29 thoughts on “Pointless Celebrities – S11E24 "Comedians" (12 Jan 2019)

  1. I was imagining saying capers in puttanesca sauce as well, but it's because the recipe was in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

  2. at 74 yrs old and i think i, am ok, but when i look at this program, i think, am i mad, .is, there something wrong with me,l just dont get it. please can someone explain, if i was going to kill myself i would do it while this program was on.and to let all to know that it was this that tip me over just my life,POINTLESS..

  3. Chocolate? What was he thinking?

    ** What's the fastest way for me to sit back down again? Why do we even need to stand? Shows like these should have comfy chairs. **

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