OCD Symptoms Hack (YOU NEED!)

OCD Symptoms Hack (YOU NEED!)

hey guys what’s going on today we’re
talking about OCD I’m gonna’ talk to you a little bit about about one of my OCD kind of
things and a little bit about like how I was able to overcome that OCD really
really cool so all that’s coming up let’s go right guys so basically we’re upstairs
in the living room again i don’t film up here that often maybe i should, these are just boxes is
just going back he’s like returned so I’m basically having to go to the post
office today return some clothes these are from Zara we’ve been buying like a
lot of different stuffs right now I told you guys in the last vlog we’re talking
about like you know clothing and the likes of all that stuff and what we’re
doing with our wardrobes so we’ve got a bunch of stuff from Zara but you know
which is trial and error everything’s gonna fit original time so we’re taking
a bunch of stuff back which is cool but we also got you in the living room I
want to show you guys something so there’s a company I’ve worked with
before called yummy nutrition you guys know all about them when they’re really
cool really cool company the guys are super awesome they actually helped get
us to the USA to do the VidCon conference that we did so the
neurodiversity panel of VidCon would never have been possible without the
help of yummy nutrition you know I speak highly of the company and we’ve done
quite a bit of stuff and you know there are actually yeah this is a great
company they’re actually really nice guys but one of the most important
things I want to share with you guys yeah I just kind of like thanked them
because I wanted to show you something so this is like a this is like a basket
full of like like supplements and stuff that we have in our house which is
basically you know in the morning we get up to take our supplements and this is
you know basically we get them from one of the main ones is this this is a yummy
nutrition supplement they’re not paying me to say this guy so please bear with
me look this is a hair skin and nails vitamin C and E biotin gummies now these
are amazing this is blueberry flavor right now let me tell you story so when
you have like a baby your body will see some crazy changes so so for women
having a baby that body goes to place changes and the hair gets a little bit
thinner like different hormones get released and stuff like that one of the
most interesting things for me is that when Naomi is only partnered she had the
baby you know she had the thing it was bitter you have another and things like
that so she start taking these variants and the hair growth has just been
phenomenal she’s just like just the regrowth of hair is just crazy she’s
super super happy and she can’t recommend these more guys if you want
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link in the description below this video for USA and the UK wherever your base
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lot of people say to me like damn you know what can you recommend for hair
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honest to god and again like I said this is not a sponsored video guys I’m
literally just telling you guys this because I’ve been wanting to talk about
it for a while and there yeah so I’m gonna take this stuff back to Zara
so actually buying stuff from Zara I’m actually wearing Zara skinny jeans right
now they’re really cool actually so this is the this is damn anyway I yeah I’m
gonna do that a few little post office I don’t want it’s just yeah I’ll walk with
you guys you guys can walk away there’s a post office and it’s gonna be super
awesome let’s talk about OCD because this is super important or something
very important I want to talk about because a lot of people know that I have
OCD and dyslexia and ADHD as well as autism so I wanted to do a little bit
more talking about those things so OCD is an interesting one it basically has
this impact on your life which is is profound unlike any other
let’s go ahead interrupt this broadcast viewing to give
you guys a special message on music well I wanted you it’s not about music
I’d first put this segment in here to say that if anybody is dealing with like
OCD and stuff I highly recommend that I think for coming and impacting your life
then try and reach out to a therapist or a doctor or a friend or a family member
simply you can support you because at the end of the day you don’t we go
through this alone my videos can only do so much but I do really want you to take
care of yourself also I thought to listen to what you guys have to say
about it so leave me a comment in the comment section below because I love to
talk to you guys to read every single comment and respond to every single on
so yeah guys guys it’s brisk and autumn me out here it’s like it’s super windy
you can feel that like autumn come in and check out all the leaves on the
ground check out look you can see all the leaves on the ground here so OCD
stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder which is basically a disorder you can
get diagnosed with just OCD so if you you know if you you just have an
obsessive compulsive sorta you can just get like OCD right which is just like
when they diagnose you with OCD but for people on the spectrum like you can get
a cooperative condition so you cannot like OCD and autism another thing I find
most interesting about this is that like when you have just obsessive compulsive
disorder it’s something that you do could you think something Bad’s gonna
happen but then you have routines in autism where nothing bad is gonna happen
you to enjoy doing those things over and over again which I find like super super
interesting right so one of my most recent ou CDs was and the fact that like
over here in the UK we have the puzzle service on Royal Mail’s you call here
Royal Mail because the British have things royal so if the Royal Mail and
the Royal Mail actually have like elastic bands you know like rubber bands
that you like hold your mail together with and what happens is when they’re
going around doing their duty they kind of just go up to a door and it just
start on the floor so that I was walking around and I’d see
these things and I’ll be like hey somebody’s left like elastic bands out
and be open and I’d be like well why they leaving them here because they’re
just gonna rot and hurt the environment and then also I was thinking about the
fact that hey you know if I want elastic band
I have to go and buy some so then I was like oh why don’t I just collect these
elastic bands and then it became an obsession so every time I’d go out I
can’t like stop and pick up these elastic bands and every time every time
I’d go for a run that have to stop my run every time I pass them off the band
that was on the floor and I have to keep picking them up and every time I picked
them up I was always like huh is this the right thing to do am I like am i
doing right I should I be doing this but then in my mind I was like I have to do
this I have to do this because otherwise also pay for them and in this kind of
damaged environment I felt like I was doing something that was evidently gonna
help everybody then I ended up having like about 6 million of these things in
my house and then I ended up throwing them away which is obviously about
environment as well then I came to some kind of certain realization some
something that was profound actually enough talked about I just know there’s
a few things that I realized number one was that I needed to get out the cycle
that if I didn’t pick up these bands then nothing bad would happen so how do
you stop that how do you how do you like stop it right and it’s very simple you
have to break the cycle the cycle is I was going to err picking him up in and I
was believing that everything was good was gonna happen because of that but
then I didn’t realize just often think that if I didn’t pick it up do you think
anything else would happen you know think anything bad would happen and I’m
like I don’t know I don’t a chance it but I needed to break the cycle and I
broke the cycle with the same reason his wife stopped it’s very simple it’s
simply this right if I was the person picking up these elastic bands and
throwing them into the bin or the rubbish tip I know what you’re gonna
landfill and waste and no one’s really getting anything from it
then I’d be stopping somebody else who might actually need them picking them up
so there could be a kid of the school project it could be a guy who doesn’t
have a lot of money and needs a lot of elastic bands and so one of the things I
did was I realized hey why don’t I just leave it as a good deed because I’d
still be doing good and something good might come out of it and that’s how I
broke the cycle and by breaking the cycle the whole thing turned around it
was just just how I did it that was exactly how I did it so if you have an
OCD and it’s like it’s becoming a pain and it’s like it’s becoming a bane on
your life right and this what you need to do you need to break the cycle with
something positive because by doing a positive action and
you’re still creating positive feedback if I camera right and , breeds , like
you’re gonna be something good you can get something good back I would highly
recommend that if anybody is feeling like they have an OCD that’s taking over
their life trying to input something that’s super positive in there because
why wouldn’t you you know okay guys back in the office right now
and so like I just wanted to talk about when I years ago I have therapy to deal
with OCD right and one of the things the guy said to me was you have two options
you have the option where you just don’t do the thing that you are you know feel
obsessively composed you don’t do it and then you’ll be
amazed at results and this is called going cold turkey now cold turkey is a
term used by recovering drug addicts and stuff where they don’t have drugs for a
certain amount of time how the body reacts to not having those drugs like a
withdrawal symptom right so one of the ways they teach is that you should go
cold turkey in OCD and then it will just kind of like forcibly overcome you you
know get you to overcome those issues which I find quite brutal and that’s
quite that’s like expose your therapy which sometimes works of some things but
I feel like with OCD it’s something slightly more delicate and sensitive so
the other option we had was to break the cycle how do you break a cycle because
by breaking the cycle you’re almost knowing that you’re gonna
go cold turkey right so the only way to positively break the cycle is to do what
I said you take the the matter the issue at hand and then you say okay how can I
break this cycle by implementing something that’s gonna be positive
because if the OCD is there to support you through something because people
have OCD is when they’re feeling kind of vulnerable when they are scared of
something bad is gonna happen and so you need to have positive inflection on the
things that you think are gonna be bad and then that might actually help break
the cycle and then you can overcome that specific OCD path
oh my god me hell is a brown okay we think what OCD is that like I have
loads of them right you see me closing the door then I have to like close the
door but the help I put the key in lock the door check its lock foot the key my
pocket then go back and check that the door is locked afterwards it’s kind of
like a fail-safe because I want to make sure that the house is locked so in this
situation this OCD doesn’t rule my life I actually have enjoyment from the OCD
because it’s part of my Asperger’s and probably routine so I go you know if
sort of says to me done did you lock the door said yeah I checked twice every
single time before I go out that the door is locked
twice it’s a really really interesting one because like I was saying earlier
when you have autism routines you do those routines all those things like
almost like OCD but you do them because you really get enjoyment from those and
they’re pleasurable to you people with just OCD don’t like to do that the
things that their mind is forcing them to do because they just want to just not
you know the rather just relax and not have to you know clean the house on top
of all them every single day five times you know and it’s those things where you
have to break the cycle and things with autism you have to know which ones like
OCD which could be damaging to mental health and then the things I just
routines that are gonna be beneficial to you if you complete them like I love the
way that I you know how am i close up and I love the way that I brush my teeth
at night because it’s a routine and I love that routine and obsessive okay
maybe if I’m halfway through it and if they’re not wrong to start again from
the beginning which is fine but those things don’t rule my life the only
downfall I have is I like to do them right but sometimes they make me late of
being super late it’s kind of like my tray everyone knows I run on downtime
right which is like being really late for something all the time but that
being said I mean it’s just part of who I am and if that’s part of you know the
condition and you know I have that condition and that’s who I am and
everyone just needs to kind of chill with that I guess in a way but I find
that OCD is such a fascinating concept that
not a lot of people really get it like really get it in in-depth and this is
just the first video I’m going to do in OCD I’m gonna do way more on OCD and I’m
gonna talk a bit more on depth about it more hacks more tricks I’m gonna
actually share a lot more of my my OCD traits and stuff with you guys but I’m
really interested to know if you guys liked this video if you like this type
of content please give the video a thumbs up because it would just be
really really awesome because I know then that you
want to see more videos like this and also I’d love to know your clock so I’m
gonna CDG do you guys have OCD do you guys know how about you did you wanna
know more about it leave me a comment in the comment section I respond to every
single comment and I read every single one so it’d be amazing if you guys could
just reach out I’ve gotta go now because I need to edit a lot of videos down and
I need to kind of just get on it man I have so much work to get on it but you
guys have been amazing thank you so much for stopping by I’ll see you next time

45 thoughts on “OCD Symptoms Hack (YOU NEED!)

  1. I don't have it diagnosed, but I have tendencies of it. When I walk, I count by 4's and everything has to be an even number. But if its an odd number, the two digits have to add up to an even number. So, idk if I have it definitively, but I have some tendencies

  2. I definitely have OCD tendencies. Especially when it comes to being clean… Its really hard for me to not have a clean home. And its exhausting. But I feel like… it's that sound of nails against a chalkboard in my soul when I have a dirty kitchen or car or laundry… or in organized neatly put away items. It's also like a control thing. I feel useful when I know what I have and where it is. OCD is weird. It's something where if you do it, it's pleasing but if you don't, causes distress and also draining. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I found the tip of breaking the cycle in a positive way a great idea. I will try to implement it. Thanks!!

  3. I have had ocd since I was 6! I’m 16 now, but I’ve come up with lots of hacks to help, and your channel has helped me a lot too! 🙂 thanks!

  4. So interesting hearing you talk about OCD and Autism. My daughter has both and the beginning of the year the OCD was at its worst and it felt like a minefield. (Dark ,dark place as i'm sure you know) I love how you said that certain routines are good and about separating them from the destructive ones . Its super useful hearing how you turned an OCD behaviour on its head . Thank you for sharing this ❤️Look forward to your other vids on this ❤️

  5. I am learning so much about how my brain is “functioning “. I still live at home and bless my parents they don’t want me to worry about things and be happy. I probably am diagnosed with Autism even if it’s not bad, i do have routines and something’s i do habitually that i guess could be OCD. Would definitely like to know more as long as you’re comfortable ??

  6. The main topic you were talking about is changing your mindset, or in other words, changing how you perceive something. It is an easy concept, but one many people struggle with implementing.

  7. I like this vid. Would like to see a video on the main comorbid conditions in one video. For instance my BF who I suspect is on the Spectrum has been diagnosed OCD and anxiety/depression. I'm trying to educate him that those are most likely co-occurring conditions of an ASD. Trying to get him to watch your vids.

  8. I do have OCD but the only time it ever becomes an issue is when I worry about things and life and over think it happens on a rare occasion and whenever it does I will need a time to think things out and then eventually it’s over with and I’m more relaxed sometimes it’s just things that i need to get over with because it’s just the way the world is

  9. My son has been like this since I can remember. As a child, he kept all of his toys, shoes, clothes neat, in a row and straightened. Now, as an adult, he still does that. He keeps his items in his closet, dresser, under his bed, in his closet and on his dresser in order. He doesn't like ANY of his things in his room out of order…and, I have to say, neither do I.

  10. Thanks for the info Dan! I was wondering if I have ocd, but I'm quite positive after watching this video, that I don't. I just have strict daily routines. With that being said, I still would like to hear more from you about ocd. ?

  11. My son has a range of compulsive behaviors that in my opinion are not OCD related. We have an appointment coming up with a neurologist to figure it out. The neurologist , by the way, is autistic (he told us) ? and he kept slapping his hand down on the table during our initial talk.

  12. I don't know if I have OCD but in class if the the tables are not straight I try to straight them and I have my texters in a serten way they have to stay that way and if I see power points that are on and nothing in them I have to turn them off

  13. Yes Yes Yes!!! I loved today’s vid. You’re very practical the way you offer solutions to issues. I been watching your vids from when you first started Dan, and your subs number is an indication to how many ppl you help. Good on you Dan!!!

  14. I would have handed the bands back to the Royal Mail office and asked them not to drop them as that is littering and that they can now reuse the ones you have collected for them. ?

  15. I have never been diagnosed with OCD but I do have to check the apartment door to make sure it's locked every time I see the door.

  16. Oh mate. I get caught up in that need to pick up stuff when i am out walking. Its damn hard to stop. My other issue is reduced to clear short date groceries. I panic that if i dont buy the milk or veggies or meat it wont get bought by someone else and will end up in the bin. But the result of me buying it is it wasnt part of my budget and now i need to cook with what i bought even if it isnt something i particularly like.

  17. I don't have OCD. My degree is in psychology so I did a fair bit of research on it. One way we learned to change those obsessions was framing things in terms of the worst case scenario.  For example, if I don't tough the light switch three times what's the worst that can actually happen and realistically can I handle it? Maybe the light gets left on no big deal. OCD is all about avoidance and treating is about teaching that most things don't need to be avoided either because the fear is irrational or really not that bad.

  18. Thank you for making these videos my son was recently diagnosed at 12 with Asperger's and I have fun do videos really helpful in trying to understand what's going on in his head a little bit better

  19. it is one of my dx's.I line up my food by size or category..like French fries..smallest to largest.If I sit at the desk..things have to be in their places. My internal rational is that it is more efficient. I mean, you can find something immediately if it is in the place that you have for it. One thing I absolutely hate is misplacing something and not being able to find it.

  20. As kid I had to run to check points (like the next mail box or telephone pole) because if I didnt I would lose sync of the world. I cant take my eyes off my food or wont eat it. Sometimes I can be really hungry and something looks so good but something will tell me the cake is dirty. As kid iwas bad, I solved the dirty problems by think about dirt and floors and outside dirty doesnt bother me, only bathroom and kitchen sink. I also well start to pass out if some one starts talking get hurt like blood things, Sergeys stuff like that. I also avoid attractive girls in public, ex. At work I'm hungry but dont have change but the girl in the office has change, I just wait. But I did go last time and ask. Lastly the worst is arguing with pass asshole in life , in my head, something one said with just keep repeating and repeating. And they come as intrusive thoughts and hit so hard and I'll make a sound or jerk (if the thought of getting hurt comes) some people hear me and I pretent to clear my throat. I have dyslexia too and adha and as, I'm just like Dan , I play a bunch of music and In a machinist. Just the U.S. version I guess. I'm not proof reading to show my dyslexia. I feel like made no misstakes. Send and read.

  21. Im pretty certain i have ocd but never got diagnosed. I love organizing anything with colors and also like the rubber band thing i will obsess over things like that as well… is it worth getting diagnosed or not?… it has been getting worse over time but i have been able to get rid of some quirks but i have also got new ones and its a constant mental battle that leaves me exhausted… please keep it up… they not only help me but my son as well, he has cp, autism and ocd

  22. I have ocd and it mostly revolves around fear of germs and thing getting contaminated. Hand washing is my most common compulsion. I do wash my hands so much so that my hands look to be from a elder person. I also have to wipe down and clean certain items daily or the anxiety will be too much. I also have add and am dyslexic.
    My two autistic coworkers recommended me to look into me being on the spectrum because we had so much in common.
    I took your link to the Quiz and scored a 29 out of 50 which stated that i did have some autistic traits. Not sure if i will pursue further tests. im 42 yr old female.

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