaze wa setsunai no? omoide ni shite kesanaide ne arabesuku tomareba ii na aa kono mama de kawarazu ni tanoshii hibi yo datte datte hanareta toki wa mou renraku mo shite wa kurenai mitai dashi yaa ne watashi tteba hikan shisugi okashii NON-NON doushite ima wa kaze ga setsunai no? biroudo naderu yubi de egaita arabesuku kizukeba miteru aa kodou ni wa fukisoku na atsusa ga aru wa jinto jinto mune no rizumu ga mada todokanai ano ne hitomi de aizu shita ii no anata tteba nibui tokoro kawaii WAN-WAN hajimaru toki wa owarasenai yo to kimeru noni naze toki wa sugite iku no ka na la la laa la laa la laa tomare kono mama de la la laa la laa la laa kodou ni kizuite biroudo naderu yubi de egaita arabesuku

73 thoughts on “Project DIVA Future Tone – Mouth Animation and Hand Size: Old vs New

  1. here's a comparison; in case you didn't know, for old songs they scale the hands back to the bigger size they were before and use the old mouth morphs
    so in this case, in "new" i turned the hand re-sizing off and gave her f/f2nd mouth animations

  2. The mouth animations went through small but noticable changes. What made them do these changes??? Idk but I appreciate the effort 😗🥤

  3. I was expecting to see the new mouth animations on the old PVs, because the second "あ" animation was a little bit weird… Point and case, the beginning of "break;down", but sadly, I didn't see that at all.

  4. I liking the smaller hands I guess because she has an anime* style also anime girls usually have smaller hands
    the first anime word was missed spelled

  5. yeah, one of the things i've noticed is that on the old version the hands look larger and more detailed? while on the new one they're a bit thicker and rounder?

  6. Differences I noticed:
    Dreamy Theater has bigger hands
    FT has smaller hands
    In dreamy theater, you notice that even when she opens her mouth she smiles
    In FT, she isn’t always smile with the mouth movements
    In Dreamy Theater, to me the hair looks more like spread out at the bottom
    While in FT, it looks more together
    The hair might look the same in both but to me they look different

  7. at 3:01 when she sings "kono mama de" you can really see the difference in the mouth shapes like… miku is it that serious

  8. I never really noticed the changes until the hands came up and I was like:

    o h

    It highkey freaks me out that she smiles 99% of the time in the old version.

  9. i've never like the old mouth animation anyway XD thanks for making this comparison though. love the cover! its better than the original

    marry me pls

  10. The only change i see is the mouth movement…
    Is that correct?
    I think it makes it look…
    More natural?

  11. Is there any way for you to confirm if some of the old PVs got slightly improved lighting in a patch for FT? I could swear they look different from release but I haven't been able to confirm it, specially the eyes? The models don't look as stone-faced now.

  12. In the new side Miku has these small baby hands while the old has these big man hands.
    As for the mouth, Mikus mouth in the new side looks more rounded and less pinched together. The old mouth has these very 😀 mouth

  13. I've never noticed how big the hands were in the old Project Diva. And I kinda prefer the PDF 2nd mouth animations. (Even thought I like both.)

  14. I actually prefer the old mouth movements, mainly because it looks more like she’s actually singing the notes.
    But I like the hand change. Delicate small hands are delicious

  15. They make the movements of the mouth more realistic?
    I think its lit because the details ,that’s hardwork right there.

  16. I used to think the hand size change was just my imagination! Why were they so big in the first place?

  17. Wait, what voicebank was used for this new version of this song? And what what the song called again?

  18. Old facial morphs just looked so unnatural compared to the new ones tho, especially her “e” morph. Those hands too…

  19. I really dislike the big hands. They only did it to appeal to real life 16 year olds because they usually have pretty big hands but Miku isn't real, why should you make her body look horrible with giant hands.

  20. Yeah, her mouth becomes a v when she says anything with the "eh" sound… And in the new one, her hands is proportional to me. I thought they were too big in the old one.

  21. In the old version, the mouths moves looked like Miku keeps smiling, and kinda looks weird, especially for the "e" part. The new version is better and more realistic. And I've never noticed how BIG were the hands in the old version! o.o Thanks god they are smaller now.

  22. one thing about the hands that i always notice is the certain set of poses they're always in
    the most common one is with the middle and ring fingers touching
    that one is in almost every pv there is, and it's used even when holding something which makes no sense bc it's not grabbing anything

  23. Estuve esperando tanto tiempo por que alguien hiciera eso xd ahora las canciones viejas van a ser enteramente disfrutables otra vez xd

  24. I just thought of an idea: the Love Live All Stars game just came out pretty recently. If a phenomenal hacker like you could somehow get your hands on the models for that game, imagine what would happen if you imported those LL models to Project Diva! Odds and Ends with an Umi module would be a dream come true😍(This is probably a way too complicated project though and would probably be a lot of stress to attempt)

  25. funny, this test is so different from what I expected. In F, F 2nd and X, the model used is different from FT, so I don't think they can be used as 1 comparison source. But if I look at the hand size in Future Tone for PS4, I'm not sure if all modules suffer from it, but the hands are enormous and thats actually my #1 annoyance with the FT movies. If I compare FT to X, the difference is night and day. X has normal-sized, nice-looking hands. FT for me has huge ones that seem so out of place. For some reason in the comparison video here the hands looks normal for FT. Starting to wonder if there's something wrong with my copy of the game :S
    Maybe it's just they forgot to rescale some module's hands… I need to figure this out.

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