24 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Trailer Reaction

  1. 1969…the studios were clearing the old rural shows for a new decade despite the ratings…there was an aura of fear for actors…it was the 70s…out with the cowboy in with the detective…this is a strong backdrop to Leo's character…and with his character goes the stunt double and all those associated…most fans simply never realize how many people are tied up in a tv show or specific personality…cameramen, lighting, food service, etc…all depend on success of a show. Actors are insecure…OK, but what other profession is based solely on YOU…actors are like their own corporations…most people are too insecure to venture out and be that vulnerable, so let's stop with the self-absorbed actor BS…it can be true, but it is mostly live or die on YOUR performance…anyone would be self-conscious at that level!

  2. I’m thinking Pitt’s character takes the place of Dennis Wilson in this movie as it pertains to his relationship with Manson.

  3. I want to win supporting. The reviews says he steals it! If they campaign hin for supporting, he could win

  4. Hopefully this movie is good enough to earn a Best Picture nod. & I think this is how Leo gets his 2nd Oscar

  5. Tbh i dont like the idea of sharon tate being a character in this movie i think he should have set it against a serial killer instead of her murder but thats just my opinion

  6. John is spot on in his prediction…I think Sharon will survive in this alternate timeline. Kinda like Inglorious Basterds, I think Pitt and Bruce Lee take out Manson after DiCaprio is killed…..What do you guys think?

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