48 thoughts on “Poltergeist (Full Maze) at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

  1. Do they charge you more money to be able to go into their haunted houses? went to Fright Fest at Six Flags over Georgia, year's ago. It was a lot of fun. Everyone got a toe tag that you wore around your neck. You were told that if you can get through the park without being caught by the Grave diggers. Then your tags are taken and put into a huge bucket and if your tag was picked you would win amazing prizes. Everything from 4 free gold passes with parking for the next year. The gifts went so far that you can win a all exclusive trip to every Six Flags park. They ad alot of stuff like computers, phones A cruise. They also gave out brand new, amazing car.
    The only thing that we didn't like was that the haunted Houses were another $30 PEACE.
    There are 5 or 6 houses but who is a freaking idiot to pay another when you paid a fortune to get into Six Flags!

  2. My favorite part is
    Son of b*tch, you left the bodies and moved the head stones. YOU LEFT THE BODIES AND ONLY MOVED THE HEADSTONES!

  3. I've never seen this or heard of this but I thought it would be interesting and I probably missed a lot of stuff that was important lol

  4. I think out of all the mazes of 2018 of Halloween horror nights the poltergeist maze was the scariest I’ve went through.

  5. This comment is late but it is nice to have the girls in your videos it seems like an adventure of two people in your videos! They have quite a character and despite the slack they get just ignore it and keep them in! -A fan of Sharp Productions

  6. Let's all admit it, everyone that watches these want to see what the haunted house is like without having to actually go through it.

  7. I love this movie so much and this maze did so much justice to it 🙂 The clown and the tree was always the scariest parts to me, but the one that I was really surprised to see was the kitchen, the monster, and the guy who assisted with detecting where Carol Anne was. Especially the guy. I always felt bad for him at that part of the movie and I'm so happy I got to see him be apart of the maze 🙂

  8. I went this year (2018) to Universal too and did all the Mazes, this one was my favorite tbh, I liked the anamatronic creatures, giant skull etc.

  9. eww .. i hate the big things eww .. gross ..

    . btw omg i just got the cutest christmas add before these lol I’m dead .

  10. Hey Love your Channel
    i.m planning to come over in 2019 March what would you say the best moths to come over is?
    i like the cooler months.
    I will only be doing Hollywood L.A and maybe Disneyland. .i'm in Australia Melbourne
    THX Graeme

  11. I came out of this maze in tears because I was literally walking through one of my childhood movies. It was amazing and my favorite maze this year by far. 80’s all the way!!

  12. Who are these girls? First of all, thanks for these videos because now I won't be as big of a pansy when I go on Sunday lol. And two, you're both really cute, but to the blonde girl… message me! Haha but only if you're into, ya know, other women

  13. I just went to HHN Hollywood last night, and by far the spookiest effect of any maze were the floating skulls in this one. So scary and fun.

  14. weak where's the thru the ceiling theme with the oozing tennis ball? and the munchkin medium paranormal lady??? Oh ur the munchkin abnormal lady sorry must be nice 2 see all this stuff for FREE every night how's about treating us to some tricks I'm game

  15. This is my favorite maze and it’s so amazing and scary. I just hope that they fill in that odd gap of black walls and no scares after the face peeling guy.

  16. They shouldn’t make hhn in so early in September so that they can put a little more effort to their mazes

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