Oscar Predictions: Lead Actor and Actress | Alicia's Picks

Oscar Predictions: Lead Actor and Actress | Alicia's Picks

hey everyone I'm Alicia Malone welcome to another episode of Fandango indie movie guide here I'm up to my third round of Oscar nominations and I'm up to Best Actor and Best Actress so the nominees for Best Lead Actor are Timothy Salome Daniel day-lewis Daniel Kaluga Gary Oldman Denzel Washington now looking at each of these a little bit closer timothy sha'lame is now the third youngest Best Actor nominee ever the top two at Jackie Cooper for Skippy in 1931 aged just nine and Mickey Rooney in babes in arms from 1939 age 19 Timothy is just 22 years old and he plays Elio in call me by your name which is a heartbreaking and beautiful love story opposite Armie Hammer should have said anything just pretend you never did and this is the first time since 1989 that we have two best lead actors who are in their 20s the other is Daniel Kalu you forget out he is wonderful as Chris in Jordan peels multi-layered horror film that says so much about racism it's really scary too and it's all grounded by Daniels performance just tell me where people are getting hurt Yallah Daniel in this categories of course Daniel day-lewis he already has the most Best Actor Oscars in history with three and if he wins in this category he will tie with Katharine Hepburn for the most wins across all four acting categories here he's nominated for phantom thread where he plays Reynold Woodcock which is the name that he came up with himself a fashion designer in 1950s London and apparently this is his last movie – Daniel day-lewis has said he's gonna retire after this movie and really hope that's not the case an ambush stop are you sent here to ruin my evening he's possibly my entire life stop gary oldman this is surprisingly only his second Oscar nomination in an incredible filmography here he's up for darkest hour where he plays Winston Churchill this is an impressive performance much more than just makeup gimmick it's a complete transformation you cannot reason with a tiger when your heavy sentence and Denzel Washington has his eighth Oscar nomination for Roman J Israel Esquire he has expanded on his own record as the most nominated black actor in history he plays the title character in this film who is an aging lawyer trying to figure out his place in modern-day society and with all the activism that's going on right now I'm sorry I had assisters standing in a brother city as gendered and sexist and polite and patronizing and polite so my prediction cuz we got some of the best actors in history in this category plus some very promising new stars but it's got a big Gary Oldman for darkest hour put your money on this one this is a safe bet it's a front-runner I'll be so surprised if he doesn't win not only for this brilliant performance but it's gonna kind of also be for his career too now let's look at Best Lead Actress the nominees are Sally Hawkins Frances McDormand Margot Robbie Saoirse Ronan and Meryl Streep and this is pretty rare because we have four out of the five best lead actress nominees who are in Best Picture nominees so everyone except for Margot Robbie and I Tania because that movie didn't get a Best Picture nomination so you know make of that what you will that it that is extremely extremely rare when it comes to Best Lead Actress but let's take a look at these nominees closer we've got sally hawkins this is her second Oscar nomination and it's got to be almost some kind of record that she's nominated for a role where she pretty much says nothing at all she plays a mute Jennifer in the shape of water who falls in love with a fish man a union Frances McDormand you can see her in three billboards outside ebbing Missouri right now on Fandango now this is her fifth Oscar nomination and it could be her second win she plays the lead character in three billboards a mother who is trying to deal with the murder of her daughter and her frustration at the police who she thinks and not doing enough you didn't happen to drill a little hole in the dentist today did you ah of course now we have Margot Robbie my go from Australia with her first Oscar nomination playing Tonya Harding in a film that she also produced i Tanya this is a dark and very funny look at Tanya's life and that incident with Nancy Kerrigan come on a friggin person bashes in their friend's knee who would do that to a friend Saoirse Ronan is nominated for Lady Bird and you can see Lady Bird right now on Fandango now it is a wonderful film and it just 23 years old Saoirse is the second youngest three-time Oscar nominee just beaten by Jennifer Lawrence who is also 23 years old but just by a couple of months so she gives a very funny and relatable performance here as Christine aka Lady Bird what I'd really like is to be on NASA land bad but math isn't something you're terribly strong in that we know of yet and then we have Meryl Streep this is her 21st Oscar nomination she has beaten her own record to be the most nominated actor in Oscar history here she is nominated for the post where she plays Katherine Graham who was the publisher of The Washington Post at the time when the Pentagon Papers were published she had a big decision about whether to run with it and risk getting in trouble from the White House or should stay silent do you have the papers yet those ladies are incredible but when it comes to my prediction I am saying Frances McDormand in three billboards outside a being Missouri there could be an upset with someone like Saoirse Ronan squeezing in at the last second but I think that Frances has been winning awards up to this stage and she does a great job in that movie those are my predictions but I want to know about you let me know in the comments below or on Twitter adulation Malone who do you think will win Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress and I'll see you next week with more Oscar predictions

22 thoughts on “Oscar Predictions: Lead Actor and Actress | Alicia's Picks

  1. Timothee Chalamet Is best among the best. He is not acting in that movie , he transformed himself in the character of Elio and. you forgot he is Timothee.  I think that makes him exceptional compare to other actors who are  into acting….to acting  and became over acting. Saoirsse Ronan is my bet. The rest are over acting…not natural well anyway they are actors.

  2. Chalamet and Saorise or Streep deserve it in my opinion but it will probably go to Lewis (I feel like Oldmans allegations may affect the situation)

  3. i still hope timi is gonnna make it. He is just so talented and generous……gonna need more of that!

  4. I think Chalamet's performance was superior to Oldman, this isn't meant to be a lifetime achievement award.

  5. Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand will win and I hope for them! They are absolutely the best, not Chalamet or the overrated Saoirse!

  6. Is it just me or does anyone remember the time Gary Oldman defended Mel Gibson's antisemitic rant? I guess not.

  7. Sadly i agree with ur predictiins but if it were up to me i would give the awards to Saoirse and Timothee…

  8. I am hoping for Oldman to win it, but after the allegations, the Academy are probably going to present the award to Chalamet.

  9. winners for the lead roles are always the same for mainstream/major award shows which makes it boring/sad when it's not the person i'm rooting for
    hoping Sally wins the BAFTA at least but chances ain't high 🙁 saddens me that her own country doesn't appreciate her more

  10. Oldman was fantastc in Darkest Hour. Lewis was also good but not award worthy.
    With woman performances I've only seen Three Billboards and Frances McDormand was great. But I still hopefor Saoirse to top that.

  11. The actresses have it more complicated, but I join the fans of Frances McDormand. Aquí un poco para salir de dudas. https://youtu.be/mMtgZeEpp1o

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